Christmas is coming up soon, so we made a gift for all of you and created this list of 10 outstanding Christmas product examples to sell online!

The sales potential for Christmas products is enormous since you aren’t restricted to one day or weekend like on Black Friday. Instead, you can start selling one of these Christmas product examples weeks before Christmas since people are already looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

This article contains 10 outstanding Christmas product examples to sell online, but first, let me show you some Christmas ecommerce statistics that will allow you to realize how immense the potential is here!

Christmas ecommerce statistics (+ tips to get more sales!)

Christmas is an annual holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and takes place on December 25th. It is celebrated by billions of people around the world.

Both retail and online sales typically peak just before Christmas, as people are buying gifts, decorations, and gifts to celebrate the holiday.

To help you understand all things going on around ecommerce during Christmas, I have summed up some of the most important statistics:

  • The average US household is planning to spend nearly $1500 during this holiday season
  • The average US consumer spends $511 on gifts and gift cards
  • The period between December 15th and December 24th will account for 40% of all Christmas sales.
  • 42% of all shoppers will buy toys during the holiday season
  • Consumers spend an average of $200 on decorations during the Christmas season
  • 68% of consumers pay more attention to the emails they receive from companies during the holiday season
  • The two most appealing offers to consumers are price discounts (74%) and free shipping (72%), according to Deloitte

As you can see, consumer spend rises quite a bit during the holiday season. From these stats, you can also learn a few things which may increase your sales during the Christmas holiday season:

  1. If you offer a wide variety of products, consider adding the option to buy digital gift cards for your customers. That way, the person who receives the gift card can decide for themselves which product they like the most. If you are using Shopify, check out this guide on how to set up digital gift cards in your store.
  2. Allocate a large part of your marketing budget for your Christmas products to be spent between December 15th and December 24th.
  3. Spend some extra attention to create and fine-tune your Christmas season marketing emails. Do you want to learn more about email marketing? Check out our guide here!
  4. Make sure to apply price discounts to your Christmas products and make sure that it’s possible to get free shipping on your online store.
  5. For more information about Q4 and ways to prepare your store for this hectic season, check out our guide on How To Prepare Your Online Store for Q4.
Digital gift cards shopify
Shopify’s digital gift cards

The last thing I wanted to mention is that online spending this year will likely be even higher because of the current (Covid-19) situation. More people will purchase Christmas gifts online instead of going to shopping malls. So, it’s great for ecommerce store owners like us!

What are the characteristics of winning Christmas products?

Not all products will get the same amount of sales during the Christmas season. Products may have some characteristics that will cause them to outperform other products and receive more sales.

In this section, I will guide you through some of these characteristics. That way, you will know what I’ve looked for when choosing the 10 Christmas product examples to sell online, and you will know what to look out for when you are searching for Christmas products yourself!

Here are some things that make a product perfect for selling online during the Christmas season:

  • Giftable: Since Christmas is all about giving gifts to your loved ones, a winning Christmas product is often giftable. As the name implies, it means that the product is well-suited to be used as a gift for someone else. Some examples of giftable products are jewelry, candles, games, toys, bath bombs, and books.
  • Hobby products: If you celebrate Christmas, you will probably know that it can be hard to choose a gift for someone. However, this does become easier when that person has a passionate hobby, like cycling. In that case, you will probably search for a cycling product gift. This is why hobby-related products do really well during the Christmas period!
  • Unique: Products that are unique or unusual have to potential to receive a lot of sales during Christmas. These products often aren’t sold in physical stores, which forces the consumer to buy them in your online store. Also, people often don’t like giving standard gifts. They would rather purchase something unique and genuinely special to gift someone!
  • Personalized: Selling a product that can be personalized works the best during the holiday season. As I said above, personalized products are much more special to both give and receive as gifts. Products can be personalized in many ways, like adding custom texts, photos, or colors to the product.
personalized Christmas gift example
AliExpress page

Great! Now, you know exactly what makes a winning product. Of course, products that have traits listed in this list doesn’t automatically mean that you will get lots of sales. You should try to avoid products in these niches, especially if you’re a beginner.

Enough waiting; let’s get started with the Christmas product example list!

The list of 10 Christmas product examples to sell online

This list will give you 10 awesome Christmas product examples that you could sell online this year. Use it to pick a product to sell yourself, to get ideas for other products, or gain inspiration for your own online store.

If you decide to sell one of these products online yourself, remember to try and stay unique. Don’t copy everything from your competitors. By being unique, you differentiate yourself from your competitors and have the best chance of succeeding!

I did most of my research on the product research tool Sell The Trend. It’s an incredibly useful tool that easily allows you to find many winning products to sell online. You can check out our review of them here.

Keep in mind; many products can be sold successfully online during the Christmas season. So don’t worry if none of these products are perfect for yourself to sell. You can still use this list to get inspiration and do research to find other Christmas products for yourself.

Disclaimer: The Christmas product examples in this list are not ranked from best to worst.

1. Dragon waterfall incense burner

Christmas product example to sell online dragon waterfall incense burner

This dragon waterfall incense burner could work very well as a gift for a spiritual person who loves meditation, peacefulness, or yoga!

It’s unique and looks impressive when the incense is burning. Instead of going up, the incense burner’s smoke falls down out of the dragon’s mouth creating an illusion of a smokey waterfall that will fill your room with a lovely fragrance.

As you can see, Sell The Trend indicates a steady growth in orders in the last few months, which is a great sign. This product even comes with an included downloadable video from the AliExpress supplier that you can use to create your own video ads!

Another advantage of this product is the possibility to upsell your customer with the incense cones. When a visitor adds this product to their cart, you can, for example, show them a message with an option to add some extra discounted incense cones. This will increase your average order value (AOV) and your profits!

2. Christmas foldout blanket

Christmas product example to sell online Christmas foldout blanket

Next up is a small Christmas product gimmick. It’s a cozy flannel blanket that can be folded to look like a little Santa Claus!

When folded out, it looks amazing as well because of the embroidered Santa Claus and his little hat attached to it.

Once again, this is a great product to sell online during the Christmas season because it’s giftable, unique, and can be used as a decoration during Christmas!

It’s even available in multiple variations. There are blankets for a snowman, Santa Claus’ reindeer, a cute little piglet, and Santa Claus himself.

3. Soap holder drain leaf

Christmas product example to sell online leaf soap dish with drain

The third product in this Christmas product example list is handy and solves a problem.

After using the soap in your bathroom, some water will always come along and fall into the soap dish. This water won’t have anywhere to go and builds up further and further after each use in ordinary soap dishes. This water will keep your soap wet and therefore let it dissolve faster.

This stylish soap dish features a drain that lets the water flow out of the dish after you’ve used the soap. It keeps your soap dry and your bathroom tidy.

As you can see from the Sell The Trend image, this product has been selling really well over the course of the last few months. During this period, they tracked a total of $41,014 worth of sales.

4. Christmas rolling pin

Christmas product example to sell online Christmas rolling pin

Next up is a still undiscovered product, which could be amazing for families with kids!

It’s a rolling pin, but not just a regular one; it’s a Christmas-themed rolling pin. There are some fantastic shapes engraved in this rolling pin, like reindeers and Christmas trees. This way, you can embed these shapes in your Christmas cookies.

Parents will love to either buy or receive this product as a gift so that they can use it for baking some delicious Christmas-themed cookies with their kids. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with the family during Christmas.

One more great thing about this product is that the supplier offers almost 10 variations of this rolling pin. By providing these variations in your online store, your customers can choose the one they like the best, and maybe they will even buy two or three!

5. Portable mist humidifier

Christmas product example to sell online humidifier

This product doesn’t only look cool; it serves a function too!

Humidifiers add moisture to the air when it is too dry. Generally, people use humidifiers during the wintertime to combat the dryness of winter air.

Since it’s winter in most places during Christmas, this product will be perfect for selling during the Christmas season.

It makes a fantastic gift for under the Christmas tree. What’s more, it’s portable and will help you prevent from having a dry skin, sore nose or throat, cracked lips, and much more!

As you can see from the image, it’s a top seller with over $170k in total sales. So, there’s definitely a demand for it!

6. Christmas tree pet bed

Christmas product example to sell online Christmas tree pet bed

As you’ve read in the Christmas ecommerce statistics section, Consumers spend an average of $200 on decorations during the Christmas season.

Coupled with the knowledge that pet owners are known to sometimes rather spend money on new things for their pets rather than for themselves, this product could be a real winner during the Christmas season!

As you can see from the image, it’s a Christmas tree pet bed for your cat or dog, which looks fantastic next to the big Christmas tree in the house. Really cute!

7. Wine bottle holder

Christmas product example to sell online wine bottle holder

Next up is this unique giftable product for wine lovers; the rope wine bottle holder!

It’s a perfect decoration piece to fit into a wine lovers’ living room with its surrealistic look.

So, if you were planning to gift a bottle of wine to someone, adding this wine bottle holder will make the gift much more special and memorable. It will look fabulous under the Christmas tree, but look out that the kids won’t tumble it over and break the wine bottle.

This undiscovered product still has only 48 orders on AliExpress, so it could definitely be worth testing it!

8. Wrapping paper cutter

Christmas product example to sell online wrapping paper cutter

This product isn’t really giftable, and neither is it used as a decoration for Christmas.

However, it is an amazing Christmas gift packing tool that will significantly reduce the time it takes you to pack all the Christmas gifts you’ve bought and let you pack the gifts more neatly at the same time.

It’s a wrapping paper cutter tool, which allows you to cut dead straight through the wrapping paper, much quicker than a scissor could. Just put it around the wrapping paper and pull down to cut it!

As you can see on the Sell The Trend image, it had a massive order spike in the period before Christmas last year, so the chances are high that it will sell great during this years’ pre-Christmas period as well!

9. Portable pet water bottle

Christmas product example to sell online portable pet water bottle

This winning product falls into a niche that often does really well when sold online, the pet niche.

The image shows that the product receives steady orders during the last few months, summing up to almost $100k in total sales. This indicates that there is a constant demand for it, and it really attracts dog owners. Which is why it could be a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves walking their dog!

It’s a portable pet water bottle that can be used to quickly give your dog some water to drink while on the go. It even features a compartment of plastic bags inside the bottle, which you can use to pick up your dog’s poo.

10. Lazy cat slippers

Christmas product example to sell online lazy cat slippers

Oh no! It’s already the final product in our list of 10 awesome Christmas products to sell online.

These are some funny looking lazy cat slippers, which are selling surprisingly well during the last two weeks, as shown in the orders chart. Sell The Trend recorded almost 100 orders over the previous two weeks on this product for the stores that they tracked. That amounts to a revenue of $2.3k during that period!

These cat slippers are even available in different variations and could be the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers.


There you have it! 10 Awesome Christmas products to sell online.

After reading this article, you should have gained some inspiration for what product to sell during and before Christmas.

Remember that the period after Christmas is also great for online store owners, as many people have received a lot of cash or gift cards and are looking to redeem those on some awesome products!

I also recommend checking out my guide that will cover some things that might be different in Q4 and tells you all the steps you need to prepare yourself for it.

I have mainly used Sell The Trend today, but don’t forget there are many other product research methods out there. If you are looking for one, check out this article.

If you are also interested in the product research tool I used, you may want to check our full review of it here.

If you decide to try them, you can click here to get a free 7-day trial! Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime (even before you start paying)!

I hope that I have provided you with some great ideas today. If you have seen any other awesome products lately, don’t forget that you can leave a comment below to share them with us!

Good luck with your dropshipping journey, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of our latest articles!

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