Are you looking to start a private label dropshipping business?

If so, that's an awesome idea!

After selecting your niche, you will need to find some products that you can private label and sell on your dropshipping store.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Not all typical dropshipping products can easily be found in the product catalog of a private label dropshipping supplier. And which products are the best to choose for a private label dropshipping business?

In this article, we have gathered 14 product examples for online ecommerce businesses that are perfectly suited to be private-labeled.

These will definitely help you get new ideas on what products to sell on your private label dropshipping store!

Without further ado, let's get right into the article's contents:

What is private label dropshipping?

Private label dropshipping. If you have just started to learn about dropshipping, it will probably sound new to you.

Still, you have most likely heard some good things about it and are now looking to learn more!

Private label dropshipping is a unique form of dropshipping where you are the only one selling your product. The product belongs to your brand, and no one else can simply hop on AliExpress and start dropshipping the same product.

Private-labeled products include elements of your brand. For example, you will often find one or many of the following elements:

  • A brand name
  • A logo on the product
  • A brand identity
  • Custom (branded) packaging
  • Branded invoicing

A simple example of a private-labeled product is a branded water bottle:

People are often very optimistic about private labeling since it can bring great benefits to your business compared to regular dropshipping.

For starters, you will be selling branded products. This means that your product will have a higher perceived value. You will be able to adjust your pricing strategy and most likely increase your product's price without hurting the conversion rate much.

Hyperice pricing example

Furthermore, dealing with a lot of competition will be a thing of the past, since you will be the only one selling this exact product. For more tips on beating your competition, check out this article!

Lastly, you are likely to experience improved customer loyalty. A private-labeled product includes your company's name and logo. So, customers are likely to remember your brand for a longer period.

However, I'm not just going to tell you about one side of the story. Private label dropshipping has downsides as well.

If you would like to know more about those downsides and the difference between dropshipping and private label dropshipping, check out our article!

How do you find private label dropshipping suppliers?

If you are serious about starting a private label dropshipping business, you will need a supplier to source your products.

The best private label dropshipping suppliers can be hard to find. There are many options, and sorting the good from the bad can sometimes be daunting.

Thankfully, we have gone through all the trouble for you and put together the ultimate list of the best private label dropshipping suppliers in 2024.

The suppliers in that list are ranked according to a variety of factors, including customer service, pricing, product selection, quality, and more. That way, you will be sure that you have made a great choice!

I will insert an overview of the best private label suppliers below. However, remember to check out the article to learn more about each supplier, including their:

  • Private label features
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Integrations
  • Pricing

First of all, here is a list of the best private label dropshipping suppliers offering products in a variety of niches:

SuplifulUS, EU$0 / $49 / $349 per month
BigBuyEurope€69 to €99 per month + €90 registration fee
DropCommerceUS and Canada$19 to $149 per month

Next up, here is a list of the best private label dropshipping suppliers that are specialized in a certain niche:

PrintfulPrint on demandUS / EUClick here
DripshipperCoffeeUS$30 / $99 / $197 per month
HoneyCommSupplements, CBD & moreUS$147 / $197 / $297 per month
Art of WherePrint on demandCanadaFree
Power BodyFitness nutritionUKFree
AOP+Print on demandUS / EU / UKFree
BTS WholesalerBeautyUS / EU / AUSFree

14 product examples for private label dropshipping

Now that you have a general idea of where to source your private-labeled products, let's continue with the thing you came here for; private label dropshipping product examples!

In this list, you will find two types of product examples.

For some examples, I already mention a private label dropshipping supplier from which you can source that product. Other product examples are based on private-labeled products that other successful (Shopify) stores sell. For these products, you will have to find a private label supplier yourself!

The products are chosen based on the characteristics of winning dropshipping products. For instance, a product should have good profit margins, a "wow" factor, and/or solve a problem.

Let's get started with the private label product examples:

1. Posters

Poster private label dropshipping product example

Are you an artistic person? In that case, selling private-labeled posters may be a great business opportunity for you!

If you have the skills to create attractive designs for canvas prints, you could create a private label dropshipping business selling wall art for all kinds of themes.

For example, you can create motivational posters, travel posters, or even abstract posters!

The great thing is that suppliers are easy to find for these kinds of 'print on demand' products. Most print on demand dropshipping suppliers also offer posters in their product catalog.

For example, take a look at Printful, a print on demand supplier offering posters in many different varieties and sizes. The design of the posters is fully up to you!

Printful private label poster dropshipping supplier

If you're not sure what print on demand is, then check out our ultimate beginner's guide here.

2. Shoes

Runner shoes private label dropshipping product example

Let's continue with another product example for a private label dropshipping brand, shoes!

That's right. Shoes can be branded and sold as a private labeled product!

Take a look at how many 'generic' shoes are already being sold by AliExpress sellers:

AliExpress popular shoes

As you can see, this AliExpress seller has already received more than 20k orders for this product.

The nice thing is that when you are building a private label dropshipping business selling shoes, you can brand your shoes for a variety of goals.

For example, Allbirds' mission is to create the world's most comfortable shoes. You saw an example of their shoes in the image above. Meanwhile, Indestructible Shoes' mission is to create, well, indestructible shoes!

Indestructible shoes private labeled product

3. Massage guns

Massage gun AliExpress private label dropshipping product example

Let's continue with a winning dropshipping product that can easily be private-labeled by adding your own logo and/or custom packaging to it, the massage gun!

It is a device that mainly helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness but has many other benefits. On AliExpress, it will cost you around $50 to buy, including shipping. However, you may have to factor in some additional costs for the custom product branding and packaging.

For products like these massage guns, the main factor that determines how much you can charge for them is the perceived value.

If you spend one hour creating a one-product Shopify store and publish this product, you will probably struggle to sell it at a relatively low price of $75.

Not sure about your pricing strategy? Check out our complete guide here!

However, suppose you would use private labeling to present yourself as a genuine brand, with an excellent website, self-made videos and images, a social media following, and of course, a private-labeled massage gun. In that case, you will be able to sell this product for $300 or more!

An example of a company that did this is Hyperice. They have taken this exact product and built their own private label brand around it. Now, they are selling the massage gun for $299 apiece, and it's a tremendous success!

HyperVolt massage gun

4. Shirts

RipnDip t-shirt private label dropshipping product example

Next up is one of the most accessible products to private label: shirts!

Many suppliers offer print on demand services for shirts, so it's a perfect opportunity to private label them!

Once again, Printful is one of the better options if you are looking for print on demand services. With Printful, you will be able to add your own logo to the product and add custom packaging as well!

Customized packaging using Printful branding service

Products from print on demand dropshipping suppliers are always well-suited for private labeling since you will be able to add your own branding to the products!

If you are interested in more examples of using print on demand to create a unique ecommerce business, check out the 15 most successful print on demand store examples in 2024!

5. Soaps

Soap Dr. Squatch private label dropshipping product example

We will continue with a relatively simple product that you will only need custom packaging for in order to private label it.

It's soap! Just like shirts, soaps come in all kinds of different varieties.

An example of a great company selling private-labeled soaps is called Dr. Squatch.

The company is looking to raise the bar of the men's grooming industry by providing natural products that allow you to feel like a man and smell like a champion.

Dr. Squatch is pretty confident they produce the best soap in the world. Because if you disagree with that statement, they will simply refund you, no questions asked.

In my opinion, one of the reasons why Dr. Squatch is such a success is that they made themselves unique by catering their product to a certain niche and audience. It's definitely a company to gain inspiration from!

6. Coffee

Start a coffee private label dropshipping business using Dripshipper

The following private label product can easily be sourced from a private label dropshipping supplier mentioned earlier, Dripshipper.

Dripshipper is a private label dropshipping supplier that specializes in one thing, coffee!

Create your own coffee packaging using Dripshipper

The advantage of dropshipping coffee is that customers can't really see if you are selling a high-quality product just by looking at the beans. The decision of whether or not they will buy it mainly comes from the packaging.

So, if you manage to design your own coffee brand that attracts many coffee lovers, you might be in for success!

Remember, there is a lot of potential in the coffee industry. In the US alone, the coffee industry is worth around $80 Billion. And most people buy coffee to consume and brew at home.

7. Teeth whitening kits

Teeth Whitening kit private label dropshipping product example HiSmile

Here is an example of how your store could look if you sold the next private label product, such as teeth whitening kits.

This product's advantage is that it has high margins. As you can see, HiSmile, a well-known brand selling private-labeled teeth whitening products, is selling a teeth whitening kit for $129.

I wouldn't be surprised if this product is selling like hotcakes. The beauty industry is immense, and people love spending money on products that can improve their look. Besides that, over one million fans follow HiSmile on Instagram.

Meanwhile, similar kits can be found on AliExpress for under $20!

Teeth whitening kit AliExpress

Do you see the crazy power of private labeling?

Disclaimer: Selling a product in the health niche like this teeth whitening kit is not recommended for beginners. When selling this product, you have to know for certain that it can not damage anyone in any way. You are liable for the product that you sell and should, therefore, be extremely careful when trying to sell a product in the health niche, especially consumables.

8. Fitness nutrition

Fitness Nutrition Private label dropshipping supplier Power Body

Let's look at another potentially lucrative group of product examples for private label dropshippers: fitness nutrition.

It's a field where product variations can be taken to the extreme. Just take a look at all the different fitness nutrition products that are available for you to buy at one of the popular nutrition stores in your region!

If you are interested in starting your own private label fitness nutrition brand, you should definitely check one of the niche suppliers out of our list, Power Body.

Power Body is a retailer and wholesaler from the UK. Besides that, they offer a dropshipping program that also offers private label features:

Power Body dropshipping program

As you can see, they offer branded invoices, packaging, and labels for the fitness nutrition products you will be selling!

9. Sports bras

Sports bras private label dropshipping product example

The next product example will be one that fits in the fitness niche, sports bras!

Fitness is an evergreen niche focusing on health and exercising products. If you love going to the gym, working out, and you're passionate about fitness, then starting an online fitness store could be very lucrative.

An additional benefit is that the fitness niche is growing faster than ever.

The total revenue for the fitness niche in the US already exceeded $3.5B in 2018 and is expected to continue its growth at an annual growth rate of 4.3%.

Growth of the fitness industry in the US

A great supplier to look into for clothing in the fitness niche like the sports bra is Printful.

Printful Sports Bra private label dropshipping product example

Printful offers multiple variants, multiple fulfillment options, and the possibility to print your design all over the product! Check out all of Printful's women's clothing here.

If you are interested in more fitness product examples, as well as some successful fitness store examples, then also check out our fitness niche article!

10. Beach towels

Beach Towel from Sand Cloud private label dropshipping product example

Let's continue. The following private label product example will be beach towels!

In recent years, beach towels have become an increasingly popular alternative to old school towels when going to the beach.

Beach towels are thin and don't take up a lot of volume in your bag. At the same time, they can cover quite a large area when laid flat on the ground. Furthermore, these towels don't take forever to dry, are super-soft, and are sand-free.

An example of a store that private-labeled its beach towels is Sand Cloud. As you can see here, they added their own logo to the product:

Own logo on beach towel dropshipping

11. Phone cases

Spigen private label iPhone case dropshipping

Phone cases can be private-labeled in many different ways.

For example, you could add quotes to your phone cases or add beautiful imagery to them. Alternatively, you could keep a clean look and build a brand around your phone cases' special features!

Some phone cases will be really thin, some will have practical storage features, and others will be extremely protective.

By adding your own brand logo to the phone case, you will be able to build your own branded phone case business!

Besides Spigen, which you have seen above, Mous is another example of a company that succeeded in this. Their mission is to offer phone cases with ultimate protection and extreme style:

Phone case private label dropshipping product example

12. Pet ID tag

Pet ID tag customizable branded dropshipping product Printful

The following private label product example is one out of the pet niche.

A pet ID tag is a great product to target pet owners with.

Pet owners can give their beloved pets a little gift using a customized tag. Besides looking cool, it also helps to reduce the chances of their pets getting lost, as the ID tag can include the owner's contact information!

The print on demand supplier Printful can help you to design and start selling your own private-labeled pet ID tags for your pet store!

Here is a nice example of how the product can look once the design is finished:

If you are interested in more product examples from the pet niche and some awesome store examples in the pet niche, check out this article!

13. Vehicle cleaning products

Meguiar's vehicle cleaning products

Next up, we have vehicle cleaning products.

Some people have a genuine passion for their vehicles. They take great care of them and wash them to the most incredible level of detail.

It doesn't even matter what it is, whether it is a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, or something else.

If you can manage to find a supplier that can supply you with high-quality private label cleaning products, you might be in the starting phase of a lucrative business.

For example, Meguiar's, the company you have seen in the image above, has been successfully selling cleaning products since 1901.

Another company you can take a look at for more inspiration is Muc-Off. It's another well-known company selling cleaning products, mostly for bicycles and motorcycles.

Muc-off cleaning products homepage

14. BBQ accessories

BBQ accessories weber private label dropshipping product examples

Are you ready for the last private label product examples?

Here, I will give you some private label product ideas that you can start selling in the BBQ accessories niche!

Barbeque products will always continue to sell well (at least in summer, haha). BBQ enthusiasts will love getting new additions to their BBQ sets. Besides that, BBQ accessories can always serve as awesome gifts!

Some BBQ products that you could private label and build a store around include:

  • Barbeque cleaning sets
  • Temperature meters
  • BBQ herbs
  • BBQ cutting boards
  • BBQ t-shirts and aprons
  • and more!

For more product ideas, you can always take a look at other popular BBQ stores like Weber!

How do you get started with private label dropshipping?

If you're wondering now how to get started with your own private label dropshipping store, then don't worry!

We have created an amazing article that will show you how to get started in five steps. You can check it out by clicking the link below:

How to Get Started With Private Label Dropshipping (5 Steps)

More dropshipping product examples

Not sure yet if the products on this list fit in your dropshipping store? Or are you looking for more inspiration?

Great! Check out the articles below for more product examples:

Plus, don’t forget to check out our full list of the 67 best dropshipping products here!


Well, I'm afraid those were all the private label dropshipping product examples we have for you today!

Keep in mind that suppliers for these kinds of branded products will generally be harder to find compared to regular dropshipping products.

For suppliers, it is a lot more work to customize their products and packaging for each dropshipper they sell to.

If you didn't find a suited private label dropshipping supplier after checking out our list, then simply try to search around on Google, and maybe even try to contact some manufacturers yourself!

If that doesn't work either, you can also consider contacting a dropshipping agent. This is a person that can help you to find the supplier you are looking for.

Finally, remember that if you have any further questions about private label products or dropshipping in general, you can always contact us by commenting below.

Good luck with finding your private label dropshipping product, and see you in the next article!

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