Are you looking for the perfect supplier to help you launch your business in New York?

That's awesome!

However, we know it can be challenging to find the right supplier.

To help make this process easier, we've compiled a list of the seven best dropshipping suppliers in NYC.

Keep reading to learn more!

The best dropshipping suppliers from New York: An overview

If you're short on time, here is a summary of our top picks!

SupplierNichePricingRead Review
GootenPrint on demandFreeGooten Review
Brook & YorkJewelryFreeBrook & York Review
Bonsai BoyBonsai treesFreeBonsai Boy Review
New York Bar StoreBar productsFreeNew York Bar Store Review
Village Wrought IronWrought ironwork$15 one-time + $5.50 per orderVillage Wrought Iron Review
VICI BrandsGifts and home decor$40 per item (includes processing, packing, and shipping)VICI Brands Review
FragranceNetPerfumesFreeFragranceNet Review

How do you pick the right dropshipping supplier from New York?

Someone sending an SMS

You might be wondering how to choose the best dropshipping supplier for your store.

Well, here's the thing – usually, you must choose between dozens of dropshipping suppliers.

But since you've limited your choice to suppliers located in New York, you're only left with a few suppliers, making the task of picking one much easier!

In this case, the most critical factor you should consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier is your store's niche.

Someone searching for a niche for their business

Yep, you heard that right! It all starts with the types of products you want to sell.

Let's say; for example, you like the idea of starting a gift store. In that case, a supplier like Bonsai Boy or VICI Brands might be right up your alley.

Or maybe you're passionate about jewelry, in which case Brook & York could be your ideal match!

While your store's niche is super important, there are a few other things to keep in mind as well. Think about your budget, ease of integration, or user reviews of a supplier.

However, as mentioned, since you don't have that many options when looking at dropshipping suppliers in New York, your niche is the most important!

Tip: If you're looking for dropshipping suppliers in the US (not specifically in New York), take a look at our lists of the best US suppliers overall or the best free US suppliers!

The 7 best dropshipping suppliers from New York

Ready to learn more about the best dropshipping suppliers from New York?

We hope to make this list as valuable as possible, so for each supplier, we will:

  • Include a link to their website. You can click the title to check out their website.
  • Shortly introduce the supplier. So you can learn about the supplier and its unique features.
  • Give you the pros and cons. This will help you to make an educated decision about which supplier to pick.
  • Tell you how to connect this supplier to your store. This way, you can integrate the supplier's products with your own store.
  • Tell you about their pricing plans. Most suppliers on this list are free, but some offer paid pricing plans that unlock more features.

Ready to start? Let's go!

1. Gooten Review (Print on demand)

Gooten homepage

Let's start with Gooten, a print on demand supplier headquartered in New York, US.

Named after the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg, Gooten is constantly pushing the boundaries of print technology.

They offer over 150 customizable products, including apparel, home decor, wall art, and more:

Gooten most loved brand products

With a network of 30+ manufacturers strategically placed across 70+ global locations, Gooten can deliver orders within four to six business days.

Plus, their team offers round-the-clock support to make your dropshipping experience as smooth as possible.


  • Global fulfillment network. Gooten's wide network of manufacturers ensures fast shipping, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Excellent quality and consistency. Gooten has a 99% quality standard and a 98% on-time shipping rate.
  • Flat-rate shipping. Gooten offers all products with flat-rate shipping, so you won't find any surprises in that area.


  • You must contact sales to sign up. Signing up for Gooten is quite the hassle as you must contact a Gooten sales representative over a contact form.

How do you connect Gooten to your store?

Gooten offers integration with all major ecommerce platforms:

Gooten integrations

For instance, you can find Gooten's Shopify app here!


There are no monthly fees for using Gooten!

2. Brook & York Review (Jewelry)

Brook & York homepage

Meet Brook & York, a great supplier of modern jewelry in New York.

This company designs and manufactures a stunning range of jewelry in the heart of Rhode Island.

Brook & York stands out with its strong commitment to ethical craftsmanship, using only the highest quality, locally-sourced materials.

And the best part? This women-run enterprise designs jewelry that effortlessly fits any occasion, season, or place.

Brook & York Instagram posts


  • Quality craftsmanship. Brook & York's jewelry is ethically crafted with loving attention to detail.
  • Personalized jewelry. Brook & York offers personalized jewelry, allowing you to offer your customers a one-of-a-kind product.


  • Brook & York also sells directly to customers. You'll have to compete with Brook & York's online store as well when signing up for their dropship program.
  • No information on product pricing. Brook & York's dropship page doesn't give any information on the discount you'll get on their products.

How do you connect Brook & York to your store?

Brook & York has an IT team that will guide you on the setup of your dropshipping store:

Brook & York dropship program

You can find Brook & York's dropship program here!


No monthly fees are required to become a dropship partner of Brook & York.

3. Bonsai Boy Review (Bonsai trees)

Bonsai Boy homepage

Delve into the world of bonsai trees with Bonsai Boy, a family-run business that takes immense pride in nurturing and selling these miniature wonders.

Bonsai trees make up a tradition that dates back over 2,000 years. Each tree is carefully grown, cared for, and comes with detailed information about its botanical name, age, height, and price.

Bonsai Boy Juniper Bonsai Tree


  • Quality packaging and shipping. Each bonsai tree is shipped with easy-to-follow care instructions, carefully wrapped, and securely packaged to ensure it arrives in excellent condition.
  • Supportive supplier. As a dropshipper with Bonsai Boy, you'll get access to their entire inventory, wholesale prices, free customer service, tech support, and more – all for free.
  • Exclusive selection. Bonsai Boy also offers ‘One-of-a-Kind' bonsai trees (identified by the SKU starting with the letter ‘K'), which are typically older and more expensive but unique in their beauty.


  • No international shipping. Bonsai Boy does not ship internationally, which is a limitation if you're targeting a global audience.
  • Caring for bonsai trees is challenging. You'll have to ensure your customers understand this to prevent any misaligned expectations.

How do you connect Bonsai Boy to your store?

Bonsai Boy does not offer any automated connections to your store.

To sign up for their dropship program, you must fill out their application form and email it to

Bonsai Boy dropship program


Applying for Bonsai Boy's dropship program is completely free!

4. New York Bar Store Review (Bar products)

New York Bar Store homepage

New York Bar Store is a haven for any bar products, whether for professional bars or home setups.

If you're targeting bar owners, baristas, or simply those who love hosting family gatherings with a cocktail in hand, the New York Bar Store has got you covered!

New York Bar Store product categories


  • Fast shipping. Say goodbye to long waiting times. All in-stock orders are shipped the very next day!
  • Support and ease of use. As a dropshipper, you get your own username and password for order management, and you can also bulk upload orders using a .CSV file.
  • Custom products. Some of New York Bar Store's products can be customized with your logo or branding!


  • Limited info beforehand. New York Bar Store's dropship page lacks some information you would ideally like to know before signing up, such as wholesale prices or the exact dropship program policy.

How do you connect New York Bar Store to your store?

To partner with New York Bar Store, all you have to do is fill out their form, and they'll send you an email outlining their dropship program policies:

New York Bar Store dropship program


The New York Bar Store doesn't explicitly mention its pricing structure, which most likely means there are no monthly fees. However, you'll need to contact them directly for detailed pricing information.

5. Village Wrought Iron Review (Wrought ironwork)

Village Wrought Iron homepage

Village Wrought Iron is a family-owned business nestled in the heart of Central New York.

Since 1975, they've been crafting wrought iron-styled products that embody the American spirit.

But don't let the term ‘Wrought Iron' mislead you. This material isn't commercially produced anymore, so Village Wrought Iron uses low-carbon iron (similar to wrought iron) that's also domestically manufactured.

Their products range from garden designs to candle ware and interior accessories:

Village Wrought Iron product categories


  • Quality craftsmanship. Each item is handcrafted using traditional methods like shaping, punching, hammering, and grinding.
  • Durable finishes. Products listed as ‘Flat Black' are finished with a baked-on powder coating that promises durability for years and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • American-made. The company prides itself on its American-made products, using only high-quality, lead-free, domestic materials.


  • Initial application fee. Village Wrought Iron charges a $15 application fee to process your dropship account application (but only if you're accepted).
  • Dropship fee. A dropship fee of $5.50 is charged per order (not per product). This excludes shipping costs, which will also be added to your invoice.

How do you connect Village Wrought Iron to your store?

To set up a dropship account with Village Wrought Iron, you must complete a registration process, activate your account, and complete their ‘Dropship Account Application.'

You can find more information on their dropshipping page:

Village Wrought Iron dropship program


Regarding pricing, Village Wrought Iron charges a $15 one-time fee for your account application and then a dropship fee of $5.50 for every order.

6. VICI Brands Review (Gifts and home decor)

VICI Brands homepage

Have you ever dreamt of stocking your store with top-notch gifts and home decor from brands all around the globe?

Well, VICI Brands might help you to make that dream come true!

With a decade of experience, this supplier offers specialty design brands from the UK, US, France, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, and Spain.

They started as a distributor of design toys but have since expanded into categories like table tops, home decor, and various accessories!

VICI Brands product examples


  • Global catalog. VICI Brands offers many unique products from various countries, which allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Transparency. A flat $40 fee is applied per item, which includes processing, packing, and shipping costs. There are no hidden fees to worry about!


  • Single item limitation. Each dropship order is limited to a single product, so if your customers want to purchase multiple items, they might get multiple packages.
  • Only for $100+ products. Only products priced at $100 or above are eligible for VICI Brands' dropship program.
  • Pricing. Although the flat fee of $40 gives transparency, it's relatively high for single-item orders, especially for items priced near $100. (Be sure to think about your profit margins before applying.)

How do you connect VICI Brands to your store?

VICI Brands doesn't offer an automated connection, but you can register for their dropship program here.

VICI Brands dropship program - how it works


VICI Brands uses a flat fee model for their dropship program. All products over $100 are eligible, and a $40 flat fee is applied per item, which includes processing, packing, and shipping.

7. FragranceNet Review (Perfumes)

FragranceNet homepage

The last supplier on this list is FragranceNet.

It's based in New York and offers products in the beauty niche, like perfumes, makeup, and skincare products.

FragranceNet top selling perfumes


  • Lots of experience. FragranceNet has been active for over 25 years, selling more than 30 million packages.
  • International shipment is also possible. FragranceNet also ships internationally. However, the shipping fee is pretty expensive.


  • No automated store connections. To process your dropship orders, you must manually place orders for all items through FragranceNet's website.
  • Limited payment gateways. FragranceNet only provides the possibility to pay with credit cards.

How do you connect FragranceNet to your store?

As mentioned, you can't directly connect FragranceNet to your store.

You can read more about FragranceNet's dropshipping program here:

FragranceNet dropship program


FragranceNet's dropshipping program is free.

Other great dropshipping suppliers in the US

Not sure yet about dropshipping with suppliers from New York? Or are you interested in scaling to other states or even countries?

If so, we've got you covered!

Check out these lists below for more suppliers in the US:

And take a look at these lists if you're interested in suppliers in different countries:

Plus, don't forget to check our guide on the best countries for dropshipping!

Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free!), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • If you don't know which niche you will choose yet, learning the characteristics of a winning product might help!
  • Check if a niche supplier on this list matches your niche. If one does, we would recommend looking at it first!
  • Don't forget that a general US supplier like Spocket or Syncee also likely has suppliers from New York on their platform. However, these platforms only show you that it's a supplier from the US.

Final verdict

We hope you enjoyed going through our list of dropshipping suppliers from New York!

But which one of them is the best?

Final verdict: The best dropshipping supplier in New York is Gooten.

This company is a fantastic option if you're looking to sell self-designed fashion items. With their knowledge and scale of operations, you can be sure you're partnering with an excellent supplier!

And if you're still unsure of which to pick, here is an overview of all suppliers again:

GootenPrint on demandFree
Brook & YorkJewelryFree
Bonsai BoyBonsai treesFree
New York Bar StoreBar productsFree
Village Wrought IronWrought ironwork$15 one-time + $5.50 per order
VICI BrandsGifts and home decor$40 per item (includes processing, packing, and shipping)

Good luck with your choice, and have a great rest of your day!

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