The print on demand (POD) business model allows anyone to start selling products with a click of a button.

Even though it's easy to start selling, the hard part is knowing what products to sell.

To help you with that, we've listed the best print on demand product examples that you can start selling in 2024.

Let's get started!

25 Best print on demand product examples

For the list below, we have used a print on demand supplier called Printful to find the products.

If you want to sell the below products, you can simply sign up for Printful.

While there are multiple other print on demand suppliers out there, we focused our article on one of them to make it easy to follow.

With that said, let's go to the list.

Note: Below, we will show examples of other print on demand products. While you're meant to take inspiration from them, you shouldn't replicate the exact design of other print on demand sellers.

1. T-shirts

Tshirts of Printful

T-shirts are a print on demand category that has a lot of competition, but with the right strategy, it can be an excellent product group to tap into.

Platforms like Printful have a wide variety of t-shirts you can start selling right away. These include even some rarer ones, like oversized t-shirts and sports t-shirts.

T-shirt options of Printful

If you want to succeed with dropshipping t-shirts, your design will play a crucial role, as it's a highly competitive product group.

Get creative and take inspiration from unique designs, such as the following:

Example design of a T-shirt

You can also scroll platforms like Amazon to get inspiration from unique t-shirt designs!

2. Hoodies

Hoodies of Printful

Another popular product group is hoodies.

For both men and women, you can find dozens of hoodie options from different print on demand suppliers.

If you compare hoodies to t-shirts, hoodies are more expensive to sell, making selling harder but increasing potential profits.

Also, an interesting and logical fact about selling hoodies is that they sell best during winter.

See what the Google Trends graph shows:

Google Trends graph of 'Buy hoodie'

Keeping this Google Trends graph in mind, selling hoodies is something we can especially recommend during the winter months.

3. Phone cases

Phone cases of Printful

The third example is phone cases.

It's a bit less known print on demand product group, but some sellers are seeing great success with it.

One example is Burga, an ecommerce brand that advertises its custom-designed phone cases on TikTok.

Phone cases of Burga

Looking into the number of reviews for print on demand phone cases, Apple cases seem to sell much better than any other brand, like Samsung.

Phone case options of print on demand products

You should keep this information in mind if you consider selling phone cases!

4. Mugs

Print on demand mugs

The next product group is mugs.

It is a print on demand product that sells especially well during the Christmas season.

Even Google Trends shows a trend peak for 'mugs' every December.

Searching for 'Mugs' on Google Trends

This Christmas trend shows up when looking into the designs of other mug sellers.

A common theme is a mug that can be given as a gift, such as this one:

Example of print on demand mug

In the same way, if you decide to sell print on demand mugs, you should consider designing them so they can be given as gifts.

If you use Printful to sell mugs, you can find a 'Travel Mug' option, which may also be an interesting option to sell!

Travel mug of Printful

5. Posters

Posters of Printful

Posters are printed sheets that usually contain pictures.

For print on demand sellers, it's an attractive product group for several reasons.

First of all, posters are one of the cheapest products to start selling. With Printful, the most popular poster costs just $7.75 plus shipping.

Poster example of Printful

Secondly, when looking at the trend graph for posters, it's a product that trends consistently throughout the year.

Posters Google Trends view

People love to decorate their homes, and posters are usually much more affordable than wall art. For this reason, you will always have an audience to sell for.

With that said, posters are images, so if you decide to sell them, make sure they're high-quality.

6. Home decor (pillows, blankets, candles)

Home decor products of Printful

Home decor products include pillows, blankets, candles, calendars, and smaller things like placemat sets.

One huge trend worth mentioning with home decor products is custom blankets.

This is one example of what we mean:

Personalized blanket of Printful

The custom blanket trend started during the pandemic, and since then, it has continued to be a stable opportunity in the home decor niche.

Like the custom blanket, most home decor products sell well during the winter months, when people want to get cozy.

Another example of this is candles:

Candles within Google Trends

The trend peak also indicates that many home decor products are given out as gifts (as they're trending during the holiday season), which is something to keep in mind if you start selling them!

7. Bags (tote bags, backpacks, laptop sleeves)

Bags within Printful

Custom bags remain a highly valued everyday-use product that can be sold as a print on demand product.

Looking into a print on demand supplier, Printful, you can find plenty of bag options, such as the following ones:

Backpacks of Printful

On top of the above ones, you also have duffle bags.

Duffle bags of Printful

If you want a product that can sell well every month of the year (not just during the holiday season), then bags can be a good option.

One downside of selling bags is that they're expensive to produce, which also makes selling them harder.

You can expect to pay between $30 to $100 for custom bags from suppliers like Printful.

8. Notebooks and journals

Notebooks of Printful

One niche product to consider selling is notebooks and journals.

With custom notebooks, you can create seasonal campaigns, such as 'back-to-school sales' that target students who are looking to get ready to go back to school.

This 'back-to-school' trend is even visible on Google Trends:

Back to school notebooks trend of Google Trends

This isn't the only option with notebooks.

You can also capitalize on selling the notebooks on different holidays and on special occasions like birthdays.

The other option is to sell journals like this one:

Personalized journal of Etsy

Printify is a print on demand company that has customizable journals:

Custom journals of Printify

You've got many options to be creative when it comes to notebooks and journals!

9. Hats

Hats of Printful

Another quite popular category of print on demand products is hats.

These include winter hats and summer hats such as bucket hats and caps.

What surprised us was the amount of different options regarding materials.

Here are a few different options:

Hat options of Printful

Many sellers don't sell hats as their main product; rather they can act as a great upsell for a more pricey product.

Hats also work great for branding since it's easy to add your logo to a hat, and it's very visible when someone is wearing it.

10. Sweatshirts

Sweaters of Printful

A product that is similar to a hoodie is a sweatshirt.

It's a popular product amongst print on demand sellers because of the high demand it has.

Sweaters sell better during the winter, but they're still a product that can be sold year-round with the right design.

Looking at Printful, you've got plenty of different sweatshirt options for both men and women to sell from.

Women sweaters of Printful

For various reasons, some sellers don't want to sell hoodies to their customers, so they turn to sweatshirts instead. Selling sweatshirts can be a great alternative to selling hoodies.

11. Leggings

Leggins of printful

Leggings are another product that can be sold all year round.

It's a bit less known product amongst print on demand sellers, but it can work exceptionally well with the right angle.

An angle many sellers use for leggings is to sell them as yoga and exercise pants.

Here is one seller, who we found from TikTok who used this angle:

Print on demand product example

This isn't the only angle you can use, as you can also find biker leggings from Printful:

Biker leggings of Printful

12. Stickers

Stickers of Printful

Another option is to sell custom stickers.

Stickers are the cheapest print on demand product group to tap into, and they're also highly customizable.

You will save a lot of money in shipping because of how light the stickers are.

Looking into Printful, you can design and create almost any kind of stickers you want.

Sticker options of Printful

On top of being cheap to sell, stickers also sell well in bulk, which can increase your profit margins.

Looking into the trend curve for stickers, it's a product that stays stable all year around.

Stickers trend of Google Trends

There haven't been any significant drops in its popularity in the past five years, which is always a good sign.

13. Calendars

Wall calendar on Printful

Calendars are seasonal products, and they expire every year, which creates repeat sales opportunities.

Potential buyers can print their photos on the calendars and use them as a decoration collection.

Calendar of Printful

Google Trends shows that people search for calendars mostly during the new year, but the trend is relatively stable for the whole year.

Google Trends calendar

14. Pet accessories (pet beds, bandanas)

Pet accessories of Printful

While most print on demand products focus on clothing and home accessories, you also have the option to sell pet accessories.

Quite a popular trend for pet accessories is custom name pet products, such as this pet bowl:

Custom bed bowl product example

This kind of custom name dog bowls could be sold as a gift at any time of the year or as a holiday present.

It's more unusual to find pet products from print on demand suppliers, so you should really compare different companies if you decide to sell them.

For example, Printify has much more pet products than Printful has.

Pet products of Printify

According to Google Trends, pet products are trending throughout the year.

Pet products of Google Trends

15. Baby onesies

Baby onesies of Printful

A less-known print on demand product group is baby onesies and sleeves.

These products can be found in multiple colors and styles from different print on demand suppliers.

Baby sleeve of Printful

It's a good product, especially if you have an already existing ecommerce store in the baby or kids' clothing niche.

If you decide to sell these, make sure you come up with a unique design, such as the following ones:

Baby onesies product example

We also see baby onesies as a good upsell to other baby products, like baby bedding.

16. Aprons

Aprons of Printful

If you're starting (or you already have) a store in the kitchenware niche, you could consider selling aprons.

The trend for aprons is the highest during the Christmas time.

Aprons of Google Trends

It kind of makes sense, as people are cooking the most during this time of the year.

Another option would be to sell custom aprons for restaurants that need a more extensive patch at one time.

17. Beauty products

Beauty products of Printful

Print on demand beauty products mainly include lotions and different shampoos.

While you can't change the ingredients of these products, you can change how the packaging looks like.

Body wash product of Printful

It's another product that could work well as an upsell product to another more expensive beauty product.

What's also good about beauty products is their trend stays high for the whole year.

Beauty products Google Trends

Personalized lotions and shampoos have a chance of repeat sales since they wear out over time, which is a good thing for you as a seller.

18. Eco-friendly products

Eco friendly products of Printful

Many print on demand companies have their own section for eco-friendly products.

The eco-friendly products cover all categories, from clothing to beauty products, like lotions.

The difference between a 'normal product' and an 'eco-friendly product' is in the material.

Eco-friendly products of Printful

We can recommend eco-friendly products if you want to create a brand with a bigger mission.

Eco-friendly products are more expensive to produce, so they often require a compelling reason that someone would want to buy them.

You can also find plenty of inspiration for eco-friendly print on demand products on the internet!

19. Towels

Towels of Printful

If you didn't know, it's also possible to customize towels with different print on demand companies.

You have many directions you can go with towels.

You can create beach towels, bath towels, hand towels, and more.

Because you can buy towels in almost every store, the design will play a crucial role, whether you succeed in selling them or not.

Here is an example of a unique print on demand towel design:

Print on demand towels design example

Even though towels sell at all times of the year, it's one product that sells exceptionally well during the summertime, as people buy beach towels.

20. Socks

Socks of Printful

If you are running a clothing store and looking to sell new products, socks might be an interesting option.

All the major print on demand companies offer customizable socks in various sizes and styles.

Socks sell at all times of the year but especially well during the winter months.

Google Trends view for socks

Many sellers design socks for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or Halloween.

Here is one example:

Socks print on demand example

21. Footwear

Footwear of Printful

For both men and women, many print on demand companies have different shoes in their selection.

What's cool is the amount of different styles available. Looking into Printful, for example, you can find ten different styles to customize and sell from.

Shoe options of Printful

The large number of options means you have different shoes to sell each time of the year.

For example, you could sell sliders in summertime.

Sliders of Printful

Then, during winter, you could sell more warm shoes, such as these:

Shoes of Printful

22. Magnets

Magnets of Printful

While Printful only has Christmas decoration magnets in their catalog, some other print on demand companies, such as Printify offer a more extensive selection of magnets to sell from.

Here is one example from Printify:

Magnets of Printify

Magnets aren't something we recommend opening a dedicated store for, but when used right, they can be a good upsell product!

23. Water bottles

Water bottles of Printful

You might not have known this, but you can also design and sell water bottles.

Plus, the demand for water bottles stays consistent throughout the whole year, and it's a trend that has only been rising in the past years.

Water bottle Google Trends view

This makes sense, as more and more people are looking to buy reusable water bottles.

The current valuation of the reusable water bottles market is $8.9 billion, and it's expected to reach a high of $12.7 billion by the year 2032.

With the right strategy and design, it's a market that has the potential to be profitable.

24. Computer accessories

Mouse pads of Printful

Computer accessories mostly include mouse pads and laptop cases.

If you have a good design in mind, mouse pads could be an interesting product group to tap into, as the trend stays relatively consistent for the whole year.

Mouse pads Google Trends view

The trend is almost identical with laptop cases.

One idea with this would be to sell laptop cases and mousepads as a bundle under one niche store.

25. Puzzles

Puzzles of Printful

Custom puzzles are quite an interesting product opportunity.

Even though puzzles fall into a niche segment, they do have potential if you can get creative with your designs.

Puzzles fall under the home & living niche, so if you have an existing store in that niche, you may want to consider adding custom puzzles to your store.

How do you find more print on demand products?

On top of the above products we went through, dozens of other print on demand products are available.

To find them, one of the best things you can do is scroll through the product selection of different print on demand suppliers.

Product selection of Printful

You can also look for print on demand products on social media, such as by searching for 'print on demand products' on YouTube:

YouTube search for print on demand

One more idea is to get inspiration from successful print on demand stores and see what they are selling.

Just don't forget that you can't copy the designs of other sellers; otherwise, you might get into trouble with copyright issues.

Where do you find niche ideas for a print on demand store?

A great way to get started with selling print on demand products is to pick a niche and sell products within it.

To find your niche, you can:

  • Read articles that list some of the best niches (such as our article on best print on demand niche ideas)
  • Stick to something you're passionate about, which may help you stay more consistent in the long term
  • Think of niches you are knowledgeable about, as you might find them easier to begin with

Sticking to one niche allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition, making connecting with potential customers easier.

That's why we recommend selecting one!

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it's' free!), but do you know what's even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Choose your POD products. You can either select one of the products we listed in this article or scroll through the available products from POD suppliers, such as Printful and Printify.
  • Choose your POD supplier. If you want to sell one of the products we went through above, Printful has most of these products available. However, there are plenty of other print on demand suppliers.
  • Build your online store. Once you know what to sell, it's time to build up your online store (if you don't have one yet). For most people, we recommend Shopify because of their extensive integrations with different print on demand suppliers.
  • Do the required integrations. To import products into your online store easily, you must import your supplier into it. All the major print on demand suppliers offer integrations with ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify.
  • Start selling. Once you have your store built and the supplier integrated, you can start selling the actual products! If you need help with advertising, we have a dedicated article on advertising dropshipping products, and the same tactics pretty much apply for print on demand products.


That's it!

Our list of the best print on demand product examples in 2024.

Just keep in mind that your print on demand success doesn't just come down to one thing, whether it's the product, advertising, or building up your store.

It's a combination of all of those things that help you succeed.

To help you nail all of these different parts, we have made a full guide on getting started with print on demand business. If you think you may need help, we encourage you to read it!

Good luck with your journey!

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