Do you want inspiration for your homepage? Do you want to bring your Shopify store to the next level in 2024?

Then this article will be a great start to do just that!

Below you will find 14 awesome Shopify homepage examples. These will surely give you a lot of inspiration for your own homepage!

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Why is looking at Shopify homepage examples awesome?

One word? Inspiration!

Looking at examples is great if you’re just beginning with ecommerce and you have no idea how something is supposed to look.

You can definitely learn a lot from other Shopify stores out there. And maybe one day you can replicate their success!

Just don't forget to create something unique; don't copy everything you see.

The list of 14 Shopify homepage examples

Are you ready for some great inspiration for your homepage?

Below you will find a whole list with homepage examples from other Shopify stores!

But don’t worry, I won’t just post a few links to some stores and call it a day.

With each Shopify homepage example, I will:

  • Post a screenshot of their homepage so you can immediately see if you like the design or not.
  • Link to their Shopify store so you can get even more inspiration for your own store!
  • Tell you what is great about that homepage.

You will hopefully get a lot of inspiration for your own Shopify store!

Also, I can screenshot their full homepage, but the images will be too long. So if you want to see the full homepage, I suggest going to their store!

You will also see all the effects, videos, and special things they have on their homepage that I cannot capture with a simple screenshot.

So, are you ready?

If so, let’s get started!

1. Pura Vida Bracelets

Shopify homepage example: Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets. You can probably already guess this, but they are in the fashion niche where they mainly focus on... bracelets!

They've surely got an awesome homepage!

What is great about this homepage?

  • Awesome pictures to showcase their products and collections. If you want to have these kinds of pictures as well, then make sure that you have the permission of the models you want to showcase. Idea? You could send someone your product or collection for free in exchange for some pictures that you can freely use!
  • Eye-catching. It looks good when you land on their homepage for the first time, right? Everything looks clean, and it looks like it's from a super popular brand with a lot of high-quality images.
  • Social Proof. They even added social proof to their homepage. Just scroll down and you will see this:
Looks way more trustworthy now, right?

2. Drop Bottle

Shopify homepage example: Drop Bottle

Let's continue with the Shopify store Drop Bottle. They sell fruit-infuser water bottles, and they have a great looking homepage as well!

Plus, I suggest taking a look at their awesome looking product page:

You can find this product page here

Nice design, right?

What is great about this homepage?

  • Their design. You might have guessed it already that I'd add this, but yes, I love the design of their store. Keep in mind that this fits with their niche and target audience, but that might be different for yours.
  • Oprah’s favorite things. They were featured by Oprah and made good use of that by adding it to their homepage (and product page).
  • Benefits. Below that, they've listed all the benefits of the Drop Bottle and why people should purchase it:

3. Allbirds

Shopify homepage example: Allbirds

The next Shopify homepage example on this list is from the store Allbirds.

They sell sustainable shoes in their online store, but they currently also sell products like underwear.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Their goal. They imminently make it clear to their visitors what their goal is, having no carbon footprint from the start.
  • Awesome pictures. Allbirds has also got some awesome pictures on their homepage. Just take a look at the screenshot below and tell me if you think that looks great or not:

4. Lumin

Shopify homepage example: Lumin

Next up is Lumin. I think you can guess the niche of this Shopify store as well.

Correct! The skincare for men niche.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Social proof above the fold. As you can see in the screenshot above, they directly show you social proof. (You can learn more about that here)
  • They share their background. If you scroll down, you can also see their story:

5. Nomatic

Shopify homepage example: Nomatic

Let's continue with the homepage from Nomatic. They aim to create products that inspire confidence for life on the move.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Homepage video. Look at that awesome video that you see directly when you visit their homepage.
  • Collections. They directly show you all the different products that they are selling by displaying their category images first.

6. Ratio Coffee

Shopify homepage example: Ratio Coffee

Ratio Coffee. Again, not hard to guess what this Shopify store is selling, right?

But... if you want a hint, it has something to do with coffee!

What is great about this homepage?

  • The first thing on their homepage is a video. Most stores use this space to place an image, but they have a video there showcasing their product.
  • Nice review quotes. Scroll a bit down, and you will see some reviews. Yes, you might not have these kinds of high-value reviews yet, but it's still worth looking at!
  • Clean homepage. It looks good when you scroll down. Everything fits well together, and you want to buy this product now, right? Well, alright... maybe not if you don't like coffee!

7. Indestructible Shoes

Shopify homepage example: Indestructible Shoes

The next Shopify homepage example is from Indestructible Shoes. A store that is focused on selling indestructible shoes. You might have guessed that already from the store's name haha.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Explainer video. They've got an awesome video on their homepage that explains exactly what their product does.
  • Perfect for. They show their visitors on their homepage who their product is perfect for.

8. Mini Melanie

Shopify homepage example: Mini Melanie

Mini Melanie. They've definitely got a delicious looking homepage! They sell different bakery products, like cakes and truffles.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Best-sellers. As you can see in the screenshot above, they start their homepage by showing their best-sellers.
  • Their images. They look really delicious, right?
  • Press coverage. You probably don't have any press coverage (yet), but if you do, it's awesome to show that to your potential customers! Definitely a great way to build trust.

9. Death Wish Coffee

Shopify homepage example: Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee. This one is not hard to guess. What are they selling? The world's strongest coffee. You might have heard of this store already, but if not, do take a look at their awesome homepage.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Their homepage is a kind of product page. They've got one main product, so they use their homepage to sell it as well! It looks awesome, right? I love the "Select coffee type" section in there as well. It looks awesome to select the type with an image!
  • Makes you want to buy. I looked a bit too long at their homepage (the top section), and now I kinda want to buy the coffee as well. Everything is just so clean and nicely laid out.

10. Power On Power Off

Shopify homepage example: Power On Power Off

Power On Power Off. They sell supplements that let you turn your power on and off! The first one gives you more concentration (power on), and the second one gives you better sleep (power off).

What is great about this homepage?

  • The first image. Their main focus is these two supplements. If you hover your mouse over either of them, you will see more information about that supplement! Awesome, right?
  • What the experts say. This might not be applicable to your own store, but if you could, it's a great way to boost the trust your visitors have in your store.

11. HappySkinCo

Shopify homepage example: HappySkinCo

The next Shopify homepage example is from HappySkinCo. You might have seen it already from the screenshot above; they sell laser hair removal handsets.

What is great about this homepage?

  • The first image. This image is meant for their target audience to showcase their product. Looks great, right?
  • Featured in. If you scroll down a bit on their homepage, you will see a lot of social proof again.
  • Reviews. If you scroll down to almost the end, you will see a section with their reviews all ready. Did you ever think of having reviews on your homepage? If not, keep it in mind to see if it fits with your store before you decide to implement it as well on your homepage.
  • Shop now buttons. Their store is only focused on a few products, so they've decided to add these shop buttons on their homepage:
Nice design, right?

12. MVMT Watches

Shopify homepage example: MVMT Watches

Let's continue with the homepage from MVMT Watches. You probably know them already, but if not, they mainly sell... Watches!

What is great about this homepage?

  • Trending now. They've added a section with their currently trending products directly under their first image.
  • Men and women watches. After that, they make it really easy to shop directly for either men's or women's watches:
Great images, right?
  • Badges. They've added these badges at the end of each page to increase trust and make a few things clear. For example, that they offer free shipping worldwide:

13. SkinnyMe Tea

Shopify homepage example: SkinnyMe Tea

Next up is SkinnyMe Tea. They sell detox tea and, as you will see below, they've got a great homepage!

What is great about this homepage?

  • Eye-catching image. The first image is great, right? It fits perfectly with their product.
  • As seen in. As you might have noticed already, most homepages on this list have got this, but not all of them got it above the fold.
  • Influencers. They've got a lot of testimonials from Instagram influencers on their review page, but they've also added one to their homepage:

14. Inspired Household

Shopify dropshipping homepage example: Inspired Household

Inspired Household. As you can see from their homepage image, they've got a lot of different products in their store.

What is great about this homepage?

  • Nice buttons at the end. Go to their homepage and scroll down; you will see four awesome looking icons with texts, but the great thing about these icons is that they are also buttons that bring you to that page! Like the left one brings you to their shipping policy.
You can find this part at the end of their homepage
  • Special effects. Go to their homepage again and scroll down - you will see! Looks awesome, right? And it also looks good when you hover over one of these images with your mouse!
You can find this part almost at the end of their homepage

How do you find Shopify stores?

Are you wondering now how I found all these awesome Shopify homepage examples?

Well, don't worry! Read on below and you will know:

1. Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend: This tool is awesome to find other Shopify (dropshipping) stores out there.
Screenshot from their Shopify store explorer

This tool is awesome to find other Shopify stores out there. And not only that, it’s made to find your next winning product in seconds. If you're interested, you can read my in-depth review here.

Or you can click here to get their free 7-day trial! Not good enough for you? No worries, you can cancel it anytime (even before you start paying)!

2. Best Shopify store lists

To get even more inspiration, I used these lists of the best Shopify stores and picked the ones with the most awesome homepages!

Other examples for your Shopify store

Do you want more examples for your Shopify store?

Then don't worry, I got you covered with some awesome example articles:

Or you can click here to go to the inspiration category page to get even more inspiration for your Shopify store!

Awesome, right?

How do you create a Shopify store without holding any inventory?

Are you wondering what dropshipping is? Or why ecommerce stores use it to have no inventory at all? If so, I suggest reading the article I've linked below:

Dropshipping for Beginners: What Is It & How to Start Today?

That article will explain everything to you about what dropshipping is and why people start dropshipping stores.

How does dropshipping work - Infographic

If you already know about dropshipping, take a look at these awesome articles that will help you create a much better dropshipping store:

Also, if you haven't created a Shopify account yet (to get your Shopify store online), then you can click here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!

Get your free Shopify trial

Shopify homepage examples: Conclusion

So, there you have it! 14 awesome Shopify homepage examples.

I hope you have some great inspiration right now to make your own homepage awesome and converting!

If you're looking for more inspiration now, then don't forget to check out our article here with 10 product page examples.

And if you've got any more awesome Shopify homepage examples for this list, or if you have any questions, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the "Contact Us" button at the top!

Good luck with everything, and don't forget that success takes time!

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