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Hi! My name is Jana, and I've been a student of copywriting for a few years now. I became interested in Dropshipping this year but quickly realized there was so much to learn before opening my own store. After subscribing to Richard's informative newsletter, I was soon given this awesome opportunity to copywrite for Do Dropshipping. Now, I can learn a lot about dropshipping, AND help others learn too!

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  1. Jane Gates Reply

    Yeah! Shopify is so on trend and integrates with so many ecommerce platforms. Its just cool

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      Jana Reply

      Hi Jane,

      So happy to hear you’re loving Shopify. We think it’s a winner too.

      Cheers to your dropshipping success!

  2. Hi, very interesting article! I was looking for the source of the most popular features of website & ecommerce but I cant find it anywhere on getapp’s website. Could you provide a link?

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