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As the name says, a lifetime deal is a deal that lasts for a lifetime. This means that once you purchase it, you never have to pay for it again.

That's the dream deal, right?

And luckily for you, we've compiled a list of the best lifetime deals the market currently offers for dropshippers.

The Best Lifetime Deals For Dropshipping: An Overview

Here is an overview of all the tools we will go through.

AppPricingWhat It DoesReview
AliDropship$89 for a lifetimeAliExpress dropshipping plugin for WordPress stores (plus custom-built store solution)AliDropship Review
SaleHoo$127 for a lifetimeDropshipping supplier directory and product research platformSaleHoo Review
Shopify Themes$150 to $390 for a lifetimePaid Shopify themes improve user experience and unlock more featuresShopify Themes Review
Booster Theme$398 for a lifetimeShopify theme designed to boost your conversionsBooster Theme Review
Intelligynce$99 for a lifetimeProduct research and analytics tool for dropshippersIntelligynce Review
Looka$20 / $65 for a lifetimeAn AI-powered platform you can use to design your logo & brand kitLooka Review
Worldwide Brands$299 for a lifetimeA large directory of wholesale suppliers for dropshippersWorldwide Brands Review

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Why should you purchase a lifetime deal for your dropshipping store?

Why do people prefer buying lifetime deals?

To help you understand that better, let's look at an example.

One product we will discuss is Booster Theme, which has a lifetime deal available.

If you bought their theme and could boost your sales every month, would you think the lifetime deal was worth buying?

Probably yes!

And, as you would have the theme forever as part of the lifetime deal, you wouldn't have to worry about new costs.

Most people would call that a smart investment!

Also, if you know you will use a tool for a long time, a lifetime deal can end up being cheaper than a monthly plan.

While it's possible to save money by not buying anything or going with a monthly plan, it's not always the best investment.

How do you pick the right lifetime deal for your dropshipping store?

Before we jump into the lifetime deals, let's quickly discuss some things you should consider before selecting one.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before selecting a lifetime deal for your dropshipping store:

  • What are your needs? Do you need a new theme, a new product research tool, or a plugin that can streamline your dropshipping processes?
  • Is a free plan or a good money-back guarantee important for you? While all these services have lifetime deals, most offer money-back guarantees or even a free plan, so consider that. We will include a note for each service if a free plan or money-back guarantee is available.
  • What is your budget? Depending on the service, the price also is different.

Now that you have a better idea of what you should look for, let's jump into the lifetime deals for dropshippers.

The 7 best lifetime deals for dropshipping store owners

Listed next, you can find the best lifetime deals for dropshippers.

For every lifetime deal, we will tell you:

  • What the tool does, and who it is for.
  • Link to the service so you can learn more about them.
  • List how much the lifetime deal currently costs and keep it updated if it changes.
  • If the provider offers a free trial, we also list that so you can try it before committing.
  • What their money-back guarantee is.

Let's start!

1. AliDropship Review

Home page of Ali Dropship

First on our list is AliDropship.

It's a dropshipping solution for stores that use WordPress as their platform, and it was created by the team at Sellvia.

When it comes to the lifetime plans that AliDropship has to offer, there are three different ones available.

First, let's talk about their custom dropshipping stores:

Custom store of AliDropship

Basically, AliDropship offers done-for-you custom store packages that can be bought as a lifetime plan.

It doesn't only include the store. It also includes product pages, ready-to-sell products, and even SEO-optimized articles.

The team at AliDropship promises that you have to do zero work for your store. You also get a personal manager who will guide you through the process,

So, that's the custom stores; what else is available?

The AliDropship plugin is another popular lifetime product offered by the team at AliDropship.

Homepage of AliDropship

It's for people who use WordPress and want to import products from AliExpress.

Basically, once you have the plugin, you can go to AliExpress and use its one-click import feature to add any product to your WordPress store.

And one of the most significant benefits is that when orders start coming in, you don't have to order them from AliExpress manually.

You can do it almost fully automatically from the AliDropship dashboard.

While the basic AliDropship plugin works for all WordPress-hosted sites, they also provide a third plugin called AliDropship Woo for those who use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce plugin of AliDropship


  • Automates processes. When you buy the custom store lifetime plan, you get a ready-to-use store with products. When you buy one of the plugins, you don't have to manually order products from AliExpress. All of the AliDropship plugins are designed to save you time.
  • Fully customizable. All of the plugins offered by AliDropship are designed for WordPress sites, which is known for being a customizable solution. You can basically make any changes to your site.
  • Compatible with Sellvia. This is a significant benefit, especially if you want to buy the custom store plan from AliDropship. Sellvia is a supplier based in the US filled with different winning products. (Check out our Sellvia review here)


  • Not the most beginner-friendly option. If you want to use AliDropship, you have to use WordPress, which is known for requiring more technical skills than other platforms like Shopify. However, this shouldn't be a dealbreaker if you're ready to invest time and effort.


We went through three different products that AliDropship has, so let's discuss the pricing for each one of them.

First is the custom dropshipping stores, and this is how the pricing looks like for those:

Custom store pricing of AliDropship

As you can see, the options range from $299 to $899 for a lifetime.

For the two plugins (AliDropship Plugin) and (AliDropship Woo), the price is equal: $89 for a lifetime.

There is no free trial available for the AliDropship lifetime plans, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of their plans.

Tip: For more information about AliDropship, check out our in-depth review here!

2. SaleHoo Review

SaleHoo homepage

Second, we have SaleHoo.

It's a popular dropshipping platform that is designed to streamline the process of finding high-quality suppliers and products.

For their SaleHoo Directory plan, there is a lifetime plan that gets you access to over 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers worldwide.

Benefits of using SaleHoo

The suppliers are divided into different categories, which makes it easy to scroll for the ones that match your criteria.

Supplier categories of SaleHoo

Under each category, you can find suppliers that offer products related to that niche.

For example, suppliers under 'Home & Garden' have different garden tools and related equipment.

Once you find a supplier with products you want to sell, you can message them and discuss the pricing and available shipping methods.

You can contact them quickly from their supplier page:

Supplier page of SaleHoo

While we wrote our SaleHoo review article, we checked what countries most of the suppliers are from.

While they vary, most are from the US, UK, Canada, Europe, or China.

You can be sure to find many options!

When opting for the SaleHoo Directory lifetime plan, you also get access to a basic product research tool called 'Market Research Labs.'

Research labs of SaleHoo

It can help you identify products that might be worth selling, aka have low competition (or high if you want). You can play around with the available filters.

One downside of the SaleHoo Directory plan is that there are no existing integrations with different ecommerce platforms, so you must message every supplier you want to work with.

Some suppliers do offer integrations, but you have to contact them first or visit their website.

SaleHoo has a plan called SaleHoo Dropship, which integrates with Shopify and gives you direct access to millions of dropshipping products.

However, there is no lifetime plan available for that.

Homepage of SaleHoo Dropship


  • Access to thousands of suppliers. SaleHoo Directory gets you access to thousands of suppliers around the world that you can use to start your dropshipping store.
  • Suppliers are trustworthy. SaleHoo doesn't just accept any supplier into their platform. They have a vetting process that the supplier must go through before they can list products in the marketplace.
  • Helpful customer support. SaleHoo is known for having reliable customer support that is happy to help you with any issues you face using their tools.


  • Lacks integrations. The SaleHoo Directory plan has a lifetime plan available but no integrations with different ecommerce platforms.


The SaleHoo Directory plan costs $127 for a lifetime and gets you access to the directory of 8,000+ suppliers.

Pricing of SaleHoo

While SaleHoo doesn't have a free trial or plan, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for all purchases.

Tip: For more information about SaleHoo, check out our in-depth review here!

3. Shopify Themes Review

Looking to give your Shopify store that professional look and feel without the recurring costs?

In that case, one of the best lifetime deals you can get is one of the premium Shopify themes.

A great example is Impact, which is amazing for differentiating yourself from the competition:

Shopify Impact Theme

Just look at a product page example built with Impact:

Impact Shopify theme product page

Tip: Have you already created your Shopify account? If not, sign up by clicking this link here to get a free 3-day trial + 1 month for $1!

Get your free Shopify trial


  • First impressions count. When customers land on your store, you only have a few seconds to wow them. A premium theme ensures your website doesn’t just function smoothly but also looks stunning and trustworthy.
  • One-time investment. Pay once, and the theme is yours for life. No hidden costs or monthly fees.
  • High customizability. Premium Shopify themes often allow you to modify and personalize your store exactly how you want.
  • Premium support. Often, theme creators provide top-notch customer service for their premium users.


  • Initial cost. While it’s a one-time fee, the upfront cost might be higher than regular themes or monthly subscription models.
  • Learning curve. With all the customization options, there might be a slight learning curve involved.
  • Potential overkill. If you’re just starting and don’t need all the bells and whistles, a premium theme might be more than what you need.
  • Single store license. You can't use a single lifetime Shopify theme deal for multiple Shopify stores simultaneously.


The lifetime deal for Shopify premium themes currently ranges between $150 and $390.

Many premium Shopify themes come with an unlimited free trial.

Shopify Theme unlimited free trial

This means you can try the theme for free with your own products, brand colors, and customizations. You only have to pay once you publish it on your store.

On the flip side, Shopify Themes never have a money-back guarantee.

Tip: For more information about Shopify Themes, check out our list of the best Shopify Themes for dropshipping here!

4. Booster Theme Review

Home page of Booster Theme

Booster Theme is a custom Shopify theme that is designed to boost your store speed and increase your conversions.

And there is a lifetime plan available.

When comparing it to basic Shopify themes, it is much more advanced regarding what can be done.

For example, it has built-in upsell popups, promotion timers, and a stock left bar, all of which basic Shopify themes don't have.

Here are a few more impressive features available:

  • Currency converter. Booster Theme has a built-in currency converter. This is a must-have if you sell in multiple countries.
Currency converter option in the Booster Theme
  • Product bundles. With Booster Theme, you can create product bundles for different products in your store.

This is what it looks like:

Product bundles on Booster Theme

What's great, you can fully customize what products you want to include in each bundle.

  • Free plus shipping feature. If you run a free plus shipping campaign in your dropshipping store, Booster Theme enables you to add an appealing call to action button.
Free plus shipping option in the Booster Theme

It automatically detects product pages with the free plus shipping offer and adds the above call to action.

These are just a few features of Booster Theme.

The best part is that, instead of having to buy multiple different Shopify apps to increase your conversions, you can find all of the necessary features from Booster Theme.


  • Saves you money long-term. Instead of paying monthly payments for Shopify apps, you can buy the Booster Theme. You will get the same features as in many Shopify apps and much more.
Saved monthly fees with the Booster Theme
  • Increase in conversions. All the features of Booster Theme are designed to increase your conversions. For example, you can add a timer on the product page or upsell on the add-to-cart page.
  • Optimized for speed. Booster Theme even claims their themes are 2x faster than a normal Shopify theme. This is important as your conversions drop by 4.42% for every additional second of load time.


  • One year of tech support. If you opt for the lifetime plan on Booster Theme, you don't get a lifetime of technical support service (it ends after one year).
  • Not the cheapest option. While Booster Theme definitely has a high return on investment in the long term, it's pretty expensive, especially if you've just started dropshipping.


Pricing of Booster Theme

The Booster Theme lifetime plan costs $398, and you get lifetime access to the theme.

You also get tech support for a year and access to all of the Booster Apps.

While Booster Theme has no free trials, they promise a 14-day money-back guarantee for their lifetime and yearly license.

Tip: For more information about the Booster Theme, check out our in-depth review here!

5. Intelligynce Review

Home page of Intelligynce

Fifth on our list is Intelligynce.

Intelligynce is a product and store research tool helping dropshippers with finding new products and ideas for their Shopify stores.

They're also called a Shopify spy tool. This is because they can spy on over 500,000+ Shopify stores with over 2.5 million products.

When buying the lifetime plan from Intelligynce, you can access their AliExpress product research tool, AliInspector 2.

It's designed to help you find winning products from AliExpress with various features, such as a list of the best-selling products, search features, and built-in scrape tools.


  • Not just one tool. Intelligynce is not just one tool. It's a comprehensive hub of different dropshipping-related tools designed to help you with product research.
  • Available product research tools. You can search for more than one million products using different available filters. The products are picked from other Shopify sites, which makes it convenient for dropshippers.
  • Available store search tools. Intellygence has a database of over 200,000 Shopify stores, which can help you find stores doing well in your niche.


  • No money-back guarantee or any refund policy. Most of the services we have gone through have some money-back guarantee for the lifetime plans, but Intelligynce doesn't. If it's a priority for you, this can be a dealbreaker.


Intelligynce has a lifetime plan available, and it's priced at $99.

Unfortunately, they don't promise any refunds on the purchases, so keep it in mind.

If you're not ready to opt for the lifetime plan, they also have a monthly plan costing $39 and a yearly plan costing $79.

6. Looka Review

Looka homepage

If you still need a logo for your dropshipping store, Looka might just be your next favorite thing.

It's a logo design platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate unique and personalized logo designs.

Looka's logo design process is quite intuitive, as they say: "All it takes is a few clicks and five minutes."

Here is how it works:

  1. Start simple. Begin by inputting your store's name and your niche.
  2. Define your style. Next, you’ll select preferred logo styles, colors, and symbols.
  3. Watch the magic happen. Looka then generates countless logo options for you. All within minutes!
  4. Customize. Found a design that's close to what you want but needs tweaks? No problem! Adjust fonts, colors, layouts, and symbols until it's spot-on.
  5. Claim your design. Once satisfied, you can purchase the design, receiving it in multiple file formats suitable for all platforms.


  • Versatile file types. Especially with the premium package, you get files suitable for all platforms, including PNG, JPG, SVG, and EPS files.
  • Full ownership. No strings attached. Once bought, the logo is entirely yours.
  • Lifetime support. Technical issues? Doubts about your design? Looka’s team is always there to help.
  • Mockups. See how your logo looks on real-life products like T-shirts and pens!


  • The basic package is limited. With only one low-res file, the basic package may not be suitable for all branding needs.
  • No traditional designers. Some may prefer the human touch over AI for designs.


The lifetime deal for Looka's logo packages currently ranges between $20 for the Basic Logo Package and $65 for the Premium Logo Package:

Looka allows you to design and experiment with logos absolutely for free! You'll only have to pay once you're happy with the design.

Also, if you didn't download or have been emailed any files, and you're within seven days of purchase, you can get a refund by contacting Looka's support.

Tip: If you want more information on getting a logo for your dropshipping store, check out our article here!

7. Worldwide Brands Review

Worldwide Brands home page

Similar to SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands is a supplier directory for dropshippers, and they have a lifetime plan available.

Worldwide Brands focuses on providing suppliers worldwide, and they are one of the most experienced (they started in 1999).

They claim to have the largest selection of wholesale products in the world (to be exact, over 16 million).

While we are not sure about that statement, they indeed have one of the most unique products at least.

Some of the most popular categories in their directory include:

  • Pet supplies
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Clothing, shoes & accessories
  • Health & beauty
  • Tools & hardware

And much more.

For those who buy their lifetime plan, they even have mobile apps for both Android and iPhone.

One massive advantage of Worldwide Brands is that they don't charge any middleman fees between you and the suppliers.

No middleman with Worldwide Brands

The only fee they charge is the lifetime plan you have to buy to access these suppliers.


  • Large selection of wholesale products. Worldwide Brands claim to have over 16 million products in their catalog. When comparing it to other supplier platforms, it's definitely one of the largest selections out there.
  • Adding new products constantly. Even though Worldwide Brands already has a huge selection of wholesale products, they add new ones weekly. This is what they state:

We add new Certified Wholesalers to our directory every week giving out members brand new wholesale products to choose from. Each week (on Wednesday) we'll send you our newsletter detailing some of the latest wholesaler products we've added.

  • No middlemen. Worldwide Brands uses a lifetime fee, so they don't take any fees between you and the supplier. This can save you a lot of money in the long term, as the product cost is minimal.


  • Lacks integrations. Similar to the SaleHoo directory, there are no direct integrations with different ecommerce platforms. Some suppliers offer integrations, but you have to contact them individually to find out.
  • Little pricey. If you're starting, paying $299 for a dropshipping supplier platform might be a bit too much. If you're on a budget, consider the alternative SaleHoo.


Pricing if Worldwide Brands

The lifetime access for Worldwide brands costs $299. While no free plan is available, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for the lifetime plan.

FAQs of lifetime deals for dropshippers

Want to learn a bit more about lifetime deals?

Let's look at a few frequently asked questions about them!

Can I use a lifetime plan for as long as I want?

Yes. A lifetime plan means that it will be available to you forever. Before buying one, you should check what's included in the lifetime plan, so you can be sure to get what you want.

What are the benefits of a lifetime deal?

The obvious benefit of a lifetime deal is that you never have to pay for it again. If you use a product or service for a long time, a lifetime plan can be cheaper than paying for it monthly.

What is the average cost for a dropshipping lifetime deal?

Our research shows that the average cost is between $50 to $300.


Before we go to the conclusion, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you so you can easily remember it:

  • The benefit of a lifetime deal over a monthly plan is the savings in the long term. For example, buying a lifetime plan for a dropshipping supplier can be much cheaper than paying it monthly.
  • Before selecting a lifetime deal, consider your own needs. Do you need a dropshipping supplier platform, a theme, or a plugin? Each platform listed serves its own purpose, so keep that in mind.
  • Keep your budget in mind when selecting a lifetime deal. We included a pricing section for each platform, so check them out.
  • Good options for finding dropshipping suppliers and products with lifetime deals are SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands.
  • If you want to streamline your AliExpress dropshipping process or want a custom store built for you, check out AliDropship.
  • If you need help with product research for Shopify, Intellygence is a solid option.


There you go!

All of the best lifetime deals for dropshippers.

We did our best to list lifetime deals in different areas, such as product research, store themes, and product databases.

Did we miss something?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you think some lifetime deal is missing from our list. We will do our best to update it then.

And if you have any questions related to these, you can always leave a comment for us down below.

Good luck!

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