Do you want some inspiration for your product descriptions? Do you want to bring your dropshipping store to the next level in 2021? Then this will be a great start to that! Below you will find 8 awesome product description examples. These will surely give you a lot of inspiration!

Why Is Looking at Dropshipping Product Description Examples Important?

Looking at Dropshipping product description examples is awesome for inspiration!

One word? Inspiration!

You have probably read my other article with a list of the most awesome Shopify Dropshipping store examples, but if you haven’t yet then click here to read it now (or later).

Like I said in the other article, looking at examples is great if you’re just beginning with dropshipping and you have no idea how something is supposed to look like.

You can definitely learn a lot from other dropshipping stores out there!

So, Let’s Begin with the List of 8 Awesome Dropshipping Product Description Examples

Are you ready to get some inspiration?

Well, I know I am!

Below you will find a whole list of product description examples, but don’t worry, I won’t just post a few links to some product descriptions and call it a day!

With each product description example, I will:

  • Post a screenshot of the product description.
  • Link to that product page. This way you can view their whole product page! This will definitely give you more inspiration.
  • Tell you what is great about that product description.
  • Tell you if I would change anything about that product description.

I will also put the link to their home page as the title! This way you can easily get even more inspiration for your own dropshipping store.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to match your product description as I said in each “Good things about this product description” part.

Everyone has their own taste and preferences. I just hope to open your eyes so you can see that there is so much possible with your product descriptions. Instead of just copying the descriptions from your supplier(s).

Also, I picked these dropshipping stores not because they are getting the most sales or traffic (you can see my top dropshipping store examples article for these stores), but because they look good or look different than the rest out there, and they will surely give you some inspiration for your own product descriptions. These are dropshipping stores that everybody can make!

Oh yeah, you might also get some dropshipping product ideas as well, excited?

Let’s go!

1. Deal Snatcher Co

product description example from dropshipping store: Deal Snatcher Co

The first product description example is from Deal Snatcher Co, who’s Shopify store is currently offline.

What is good about this product description example?

  • GIF. You can’t see it in the screenshot, obviously, but that image at the end is a GIF. They show in a few steps what the product does and how it works.
  • Emoji! You either hate this or like this, but most important you can test if your target audience likes it. You can see that this product description looks so different in comparison to if they didn’t have any emojis.
  • Making the most important words stand out. They do it by making these words bold. Do you see how easy it is to read the text?
  • Bullet point list with the most important features of that product. You can see it clearly, right?

Can they change anything?

  • Personally, I would never add two “Guaranteed Safe Checkout” images.
  • About the last part of their product description. I’m not saying it’s bad to have this in your product description, but know that a lot of dropshipping stores have this.
  • One last thing. This doesn’t really have to do with their product description, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. Personally, I don’t like this popping up on the product page. You can see it if you go to their product page:

2. SpartanMart

product description example from dropshipping store: SpartanMart

I have covered the faces in the screenshot just in case they just copied these images without permission. Click here to view the product page.

What is good about this product description example?

  • Looks different. This product description definitely looks different to the descriptions that you’re used to with dropshipping stores, right?
  • Add To Cart button at the end. This might not be great for you if you have a small description, but if you’ve got a description like this (which almost looks like a sales landing page), then it could work great. Or you could use a floating Add To Cart button that appears on the bottom of the screen.

Can they change anything?

  • Copyright. I don’t know if they have the permission or just copied the images (that’s why I covered their faces), but always make sure that you have the permission from someone if you want to use their picture.
  • Their precaution section. For me, it’s a bit unclear, and it doesn’t read that well. Definitely, because it’s after a big image. The first thing you notice after the image is the bullet points, right?

3. Asy Trends

product description example from dropshipping store: Asy Trends

Click here to view the product page.

What is good about this product description example?

  • Enticing title at the beginning. Doesn’t that look good?
  • Video. Just like above with the GIF, it’s awesome to have something in the product description that shows why your product is so great or how the product works. Or both of course.
  • Cautions. Their cautions section is definitely a lot easier to see than the previous one.

Can they change anything?

  • For me, it looks good, but as I said above, try to be a bit more original. A lot of dropshipping stores have the “Due to high demand for this product, please allow (insert shipping time)” in their product description.

4. Deals Weel

product description example from dropshipping store: Deals Weels

Update (02-07): Deals Weel is currently offline. I will keep it on the list for now, but I will replace it with another example if it doesn’t come back online soon.

The text might be a bit unclear; I suggest going to their product page by clicking here to read it clearly!

What is good about this product description example?

  • They’ve got a video and a GIF. Not sure if it works if you’ve got both, but do check it out.
  • Easily readable. The text of their product description is easily readable due to their titles, bold words and bullet points.

Can they change anything?

  • They’ve got a lot of images in their product description. I couldn’t even include it all in my screenshot (otherwise it would be even taller). Personally, I think that so many images in a row are a bit overkill.
  • Also, bit weird that their two titles (Specifications and Package Option) look different. I guess one is bold and the other one isn’t.

5. Deal59

product description example from dropshipping store: Deal59

I covered the faces again for the same reason as above. You can view the full description on their product page of course. Click here to view the product page.

What is good about this product description example?

  • Definitely looks different and better than the descriptions of most dropshipping stores. Again, it’s like a wholesales landing page, complete with images and “What other customers are saying.”
  • They added a GIF and easy to understand images. Looks good, right?
  • First sentence hook. Look at their first sentence, above the GIF, doesn’t that entice you to continue reading their product description?

Can they change anything?

  • The only thing that looks a bit weird for me is the part with all the details of the product. It’s a bit hard to read for me because so many words are in bold there.
  • Again, two “Guaranteed Safe Checkout” badges. As you can see, it’s a choice you need to make for yourself.

6. Flavourr

product description example from dropshipping store: Flauvourr

The product description is so much larger, but these were mainly some images from customers and what phones the product is compatible with. Click here to view their full product page.

What is good about this product description example?

Can they change anything?

  • Personally, I don’t like the long list of different Apple and Samsung phones in their product description. Apparently, they’ve made it shorter already (they are linking to a different page at the end to view all the phone models it’s compatible with), but yeah, as you can read here, I don’t suggest dropshipping electronic products.
  • Their pictures from their happy customers. I would only add them in the product description if it’s clear that they are from a customer (like if they are holding the product, or if they made a video while using the product). Otherwise, it might be a bit too much if you have picture reviews as well.

7. Deal Marina

product description example from dropshipping store: Deal Marina

The two images in the screenshot are GIFs! You can view the product page here.

What is good about this product description example?

  • Look at the first three sentences at the top. I don’t know if it works, but this makes the description looks different than the other ones, right?
  • GIFs. It’s not visible in the screenshot of course. So check them out by going to their product page (link under the image). These GIFs look good and are easy to understand.
  • Easily readable. Just like the descriptions above, you can easily read this description!

Can they change anything?

The only thing that I can find now that I would change is that their bullet point list with features is a bit harder to read than the rest, but that could just be me!

8. Elite Fitness Essentials

product description example from dropshipping store: Elite Fitness Essentials

This isn’t their full product description. They also have a section about the product specifications and a notice regarding their shipping time. I suggest checking out their full product page by clicking here!

What is good about this product description example?

  • Clear images. Do you see that you don’t need videos or GIFs in your product description to make it easily understandable of what your product does? Yes, some words are not that easy to read, for example, in the first image because the color of the text is so close to the background color.
  • Awesome that they have a heading with “Why choose this fitness tracker?” They explain to their customer why they need to choose their fitness tracker, and it’s easy to read as well with the first important words in bold. Although, I would put it earlier in the product description.

Can they change anything?

As I said above. The images are clear, but the words are a bit hard to read. So a tip for you: make awesome images like this, but also look see if your text is still readable!

And personally, I don’t like the heading at the top with “About the product.” They do have a hook in the first sentence, so that’s great.

If you’re not sure what a hook is, it’s a term used a lot in marketing, copywriting and even English classes to describe the words you use to communicate your big idea or your offer in a way that “hooks” people’s attention. Your hook is what gets people interested in what you have to say or what you have to offer.

Source: Firecracker Communications

For example, you’re selling something like a clothing box. Your hook could be: “Don’t you hate it when all your clothing is everywhere, except where you expect it to be? Well…” and then you can start your description! No need to place the dots there of course.

Also, if you take a look at the screenshot I took from their product description, it looks a bit boring. Everything has got almost the same colors, even the images.

How do I Find More Dropshipping Product Description Examples?

If you’re now thinking something like, “Alright… 8 examples, nice! But that’s definitely not enough for me,” then don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with two great tips to find even more examples.

1. Checking competitors with the same product

One of the ways to check other stores that are selling the same product

A great way to get inspiration for the product description you want to write for a new or existing product is to check other stores selling that same product.

You can find more information about how to do this in my other article about how to write your own product descriptions.

2. Finding other Dropshipping Stores

How to Find Other Dropshipping Stores in 2021? 5 Amazing Tips!

This one is obvious. To find more product description examples, you need to find more dropshipping stores!

Click here to see my tips on how to find more dropshipping store examples.

I used the first tip from the article above to find all these Shopify dropshipping stores! Awesome, right?

Other Examples for Your Dropshipping Store

Do you want more examples for your dropshipping store?

Then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some awesome example articles!

Awesome, right?

And even more dropshipping example articles are on the way.

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Dropshipping Product Description Examples: Conclusion

So, there you have it! 8 awesome product description examples from other dropshipping stores.

Are you ready now to write your own product descriptions?

If so, check out my other article about how to write awesome product descriptions for your dropshipping store that sell!

Plus, I suggest reading this article here that teaches you everything about copywriting, which is very important when you want to write convincing product descriptions.

If you have any questions about this article or about dropshipping in general, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Good luck with your dropshipping store, and don’t forget that success doesn’t come overnight!


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