Imagine selling something and only making a tiny profit on each sale.

You'd have to sell a lot to make decent money, right?

On the flip side, selling products with high profit margins means you can make more money with fewer sales.

Sounds better, doesn't it?

In this article, we've compiled a list of 24 awesome high-margin products that you can take inspiration from.

Let's start!

24 Best high-margin products to sell online

We've categorized the product examples into three groups:

  • Low-cost, high-margin products. These have an average product + shipping cost under $10.
  • Medium-cost, high-margin products. These have an average product + shipping cost of between $11 and $40.
  • High-cost, high-margin products. These have an average product + shipping cost above $40.

Low-cost, high-margin products

Let's start with the low-cost products!

1. Pillow slippers

  • Average product + shipping cost: $10
  • Average retail price: $30
  • Average profit margin: 67%
Pillow slippers product cost

Pillow slippers. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like—slippers that feel like you're walking on pillows!

This is definitely a high-margin product, especially when you look at just the product cost without shipping.

You can buy them at $2.61 (excluding shipping) on Zendrop, and the store below sells them for $29.95 (excluding shipping)!

Pillow slippers retail

Note: This store has also been featured in our list of the top dropshipping store examples!

The great thing about pillow slippers is that they can be sold to a broad audience.

They're perfect for anyone who wants extra comfort in their daily routine, from busy parents running around the house to remote workers looking for cozy home office clothing.

Essentially, if you have feet, you're a potential customer!

2. Plush dog bed

  • Average product + shipping cost: $9
  • Average retail price: $32
  • Average profit margin: 70%
Plush dog bed product cost

The pet niche is always a fun one, and this plush dog bed is definitely a good performer judging by the 646 orders and over $30k in total sales tracked by Sell The Trend.

You'll pay around $9 in product costs and shipping, while you can easily sell it for around $32:

Plush dog bed retail

We even found some online stores successfully selling dog beds at $180 or more!

Funny Fuzzy plush dog bed

Anyone who treats their pets as family members and would be willing to invest in a high-quality bed. Your customers could be new pet owners, long-time dog lovers, and even veterinarians or pet care professionals!

3. Heatless hair curler

  • Average product + shipping cost: $6
  • Average retail price: $56
  • Average profit margin: 89%
Heatless hair curler product cost

The heatless hair curler is a great high-margin beauty product that offers a way to achieve beautiful curls without the damage caused by traditional heated styling tools.

The total cost for this product is $5.54, while some beauty brands sell it at $56 or higher!

Heatless hair curler retail

The heatless hair curler is loved by women who care about their hair's health and those who prefer a more natural approach to hair styling.

To market this product, we would recommend focusing on its key benefits: hair health, convenience, and ease of use. Tell how users can achieve beautiful curls without risking heat damage, which is a significant concern for many.

4. Scented soy candle

  • Average product + shipping cost: $18
  • Average retail price: $45
  • Average profit margin: 60%
Scented soy candle product cost

A scented soy candle is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of warmth to their space.

It will also appeal to eco-conscious consumers, as soy candles are more environmentally friendly than paraffin candles.

We've found the soy candle above at Printify:

Printify homepage

It's a platform that partners with print on demand manufacturers in various niches, such as clothing, bags, candles, and more!

Other online stores sell scented candles at around $45, so there's definitely room for a healthy profit margin here:

Scented soy candle retail

5. Zoro Luffy phone case

  • Average product + shipping cost: $5
  • Average retail price: $25
  • Average profit margin: 80%
Zoro Luffy phone case product cost

Phone cases are another example of high margin products.

There are lots of different phone cases on the market, but for this example, we will highlight an anime-focused phone case about Zoro and Luffy.

The Zoro Luffy phone case is designed for fans of the series, which are mostly teens and young adults.

As proven by the over $17k in total sales according to Sell The Trend, these fans also like to express their fandom through accessories!

Zoro Luffy phone case retail

6. Strap posture corrector

  • Average product + shipping cost: $8
  • Average retail price: $28
  • Average profit margin: 71%
Strap posture corrector product cost

The strap posture corrector is designed to encourage better posture and gently realign the spine.

People spending long hours at a desk or concerned about their spinal health will happily pay for a solution to solve their problem.

So, at a total cost of $8.27, it isn't hard to make this a high-margin product!

Posture corrector retail

The strap posture corrector is particularly beneficial for office workers, remote employees, students, and anyone who finds themselves hunched over a computer for extended periods.

It's also a great fit for athletes who want to maintain proper posture to avoid injuries.

In your marketing, try to show how proper posture can reduce back pain, improve breathing, and even boost confidence. How easily this item can be integrated into daily life can also be a strong selling point.

7. Ice face roller

  • Average product + shipping cost: $7
  • Average retail price: $70
  • Average profit margin: 90%
Ice face roller product cost

The ice face roller is a tool that promises to improve skincare routines with the benefits of ice therapy. It's designed to soothe, de-puff, and invigorate the skin.

Although it's a relatively low-cost product, some brands manage to sell it at quite high prices, making it a high-margin product:

Ice face roller retail

This product can be bought by someone looking to add a spa-like experience to their daily routine, someone seeking a quick way to reduce puffiness and inflammation, or someone who appreciates the roller's simple, chemical-free approach to skin health.

8. Apple Watch band

  • Average product + shipping cost: $5
  • Average retail price: $50
  • Average profit margin: 90%
Apple Watch band product cost

With an average profit margin of 90%, Apple Watch bands are among highest margin products out there.

The cost price of one of these is around $5, and considering Apple sells them at $99, there's a lot of room for other resellers to offer a better deal:

Apple Watch band retail

Want to find more low-ticket product examples? Check out our list of 13 low-cost items here!

Medium-cost, high-margin products

Let's continue with the medium-cost products, which cost between $11 and $40 including shipping:

9. Color-changing swimming trunks

  • Average product + shipping cost: $14
  • Average retail price: $55
  • Average profit margin: 75%
Color changing swimming trunks product cost

Imagine a pair of trunks that switch colors when you dive into the water or lay under the sun.

Cool, right?

They cost about $14 including shipping, but can be sold for $55 or more:

Color changing swimming trunks retail

They're perfect for the young (or young at heart) who want to stand out at pool parties or beaches.

Your customers could be teenagers, young adults, and anyone who loves adding an element of surprise to their swimwear.

When it comes to marketing these, focus on the fun and novelty aspects. They're not just swimwear; they're a conversation starter and a statement piece.

Show the color change in action through GIFs and let your audience see the magic happen!

10. Mushroom table lamp

  • Average product + shipping cost: $18
  • Average retail price: $55
  • Average profit margin: 67%
Mushroom table lamp product cost

This mushroom table lamp is perfect for people who like unique, nature-inspired pieces.

It can be bought by a young adult setting up their first apartment or an experienced homeowner looking to upgrade their home decor.

The great thing about products like these is that you can sell them at many different price points, depending on how you position them.

For example, if you want to target the young adult setting up their first apartment, you may price it at around $40.

But you can also position it as an art piece, which may allow you to sell it at $200 or higher:

Mushroom table lamp retail

As an added bonus, this is an item that's really trending right now!

Mushroom lamp Google Trends

11. Cupping massager

  • Average product + shipping cost: $17
  • Average retail price: $60
  • Average profit margin: 72%
Cupping massager product cost

The cupping massager brings the ancient technique of cupping therapy into the modern age.

It's designed to help with muscle relaxation, improving circulation, and reducing stress.

It also has an average profit margin of 72%!

Cupping massager retail

The cupping massager is particularly appealing to those who are interested in personal wellness and self-care. For example, it could be great for fitness enthusiasts looking for muscle recovery tools or professionals who experience stress and muscle tension.

You could even create a marketing angle for people who prefer at-home remedies over frequent visits to a therapist!

12. Anti-aging cream

  • Average product + shipping cost: $19
  • Average retail price: $75
  • Average profit margin: 75%
Anti aging cream product cost

The next high-margin product is an anti-aging cream.

However, quite frankly, a lot of products in the beauty niche could be positioned here!

Anti-aging cream promises to address concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, and overall skin vitality.

It's often bought by a mature audience who is beginning to notice the signs of aging and are looking for solutions.

However, it's not always just for the older demographic; younger people who are proactive about their skincare routine also show interest in these products to prevent early signs of aging.

This anti-aging cream is offered on Jubilee, a platform you can use to create your own brand around anti-aging cream and other beauty products:

Skin care products Jubilee

Once you get an order, the products are customized to your brand and dropshipped directly to your customer!

13. Vintage aluminum LED desk lamp

  • Average product + shipping cost: $38
  • Average retail price: $169
  • Average profit margin: 78%
LED desk lamp product cost

Next up we have a vintage aluminum LED desk lamp.

It costs a total of $38.04 including shipping, and you can sell it for around $169:

LED desk lamp retail

It's perfect for people who appreciate the blend of classic design with modern functionality.

You can find this particular item at Zendrop, but you can also check our list of the best home decor dropshipping suppliers for more!

14. Shark blanket

  • Average product + shipping cost: $12
  • Average retail price: $39
  • Average profit margin: 69%
Shark blanket product cost

Next is a product that's super popular on TikTok right now, the shark blanket!

Shark blanket on TikTok

According to Sell The Trend, the product has made over $158k in sales from just the 11 stores it tracks (we're sure there are more stores selling this blanket).

Here is one of the stores:

Shark blanket retail

Together with an average profit margin of 69%, these sellers could have made a great profit!

The shark blanket is a hit with children, but parents looking for gifts for their kids also love it. It can even attract teenagers and adults with a love for quirky items!

15. Handheld garment steamer

  • Average product + shipping cost: $33
  • Average retail price: $70
  • Average profit margin: 53%
Garment steamer product cost

A handheld garment steamer is designed to make clothes crisper without the hassle of setting up an ironing board. It's perfect for quick touch-ups, delicate fabrics, and for those who are always on the move.

It's on the lower side in terms of profit margin compared to other items on this list, but we reckon you can source it for a better price than what Zendrop offers!

Garment steamer retail

The great thing about a handheld garment steamer is that you can target various audiences.

For example:

  • Busy professionals who need to keep their outfits wrinkle-free but have little time for traditional ironing.
  • Travelers who want to freshen up their clothes on the go.
  • People who live in small spaces and don't have room for an ironing board.
  • People who wear delicate fabrics that can't be ironed in the traditional way.

16. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides

  • Average product + shipping cost: $15
  • Average retail price: $58
  • Average profit margin: 74%
Collagen peptides product cost

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides are a supplement that is known for its benefits for skin, hair, nails, and joint health.

They're particularly popular among health-conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, and those in the beauty community who are looking for natural ways to improve their appearance from the inside out.

This product also resonates with older adults looking to support their joint health and maintain youthful skin.

And with a possible profit margin of 74%, it definitely fits in this list!

We found this supplement on Supliful, a US dropshipping supplier for white label supplements:

Supliful homepage

Simply put, it’s a platform that allows you to sell supplements under your brand name!

They have everything from vitamins to proteins and even some fun stuff like personalized coffee.

Full Review: Supliful Review: Everything They Don’t Tell You! (2024)

17. Carbon fiber pickleball paddle

  • Average product + shipping cost: $33
  • Average retail price: $230
  • Average profit margin: 86%
Pickleball paddle product cost

A carbon fiber pickleball paddle is a high-quality paddle designed for the rapidly growing sport of pickleball.

It combines durability with lightweight performance and is a great choice for players looking to take their game to the next level.

Pickleball paddle retail

The carbon fiber pickleball paddle is primarily aimed at pickleball players who are serious about their gear.

However, it can also be appealing to middle-aged and older adults, a demographic that has shown a growing interest in pickleball for its social aspects and physical benefits.

18. Electric hair straightener

  • Average product + shipping cost: $11
  • Average retail price: $60
  • Average profit margin: 82%
Hair straightener product cost

An electric hair straightener is a staple for anyone who's interested in personal grooming and hairstyling.

And the great thing is that this product isn't as expensive as it looks.

As you can see above, Zendrop sells it for a total price of $11.33, while other ecommerce brands sell a similar straightener at $59.99:

Hair straightener retail

For your marketing angle, we would recommend highlighting how it can save time and money by allowing you to style your hair at home versus at a salon.

Looking for more medium-ticket product examples? Here are 14 great medium-ticket product examples!

High-cost, high-margin products

Last but not least, we have a list of high-cost, high-margin product examples:

19. Car dash cam

  • Average product + shipping cost: $60
  • Average retail price: $170
  • Average profit margin: 65%
Dash cam product cost

A car dash cam is a gadget that drivers mount on their dashboards to record their journeys.

The above 1080P dash cam is listed at a total of $60.47, while the online store below sells a similar 1080P version for $169.99:

Dash cam retail

The beauty of selling dash cams is that practically any driver could be your customer.

You've got safety-conscious parents, long-haul truckers, Uber and Lyft drivers, and even car enthusiasts who love recording their road trips.

In your marketing creatives, you can emphasize how dash cams can provide peace of mind by recording potential accidents or incidents on the road and how that can protect your customers in disputes or incidents.

20. Ultralight camping tent

  • Average product + shipping cost: $76
  • Average retail price: $399
  • Average profit margin: 81%
Camping tent product cost

If you've read our article about hiking niche product examples, you will know that hikers and backpackers care about light equipment.

That's because when backpacking, every ounce counts!

With this ultralight camping tent, backpacking enthusiasts can carry out multiple-day hiking trips without getting exhausted by a heavy tent in their backpacks.

Depending on their weight, these tents are sold for quite a lot of money, from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars for the lightest versions!

Camping tent retail

21. Giant bean bag

  • Average product + shipping cost: $43
  • Average retail price: $242
  • Average profit margin: 82%
Bean bag product cost

The next product is a giant bean bag. Yes, you heard it right—giant!

These are the ultimate comfort zone, big enough to give you a cozy hug once you sink in them.

With an average profit margin of 82%, it can be a great opportunity to sell these!

Bean bag retail

These giant bean bags are a hit across various age groups, but they're especially popular among millennials and Gen Z.

To market these, you can emphasize their versatility and comfort. Show them as the perfect addition to any room—be it a cozy reading corner, a chill movie-watching spot, or a playful addition to a kid's room.

22. Gucci leather zip-around wallet

  • Average product + shipping cost: $523
  • Average retail price: $1,046
  • Average profit margin: 50%
Leather zip-around wallet product cost

Let's continue with a different product category with the next product: a Gucci black leather zip-around wallet.

It's a prime example of a high-ticket fashion item, which is often high-margin.

This wallet is targeted at people who are drawn to the prestige associated with the Gucci brand and are willing to invest in high-quality, designer items.

But guess what; you don't have to be Gucci to sell this wallet!

Using BrandsGateway, a luxury fashion dropshipping supplier, you can resell this item along with over 100 other luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Swarovski, and Michael Kors.

Home page of Brandsgateway

Full Review: BrandsGateway Review: Is It Your Ultimate Clothing Supplier?

23. Portable muscle massage gun

  • Average product + shipping cost: $55
  • Average retail price: $199
  • Average profit margin: 72%
Massage gun product cost

The portable muscle massage gun is a device offering deep tissue massages on the go.

It's perfect for relieving muscle soreness, improving circulation, and reducing recovery time after workouts.

Due to its high-margin nature, it's also a popular private label product:

Massage gun retail

The portable muscle massage gun is particularly popular among fitness enthusiasts and anyone regularly involved in physical activity.

They can use it to relieve muscle soreness and improve muscle recovery after workouts.

24. Weighted knitted blanket

  • Average product + shipping cost: $41
  • Average retail price: $249
  • Average profit margin: 84%
Weighted blanket product cost

To end the list, we can wrap ourselves in the comfort of the next product: the weighted knitted blanket.

It combines the pressure of a weighted blanket with the texture of a knit, making it great for relaxing and relieving stress.

Most online stores sell these blankets at a price that's a lot higher than you'd expect:

Weighted blanket retail

I mean, $249 for a blanket sounds quite expensive, right?

But judging by over 2.5k reviews on the product page above, it's clearly worth it for a lot of people!

From young adults seeking comfort during their studies to older adults looking for a better night's sleep, this blanket has a wide appeal!

Planning to sell high-ticket products? You can find 16 more high-ticket product examples here!

What is a high-margin product?

In simple words, a high-margin product is a product that allows you to earn a relatively high percentage of profit compared to its cost.

Imagine you're selling a product.

The difference between what it costs you to obtain and what you sell it for is your profit margin. If this difference is large, you're dealing with a high-margin product.

For example, you could buy a beautiful painting for $50 and sell it for $150; if your costs are low and your selling price is high, you've got a high profit margin:

Margin calculator example

Selling high margin products has the advantage of being able to pay for business expenses more easily. They also allow for more flexibility in pricing and ultimately contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Calculate your profit margin here

Which niches have high-margin products?

Ever wondered where you can find those high-margin products?

Here are some common niches where you can find them:

  1. Beauty and personal care. People often don't mind spending extra for products that make them feel and look fabulous. Think about those fancy creams and artisanal shampoos!
  2. Fitness. Everyone wants to be their best selves, and products that help achieve that can have higher prices. Premium yoga mats or health supplements are two examples, but these are just the tip of the iceberg in this niche.
  3. Fashion and jewelry. Items that help people express their style can also have great margins!
  4. Home decor. People love upgrading their homes with something special. Unique lamps or handcrafted decorations? If they stand out, they can raise your profits too.
  5. Hobbies. Whether it's model trains, crafting kits, or collectible figures, niche hobbies can be a goldmine for high-margin products. Enthusiasts are often willing to invest more in their passions.
Someone trying to figure out what a good profit margin is


Before we go, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Understanding the benefits of high-margin products can help you select the right items for your online store.
  • We've seen various high-margin products in this article, from dog beds and soy candles to swimming trunks and supplements.
  • Common niches that have high margin products include beauty, fitness, fashion, home decor, and hobbies.
  • Being successful isn't just about picking high-margin products. You must also understand its audience, market your products, and deliver value to your customers.


We hope you've been inspired by this list!

But keep in mind that knowing what to sell is just the start.

How you sell it—understanding who you're selling to, creating compelling stories around your products, and delivering real value—is what really sets you apart.

Good luck with your online store!

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