If you are the proud owner of a new Shopify store, you'll need a Shopify track your order page for your customers to track the status of their orders.

In this article, we will discuss why installing a track your order page is essential and how to create one.

I'm sure you have researched much about making the sale by now, but post-sale procedures are equally important to give your store a competitive edge.

We'll show you how to install a free track your order page and give you a guide to relatively inexpensive Shopify Apps that can help you get the job done.

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What is a track your order page?

You might be wondering what a track your order page is.

After your customer places an order in your store, Shopify will send them an order confirmation email with a tracking number.

Rather than the customer going to a third-party website to track their order or ask you directly, an order tracking page allows customers to track their orders on your Shopify store.

This tool gives them the much-needed assurance that all is on track for delivery!

Native track your order page

3 reasons you should have a track your order page

In the competitive world of ecommerce, we need to do everything we can to enhance customer experience.

Waiting for a parcel is an exciting and sometimes concerning time for customers. And the last thing we want is buyer's remorse and order cancellation!

So what are the main reasons for ensuring that you have your track your order page in place?

I'll go over it below, but you can also check out our amazing infographic here that you can save for later as well:

3 Reasons you should have a track your order page - Infographic

1. Enhanced customer service and retention

As you make more sales and get busier, a track your order page will ensure the customer has a great experience ordering from your store.

After receiving an automated email from you with their tracking number, they will need to enter their tracking number on your store to see exactly where their parcel is in the shipping process and when it is likely to arrive.

So not only will the order tracking process be simplified, but with a Shopify track your order page, your store appears trustworthy and professional, which will improve customer loyalty and retention.

2. Reduce time-consuming customer support

An efficient Shopify track your order page will free up your time!

Rather than you and your team dealing with anxious customers who contact you 24/7 to inquire about their order's progress, you can spend your time on more productive activities.

3. Encourage a further visit to your store

Not only will a track your order page improve customer experience, but because the customer returns to the store to track their order, you are also increasing your chances of the customer making another purchase.

What is Shopify's order status page?

So what are our choices when it comes to creating a track your order page?

First, there is the Shopify Order Status page and numerous order tracking apps you can use. Some of these will integrate with only one courier; others will integrate with many.

Let's start with Shopify's order status page.

The order status page is the final page of your Shopify store's checkout. The order status page lets your customers:

  • Check the status of their order without needing to contact you directly.
  • Re-order products.
  • See real-time updates on the location of their shipment.
  • Opt-in or out of email or SMS notifications.
  • Return to continue shopping in your online store again.
Shopify's order status page

Shopify's Order Status Page offers automatic tracking that integrates with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and Canada Post.

If you use a carrier that is not supported, the page will display the tracking number appropriate for the order, directing the customer to the carrier's website.

The type of notification your customer receives depends on the contact information they enter at checkout.

For example, if your customer enters their email address and phone number, they receive email and SMS text notifications. You can give customers a choice to opt-in to these notifications.

If you decide to start with this option, you'll find a step-by-step guide here to help you create the Shopify order status page.

Because the Shopify order status page does not track all carriers, it may be better for you to look into alternative free or paid solutions for a smooth order tracking process.

Should you go with a paid or free solution?

Who doesn't love a free solution?

Many beginners select the free package tracking website 17track for starters. It is pretty simple to install in your store and perfectly acceptable.

On the other hand, paid track your order solutions give Shopify store owners more versatility and customization options.

For example, you'll be able to brand your order tracking page and email communication, draw the customer's attention to other products and analyze all your orders on one page.

How to add a Shopify track your order page for free

As mentioned, 17track is an all-in-one package tracking solution that allows you to track orders from hundreds of shipping carriers worldwide.

17track free track your order page

A straightforward and free solution to order tracking is to download the 17track app from Shopify. You can't go wrong with 5-star reviews and offering a tracking page and shipment notifications.

While 17track is free to use, it has in-app purchases solely for donation purposes. And there is a limit of tracking 40 packages simultaneously. To extend that limit, you'll have to visit the 17track website and upgrade. Do some research for free coupons too!


  • Automatically tracks all your orders in one place.
  • Automatically uses the 17track tracking number and syncs to your Shopify store.
  • Sends notifications to customers, updating them regarding delivery.
  • Offers seven standardized tracking statuses.
  • Sends updates to PayPal.


  • Lacks branding and customization features but is an underrated app for sure, especially for beginners!

The result of your installation should look something like this:

Sample track your order page

Click Preview and send yourself a test email to check all is okay. It should look something like this:

Shipping order confirmation email

The result is a free custom Shopify order tracking page on your store with an embedded 17track field.

5 great Shopify track your order page apps

For a branded Shopify track your order page, you may wish to install one of the many available Shopify apps.

Most offer a limited free plan, and then you will be charged further as your orders increase.

So, which apps do Shopify users use?

Read on for a list of some of the best-rated apps available on the Shopify store.

1. AfterShip

AfterShip order tracking Shopify app

AfterShip is a popular order tracking interface used by many dropshippers and ecommerce store owners.

Designed to help online sellers track packages across different carriers, it offers a suite of data analytics tools covering almost every step of the shopping experience, from email marketing to customer retention.


  • Automatically imports your tracking numbers to AfterShip, so you can get current tracking info for all your shipments in one place.
  • In premium plans, features allow customers to receive information about their orders as emails and texts from pickup to delivery. 
  • Sends multilingual, branded delivery notifications to yourself and customers using email and SMS.
  • Delivery date prediction.


  • Users report poor customer service, reflected in the overall rating of 4.7.
  • Although AfterShip claims that they support over 700 carriers, users report that certain carriers need to be added manually.
  • Occasionally 'buggy' with time lags when reflecting shipping information.


Free plan: For 50 shipments

Pricing: $9/month billed annually

2. Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Parcel Panel track your order home page

Another popular choice, this web-based order tracking app enables you to manage everything inside Shopify.

You'll get access to a graphical analysis of the order statuses, which helps you discover which deliveries need attention.

And having this information means you can come up with a resolution before the customer raises a query.


  • It's an easy-to-use Shopify app.
  • Excellent customer and technical support if you need it.
  • Ability to hide order country of origin with the click of a button.
  • Product recommendations and upsells to drive more sales.
  • SEO optimization to improve ranking and drive sales.


  • It would be great if they added a way to filter orders by country or shipping carrier instead of just the order number and tracking number.
  • Prices are quite high for stores with large order volumes.


Free plan: For 20 shipments

Pricing: $9/month

3. Tracktor

Tracktor track my order home page

Tracktor is an early partner of Shopify that allows you to simplify your delivery service.

The app gives you and your customers incredible visibility into the status and location of the packages in transit.

This tracking gives the Shopify store owner the ability to address shipping issues before the customer discovers them.

And then, you can add some recommended products or pop-ups to that page to increase repeat purchase frequency.


  • Good branding features and impressive responsive design for mobile and tablet shoppers.
  • Ability to create new custom order statuses like "in production," "picked from warehouse," or "waiting for confirmation" to show additional steps in between when an order is placed and when it's ready to be handed over for transport.
  • With Tracktor's "Mission Control," you can see all of your orders on a 3D interactive globe as they move throughout the world.
  • Ability to send email or SMS notifications to your customers when their package is out for delivery or arrives at their doorstep.
  • Shows your customers smart recommendations for other products you offer based on their order history.


  • Missing the ability to send emails for custom statuses.
  • Reports of being unable to see the Tracktor Order Status from "Orders" and to mass update Order Status.
  • The starter plan has limited features (it does not support customer email notifications).
  • Pricing is steep for stores with large order volumes.


Free plan: 14-day free plan

Pricing: $8.99/month

4. Rush - Ship, Track, Notify

Rush track my order home page

Rush is an automated, state-of-the-art tracking app boasting 5-star reviews.

Fully customizable for your brand, the app ensures that you provide incredible customer service by keeping them informed every step of the process.

Rush helps you provide strong upsell and cross-sell purchase opportunities specific to your customers' buying patterns.


  • Sends notifications to your customers using the last mile shipping notifications carrier information.
  • A great option for dropshippers as the shipping destination can be hidden and even replaced.
  • They assist with compiling automated email, SMS, and notification flows.
  • Strong analytics reports.


  • Some features are still under development, but the app boasts largely very favorable 5-star reviews.


Free plan: 50 shipments

Pricing: $9,00/month - 100 shipments

5. TrackingMore

TrackingMore track my order page

TrackingMore is a one-stop order tracker supporting 700+ carriers. It aims to help your store improve the shopping experience, increase efficiency and boost sales.

It offers customized notifications and an impressive tracking page that brings customers back to your store to create further sales opportunities.


  • Solid, cheap tracking option (free plan available).
  • Their marketing banner increases product exposure. (You can include a customized product marketing banner)
  • Good customer service.


  • Lacks integration support to match the look and feel of the store.
  • Reports of delayed tracking by half a day.


Free plan: 20 shipments

Pricing: $9,00/month - 150 shipments

Don't forget the post-purchase upsell opportunity!

Upselling is what dropshipper and ecommerce store owners use to entice customers to purchase items they weren't originally planning on buying.

The idea is to present customers with products that will complement the one they've just purchased.

Although you may decide to use an app for your upsells and cross-sells, don't miss the opportunity to customize your order confirmation email or notification.

Amazon's 'customers who bought X also bought Y' is a classic example. You can also use the order confirmation email to offer gift cards.

Amazon confirmation order


There's nothing more exciting than placing an order and waiting for your package to arrive. Make it easy and anxiety-free for your customers to track their orders and trust your store.

In addition to offering fantastic customer service, you'll also save yourself hours by having to answer fewer order queries.

We hope this has helped you find the best automated Shopify track your order page solution to enhance your Shopify store. So now let's go and get those orders!

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