You've probably heard of Spocket.

It's one of those platforms that's making it easier for dropshippers to find local suppliers.

And the more you know about Spocket as a user, the better you can use it to its fullest potential.

So, today, we have a list of 19 Spocket statistics for you!

To find these statistics, on October 12, 2023, we crawled all 14,689 Shopify stores with the Spocket app installed and analyzed the data on their niche, installed apps, country, and much more!

Let's dive right in.

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6 Key Spocket Statistics in 2024 (Editor's Picks)

Here are the six most significant and exciting Spocket statistics!

Disclaimer: Due to minor imperfections of the crawling system, please know that we can't guarantee 100% accuracy of the data and, thus, the statistics we found. Nevertheless, we are confident that these statistics closely represent reality due to the large amount of data captured.

1. Spocket is installed on over 14,000 active Shopify stores.

Whoa, that's a hefty number, isn't it?

With over 14,000 Shopify stores using Spocket, it's clearly doing something right.

We guess it's the combination of a user-friendly interface, the range of products, and the quick delivery times.

If you doubt whether to install Spocket, this statistic can give you some food for thought!

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2. Spocket has over 4,400 reviews on the Shopify App Store, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0

Spocket Shopify app

When you're shopping online, don't you often find yourself scrolling down to see what other people are saying? Yep, me too!

Now, Spocket has received over 4,400 reviews on the Shopify App Store.

That's a ton of feedback.

And not just any feedback, but largely positive, with an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

But let's break this down a bit more.

During our research, we did take a closer look at these Spocket reviews and saw that some of them are fake.

In fact, four out of the ten featured reviews on the Spocket Shopify App page had a similar structure to these two:

Spocket fake review (1)
Spocket fake review (2)

The moral of the story: be mindful that reviews are not always based on real users or real experiences!

3. 33.5% of Shopify stores that use Spocket have also installed 17TRACK

17TRACK Shopify app

Just like some wines are best enjoyed with specific cheeses, certain apps complement each other perfectly.

It seems Spocket and 17TRACK are the wine and cheese pairing of the Shopify app world!

17TRACK is a mega-popular tracking app that allows store owners and customers to keep an eye on their packages:

17TRACK branded tracking page

If you order something, you want to know where it is, right? That's what 17TRACK will tell you.

Now, here's the statistic: 33.5% of Shopify stores that use Spocket also have 17TRACK installed.

That's more than a third!

In fact, this makes it the most popular co-installed Spocket app.

So, the next time you explore apps for your store, you might want to keep this popular duo in mind!

If you're interested in more popular co-installed apps, here is a chart:

Top 5 Apps installed by Spocket stores

4. In 2021, Spocket placed No. 14 among Canada’s top-growing companies

Spocket is among Canada's Top Growing Companies

In a 2021 Report on Business Ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by The Globe And Mail, Spocket claimed the number 14 spot.

They showed a three-year growth of 3154%!

This kind of exponential growth shows Spocket's innovation and ability to understand the market needs!

5. On average, the delivery time on Spocket is around seven days

Spocket processing and shipping time

Let's discuss something every online shopper (and seller!) deeply cares about: delivery times.

Have you ever been super excited about a purchase, only to find out it'll take what feels like years to reach you?

Yup, we've all been there.

Long delivery times can be a real excitement killer.

But here's the good news for anyone using Spocket: On average, the delivery time is just around seven days.

It's not 'next-day delivery' fast, but it's also not 'wait for a month' slow.

However, compared to most dropshippers who use a Chinese supplier and have delivery times between 12-60 days, you can consider Spocket's delivery time fast!

Ultimately, faster delivery can lead to better reviews, repeat business, and positive word of mouth.

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6. Spocket offers around 900,000 different products from all its suppliers

If you add up every product from all of Spocket's suppliers, you end up with a staggering 900,000 different products.

Spocket number of active products from all suppliers

That's like walking into a gigantic mall!

This is why Spocket is called a general dropshipping supplier.

They have lots of products to choose from in basically any niche:

Spocket niches

13 More Spocket statistics

Did you know that Impulse is the most common premium theme for Shopify stores using Spocket?

Or that 33.5% of Shopify stores that use Spocket are in the apparel niche?

If you find these stats interesting, read on!

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7. The Spocket Shopify app was launched on March 8, 2017

Spocket date of Shopify app launch

You've read it: March 8, 2017, is the birthday of the Spocket Shopify app!

In the tech industry, where apps come and go like fashion trends, Spocket’s journey from 2017 to today is quite impressive.

Think about it: since its birth, the app has witnessed various ecommerce waves, and, as we've seen from the previous statistics, it hasn't just survived; it has thrived!

8. Around 0.65% of all Shopify stores have installed Spocket

Let's play with numbers for a moment.

At a quick glance, 0.65% might seem like a small slice of the pie.

But considering there are over 2.6 million active Shopify stores, this modest percentage transforms into a significant number!

That 0.65% signifies a group of Shopify store owners who've done their research, weighed their options, and decided that Spocket is the way to go!

9. In the last 90 days, the number of Shopify stores that have installed Spocket has grown by 769

Over just a short span of 90 days (that’s three months, by the way), 769 new Shopify stores have installed Spocket.

Now, you might be wondering, 'Is that a lot?'

Well, this represents a growth of 5.4% of the total number of stores using Spocket.

A 5.4% growth in the last three months.

Considering how popular the Spocket app is, I think the people working at Spocket will be very happy with that number!

10. 80% of Spocket's suppliers are based in the US or Europe

80% of Spocket suppliers are based in the US or Europe

Did you know that 80% of Spocket's suppliers are based in the US or Europe?

And that's not just a fun stat - it's a strategic advantage!

With dropshipping, the location of your supplier is crucial.

It's not just about having a winning product; it's about quickly getting that product to the customer.

With most suppliers based in the US and Europe, Spocket offers that delivery time advantage that many dropshippers lack.

Think about it: your customers will no longer have nerve-wracking long waits, and you won't have to worry about overseas shipments or timezone mismatches when you need to chat with a supplier.

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11. 33.5% of Shopify stores that use Spocket are in the apparel niche, followed by beauty & fitness (17.7%) and home & garden (16.5%)

Top 5 niches of Spocket stores

When looking at the distribution of niches of Spocket stores, we find that a significant 33.5% of Shopify stores using Spocket are selling apparel.

That's right! Once again, it shows that apparel is the most common dropshipping niche.

Next up, we've got the beauty & fitness stores, representing a strong 17.7%.

If you've been anywhere near social media, you'd know that beauty tutorials, skincare regimes, and home workouts are incredibly popular.

And who can forget the home & garden niche, with 16.5% of Spocket stores making homes better with their products?

12. 76.8% of Shopify stores that use Spocket are based in the US, followed by Canada (5.7%) and the UK (5.5%)

Top 5 countries of Spocket stores

An astounding 76.8% of Shopify stores using Spocket are based in the US!

With Spocket's strong supplier network in the region (remember that 80% supplier stat?), it's no wonder that so many American Shopify stores use the platform.

Canada takes the second spot, accounting for 5.7% of Spocket stores. And the UK takes the third spot, representing 5.5% of the pie.

13. Most Spocket users (24.6%) sell between 25 and 49 products

Distribution of number of products sold on Spocket stores

If you've ever wondered how many products you should offer on your dropshipping store, Spocket's users might have a hint for you.

24.6% of Spocket users have 25 to 49 products on their online stores.

Now, that's an interesting sweet spot, isn't it?

Most likely, offering 25 to 49 products strikes a balance.

It's not overwhelming for the visitors, yet it provides enough variety for different preferences.

14. Spocket is the 4th most popular Shopify dropshipping app

Top 4 most popular dropshipping apps by install count

Between the many dropshipping apps, Spocket takes 4th place in the 'Most installed' category!

But which apps is it competing against?

DSers takes the top spot; it's a favorite for many and known for its AliExpress integration:

DSers Shopify app

Next up is CJdropshipping, which offers global suppliers and a tremendous product catalog.

In third place is Zendrop, which offers a streamlined dropshipping experience focusing on fast shipping.

Now, you might wonder, 'If Spocket is so great, why is it fourth?'

Well, first of all, the competition is fierce! If you look at the names on this list, being among the top four is a great achievement.

Plus, with its emphasis on US and European suppliers, Spocket may be a bit more 'niche' than some of its competitors.

And let's not forget the disadvantages of using Spocket compared to Chinese-supplier-based apps like DSers or CJdropshipping.

Generally, the product prices on Spocket are higher, and the number of products to choose from is lower!

That's the price you pay for using local dropshipping suppliers.

15. Spocket is the 113th most popular Shopify app

When looking at the bigger picture, Spocket is currently the 113th most popular Shopify app.

Considering there are over 8,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, this is also a big achievement!

With its position, Spocket's popularity is similar to the Gelato Print on Demand and Gorgias Helpdesk apps.

Gelato Shopify app

16. The typical response time from Spocket's support team is three minutes

Let's face it: even the best tools can leave you needing a bit of a hand-holding every now and then.

And when that happens, the time it takes to get a response can feel like an eternity.

Well, according to Spocket, their support team is available 24/7 and typically replies in under three minutes!

Of course, we decided to take that claim to the test ourselves.

Unfortunately, at 11:12 am, all of Spocket's agents were engaged:

Spocket live chat first outreach

After waiting for 32 minutes, we finally got a reply:

Spocket live chat reply

Now, that's 32 minutes, not three.

So, during the day, we opened a new live chat three more times, and luckily, someone replied within three minutes every single time!

Spocket live chat fast reply example

All in all, we do believe that you will typically receive a reply within three minutes, but be aware that it can also take longer if there's a lot of demand!

17. On average, a Spocket Shopify store receives around 2,330 estimated monthly visits

Diving into the metrics, let's talk about traffic.

After all, you might have the most amazing products, a sleek design, and offer lots of value. But if no one's visiting your online store, it's all a bit for nothing.

On average, Shopify stores that have installed Spocket have 2,330 estimated visits each month.

That's roughly 77 visitors per day.

Now, while 2,330 might not be in the 'going viral' territory, it's a solid, steady, and impactful number, especially for beginning stores.

18. Spocket users typically install an average of around five apps on their Shopify stores

Distribution of number of apps installed on Spocket stores

From inventory management and customer reviews to marketing and payment gateways, installing several apps can allow you to create a complete ecommerce store.

Whether it's a chatbot answering questions in real time, a review plugin showcasing genuine customer feedback, or an analytics tool helping understand user behavior, these apps are all about improving the shopping experience!

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19. Dawn (2,667 stores), Sense (1,171 stores), and Refresh (983 stores) are the most popular themes used by Spocket stores

Dawn Shopify Theme

When it comes to Shopify stores using Spocket, there's a distinct pattern regarding their theme choices.

The top three themes used by Spocket Shopify stores are:

  • Dawn: Used by 2,667 stores.
  • Sense: Used by 1,171 stores.
  • Refresh: Used by 983 stores.

Now, while these themes have their value, when we look into the paid themes, Impulse is the clear winner.

With 343 stores putting their trust (and cash) into it, Impulse is the most popular paid theme among Spocket users.

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Before we go to the conclusion, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Spocket is a platform that connects dropshippers to suppliers.
  • All of Spocket's suppliers offer a vast range of 900,000 products.
  • Over 14,000 Shopify store owners have installed Spocket.
  • The app has 4,400 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 on the Shopify App Store.
  • On average, Spocket delivers in about seven days.
  • 80% of Spocket's suppliers are from the US or Europe.
  • Popular niches for Spocket users are apparel, beauty & fitness, and home & garden.
  • It ranks 4th among Shopify's dropshipping apps and 113th overall in popularity.
  • Spocket's support team impresses with a 3-minute average response time.


Whew! Those were quite a bunch of Spocket stats, right?

In fact, they're more than just numbers. They can help you make better decisions!

For instance, consider the stat that, on average, Spocket deliveries happen in about seven days.

If you're a Shopify dropshipping store owner, this could mean fewer 'Where's my order?' emails to handle.

Quicker deliveries can lead to happier customers, and happy customers often mean repeat business and good reviews!

So, use these insights to your advantage. Best of luck!

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