You have probably heard of the Booster Theme before, but if you're reading this, there is a high chance that you haven't purchased it yet.

In this Booster Theme review, I will go over everything that this Shopify theme contains and if it's worth the money.

Let's see if this will be your new theme in 2024!

Update: This review is now up-to-date with the new version of the Booster Theme! (Version 6)

Booster Theme review: Quick review for busy people


What a theme.

This Shopify theme has so many features that could help you with boosting the sales of your online store.

They even claim to be 2x faster than other Shopify themes! How awesome is that?

I can tell you already that this Shopify theme will be perfect for you if your budget allows it!

You can check out the Booster Theme here. I will include a discount code at the end, so make sure you use it to get the theme even cheaper.

If you want a more in-depth review of the Booster Theme, then keep reading:

What is the Booster Theme? And how is it different to free themes?

The Booster Theme is a theme for Shopify store owners that promises to boost your sales once you've installed it in your store.

But how is it different to free themes?

Well, the main difference is that people who purchase a paid theme, like the Booster Theme, have a bigger budget than most online store owners.

For example, with dropshipping, most dropshippers that have just started don't have a big budget yet, and their main goal is to earn more.

For them, a free theme, like the Dawn Theme, is a perfect theme to get started because it doesn't cost them anything extra.

But don't worry if you're not dropshipping; the Booster Theme still has loads of awesome features for you!

But once these dropshippers earn a bit more, they start to look for ways to increase their conversion rates and sales.

This is where most people purchase a paid Shopify theme because these themes can help them with so much more than a simple, free Shopify theme.

For example, the Booster Theme helps by saving around $281 per month in Shopify app costs (all these features are already added by the theme).

Saved monthly fees with the Booster Theme

And, most of the time, premium themes like the Booster Theme will help them with increasing the loading speed of their store because as you may know, people are more likely to leave a site that is loading slowly. (Source)

The Booster Theme has all the necessary things built-in to the theme, so your store won't need to launch separate java scripts (as you might have when you have a separate Shopify app for each feature).

This helps to decrease your page loading time by a lot!

They even showcase these results on their website:

Booster theme loading time compared to other Shopify themes

Booster Theme review: Will this be your next Shopify theme?

The homepage of the Booster Theme

Are you ready to find out what the hype is all about?

Are you ready to see the Booster Theme from the inside and see if it's the perfect theme for your Shopify store?

If so, then let's get started with this awesome in-depth review of the Booster Theme!

Below, I will go over most of the amazing features that come with the Booster Theme.

And don't worry, I won't just use the images from their landing page. I will show you how it looks like from the inside!

After that, I will answer the most common questions that people have before they decide to purchase the Booster Theme.

And of course, in the end, I will give you my final conclusion on if I think this paid Shopify theme is worth it or not!

Let's begin by seeing what kind of features are included with the Booster Theme:

What sale boosting features are included in the Booster Theme?

The Booster Theme advertises itself as THE Shopify theme that boosts sales (conversion rate) instantly. For example, by adding things like this on their landing page:

Example of how the Booster Theme advertises itself

But what features are included that boost sales (according to them)?

And how much do you save if you purchase the Booster Theme instead of just buying Shopify apps for these features?

Let's find out!

I will include screenshots directly from inside the Booster Theme so you can see if it's something for you or not!

I did this because most reviews just include images straight from the Booster Theme landing page, and I know myself that that won't help me at all when trying to decide what theme (or anything else) to purchase!

1. Lookbook (make your images shoppable)

This is a great new feature that they added in their newly released V5 version: the lookbook.

If you're wondering what it means, don't worry! I'll go over it below:

Basically, with this lookbook, you can create shoppable images where visitors can click on an image to purchase the products that you "tagged" in the image.

I will use their jewelry demo store to explain this feature even better:

Example of the new lookbook feature

You might see the "tags" already, if not, I'm talking about these white dots.

If a visitor moves their mouse (or taps it), it will show the product:

Example of the lookbook feature where it shows a product

This way, you can create an image and let your visitors know which products are displayed.

In the demo store, the Booster Theme used this lookbook feature on its homepage.

2. Currency converter

This is a must-have if you plan on selling in multiple countries.

Currency converter option in the Booster Theme

I talked about this before on why it's great to have on your Shopify store:

Selling in multiple countries means having visitors that are used to different currencies.

You don’t want to lose these potential new customers, right?

Well… what do you think happens if they go off your site and try to calculate the price in their home currency?

Yes, indeed, there is a high chance that they may never return.

Maybe they got distracted, or maybe they can’t find your store anymore.

There are a lot of things that could happen when you let your visitors calculate the prices in their home currency by themself.

So, what can you do?

You need to have a currency converter in your store. This way, the price of the products will automatically be displayed in the local currency of the visitor!

You can find the rest of the article here

The amazing thing is that a currency converter is added by the Booster Theme!

You simply go to Theme Settings -> Internationalization

And then you get this set up menu:

Also, this is how it looks like when you want to change the currency in your own Shopify store:

Looks clean, right?

My opinion:
Personally, I like the design of the currency converter. Not all currency converters look this great and clean!

3. Their cart page

Look how awesome and clean their cart page is.

Here are some things to look at on the cart page:

  • "Savings." I love this! People know now that they saved money. Who doesn't like saving money on their purchase?
  • The clean colors. I love the design colors like this, but if you don't like it or if it doesn't match your store colors, you can always change them in the color section of the theme settings!
  • Currency conversion note. If you've got the currency converter enabled (from above), then a note like this is a great way to let people know that the checkout currency will be different.

The great thing is that you don't have to send your customers to the cart page if you don't want that, you can also skip it and let them go to the checkout page directly:

4. Sales Notifications

A great way to boost the trust of your visitors is to have sales notifications popping up.

These notifications have information about past sales on them.

The theory behind these apps is that your visitors will have more trust in your store if they see that other people are purchasing your products.

Some apps even allow you to have “fake past orders.” This way, you can still use the app even if you haven't had any sales yet.

Although, before you decide to use sales notifications, you need to decide if you like it or not. Some people find it quite annoying when stuff keeps popping up on their screen.

You can find the rest of the article here

The great thing about the Booster Theme is that they have included sales notifications for you already.

No need to use a different Shopify app to get this feature on your Shopify store!

As you can see in my screenshot below, you can easily enable or disable the sales notifications:

And that's not all; you can change a lot there!

From the sales notification frequency to what message is showing. Here's an example of how a notification like this will look in your store:

The great thing is that you can design the notification as you'd like:

5. Countdown timer

Countdown timers!

There is a high chance you already know what a countdown timer is and why some stores use them to increase their conversion rates.

But if you're not familiar with this, then read on below!

If you want to create a sense of urgency for your visitors, then having a countdown timer on your product description is great.

There is nothing that kills ecommerce conversion rates faster than customer hesitation. Anytime a customer thinks “maybe later,” you open the window to a sale-killing distraction -- an offer from a competitor, a phone notification, or even a change of heart.

There is one way to get shoppers to take action immediately: urgency.

Core dna

The Booster Theme included a countdown timer as one of its many features!

Just go to Theme Settings -> Countdown timer [APP]

And then scroll down until you see the settings regarding the countdown timer. Don't forget then to add it to your product page by pressing 'Add content'. (See image below)

After you've correctly set everything how you would like (how long the timer runs, and so on), you will get this on your product page:

Looks clean and not spammy, right?

The great thing is that you can move the timer anywhere you like. Do you want it before your Add to Cart button? No worries:

Side note: You can even remove the text below the countdown timer!

6. Increasing your Average Order Value

With the Booster Theme, you will have a lot of options to increase your Average Order Value (AOV)!

If you don't know what AOV means, here is a simple explanation from Omniconvert:

The average order value is, in fact, the average value of the amount spent by customers on each transaction. We calculate it simple: the total income over a period of time or during the activity, divided by the number of orders. Thus, we obtain the average order value.

Total income / no. of orders = the average order value.

For example, if your online store generated $1,000 in August, and there were 23 orders placed, the average order value is $1,000/23 = $43.47.

From Omniconvert

The first option is to offer a product bundle on your product page:

You can fully customize what product you would like to include in the bundle:

The second option is to show more products to your store visitors, for example, by showing related products:

And the third option to increase the average order value of your Shopify store with the Booster Theme is to use their 'After adding to cart' upsell:

You can find this option by going to the Theme settings inside the Booster Theme -> Cart & Add to cart.

Just don't forget to add products to this 'upsell collection', and then it will pop up whenever someone adds a product to their cart.

If you want to learn more regarding upselling, you can read 15 Upselling Tips & Examples Proven to Boost Average Order Value by OptinMonster!

7. Free Plus Shipping

If you're currently running Free Plus Shipping offers on your Shopify store, then this feature is great for you:

Free plus shipping option in the Booster Theme

It will automatically detect products in your store that are free (Free Plus Shipping products).

​And you can 100% customize the cart button.

This way you can put the call to action that you want (as you can see in the image above).

8. Easily adjust everything on your product page

If you've got the Booster Theme, you can easily adjust everything on your product page.

You're in charge of what is displayed!

Here are all the things that you can edit on your product page:

The great thing is that most of the options in the Booster Theme are 'blocks', which means that you can drag them to wherever you want. For example, if you want the product price above the title:

You can even edit the badges at the bottom:

These are a lot of options for the product page, right?

9. More features

The Booster Theme definitely has a lot of features, and if I'm going to cover them all here, it will be a long read for you!

I suggest you check out their website here.

This way you can see all their features!

How much do you save if you purchase the Booster Theme instead of separate Shopify apps?

You can save around $3300 in yearly Shopify app fees if you decide you want all these features without purchasing the Booster Theme!

Saved monthly fees with the Booster Theme

My opinion:
The savings are awesome, of course, but if you don't need any of these features yet, then don't purchase the theme just because they say it will save you $3300! You won't save $3300 if you would have never purchased these Shopify apps anyway, right?

Does the Booster Theme have any demo stores?


I'll show you four of them below, but they display a few more on their homepage here.

This is a great way to check out the theme yourself and see if you like the design and layout of the theme.

Go through these demo stores and get a real "feel" of what the theme is like!

You can find the first demo store here.

You can find the second demo store here.

And you can find the third demo store here.

And you can find the last demo store here!

The designs look awesome, right?

But do you know the most awesome thing about these demo stores?

You can import them to your own store to get a head start! (More about that below)

Booster Theme review: Common questions people have about this theme

Let's continue this Booster Theme review with some of the most common questions people have before they purchase this Shopify theme:

1. Who are the creators of the Booster Theme?

The creators of the Booster Theme are Mark L. & Justin B.

If you're interested in their back story, I've found a great piece on their website.

You can also read there how big the company is and how many Shopify stores are currently running on the Booster Theme!

This is what I found on their website:

We are not different than you, we work hard everyday to make Booster the company it is today. We started small having no employees, doing everything by ourselves. Today, Booster is having more than 19 employees working to improve one theme.

We updated our theme more than 57 times in total adding new features every time. We’re not shy about it, we had lots of ups and downs, but we never gave up.

Today Booster is having more than 6700 Shopify store using its theme everyday without even being in the Shopify Theme store. Our users knows how much we work hard to make this theme the best and how important they are for us. Thanks for choosing our theme!

From Mark L. & Justin B

2. What is the latest version of the Booster Theme? Is it updated frequently?

As you read above, the theme is definitely updated a lot!

Also, great news if you want to buy the Booster Theme, they've just launched version 6.0.

For example, do you remember the demo stores from the beginning of the review?

Well, you can easily import these when you download the Booster Theme to get a head start:

If you're interested in reading what is new in 6.0, then I suggest clicking here to read all their new features!

4. Is the Booster Theme in my language?

The Booster Theme is currently available in 10 different languages and is ready to be translated into any other:

The great thing is that it will also help to translate your store to the language of your shoppers!

5. Is the price of the Booster Theme a one-time fee? Are there monthly fees?

Yes and no!

Let me explain.

First of all, there are no monthly fees with the Booster Theme.

But with each license, you will only get one year of free support. If you're interested in a longer support period, you will have to extend it.

However, you can still keep updating the theme forever! (So no need to pay any yearly fees if you don't want to have their support after that first year)

You will find more information about the pricing below since they also have a yearly option now!

6. How is the support for the Booster Theme?

This is what they say themselves about their support team:

Booster theme is hiring qualified and college educated people in more than 11 countries including USA, Ukraine, Finland, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Canada.

Our team is available 7/7 to help you with your Booster products. Send us a support request and we'll respond by the next business day.

One thing to note about this is that since they updated their theme to the latest version (6.0), their support is a lot slower than before.

Luckily, as you will see below, they offer a 14-day refund period, so if you're not satisfied by their support team by that time (hopefully they will fix it soon), then don't forget to ask for a refund!

7. Can you get a refund with the Booster Theme?

This is a good one! At first, they didn't allow any refunds:

Since Booster Theme is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent.

As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site.

But they changed it a bit; now you can get a full refund within 14 days:

Booster theme comes with a 14 days guarantee. If you don't like our product, just contact our support team and they'll issue you a refund.

8. Can you get the Booster Theme for free?

No, and yes.

I read that there are versions on the internet of the first version (1.0) of the Booster Theme.

That's why they added a license key verification after that.

But I don't suggest you download anything online if you're not 100% sure about what everything is.

People can hide nasty malware in these free files, and you will probably notice it too late!

If you want to read more about this subject, then I suggest going to this Quora question.

Booster Theme review: Discount code

Are you looking for a Booster Theme discount code?


The Booster Theme will give you a $20 discount if you use the discount code: DoDropshipping20

Now the Booster Theme is only $379! (Plus, it also works for the yearly subscription plan; for the first year)

How awesome is that?

Booster Theme review: Pricing

The current price of the Booster Theme is $399 for a lifetime license (this includes lifetime updates and one year of support) - or you can pick their $249 per year plan:

Booster theme pricing plans
Note: Don't forget to use our discount code!

For the lifetime license, if you're interested, you can extend the support period for $99 per year, but no worries if not; you can still update the theme nonetheless!

3 Booster Theme alternatives

As you know, most people have different budgets, stores, and needs, so if you think that the Booster Theme doesn't fit with you right now, don't worry!

If you're not convinced about the Booster Theme, here are three alternatives that you should definitely check out:

1. Debutify

Debutify Shopify theme homepage

Debutify is another Shopify theme designed to boost your conversions and sales.

One notable difference between the Booster Theme is their pricing. Booster Theme offers yearly plans starting from $249, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Sure, Debutify is more affordable if you go with one of their more affordable plans, but you'll be missing out on some of the essential features.

If you struggle to pick, we have also created a comprehensive article on the Debutify Theme.

2. Shoptimized

Home page of Shoptimized theme

Shoptimized is a theme that's been designed with one purpose: to help you make more sales by cutting out all the unnecessary and keeping what's essential for conversions.

Like Booster Theme, Shoptimized offers yearly and lifetime plans starting from $199 per year.

Right now, they are offering +30 Built-in conversion boosting apps worth over $2000 per year, in their opinion.

The apps are similar to Debutify, but one thing Shoptimized stands out on is their English-speaking support, which is available 7-days a week.

Shoptimized has been around for a while, and they are one of the most popular themes on Shopify.

3. Ecom Solid

Home page of Ecom Solid

Like other options on this list, Ecom Solid provides a clean and minimal design that is a good option for Shopify store owners. It is another theme that is designed to raise your conversions.

The theme comes with an intuitive visual editor, mobile-responsive pages, fast loading speed, and sales boosters such as a countdown timer.

Compared to the Booster Theme, Ecomsolid comes as a more affordable solution as their prices range from $0 to $39 per month.

However, in terms of features, it lacks the depth that the Booster Theme offers.

I would call Ecom Solid a good budget version of the Booster Theme. For those who can't handle that much monthly investment, it's a great option.

Final verdict

There you have it, the complete Booster Theme review in 2024!

I personally think this theme looks great, and it's definitely a great buy if you currently pay for Shopify apps that contain features of the Booster Theme!

You won't need these Shopify apps anymore after purchasing this theme.

The only negative thing is that this theme is not something for people that have a tight budget.

If your budget is tight, I suggest you stick with a free Shopify theme at the beginning until your budget grows a bit more!

I hope the section with all the features was helpful for you in making the decision on if you want to purchase this Shopify theme.

If you're 100% sure now that you want the Booster Theme for your store, then you can click here!

Don't forget to use the discount code DoDropshipping20 to get a $20 discount!

If you're not sure yet what premium Shopify theme you want to purchase, take a look at my list of the best Shopify dropshipping themes here. That will give you some more inspiration for sure!

Or you can check out these eight tips here to find the best Shopify theme for your online business.

If you have any questions regarding this theme or about dropshipping in general, let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top.

Good luck with your store, and keep pushing through the hard days!

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      Hi Esteban,

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      Good luck with everything!
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      Thank you for your comment! As mentioned in the article, it’s best not to use these free versions (or versions that you receive from someone).

      You never know what they might add. Good luck with everything!
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