Are you starting a print on demand business in the US?

Then let's look at the best US suppliers you should be working with within this article!

All suppliers listed here operate and store inventory in the US. Some even have storage in other countries, but we'll focus on the ones that provide the best for US print on demand companies.

Are you excited to see what they are? Let's read on!

The best US print on demand suppliers: An overview

Before we get into the details of all the US suppliers, here's a general overview that will be covered.

SupplierPricingRead Review
Printful$0 / $24.99 per monthPrintful Review
CustomCat$0/ $30 per monthCustomCat Review
Printify$0 / $29 per monthPrintify Review
Gelato$0 / $24 / $119 per monthGelato Review
Scalable PressFreeScalable Press (Shirts) Review
IconEcomFreeIconEcom Review
Viralstyle Fulfillment$9 per monthViralstyle Fulfilment Review
ShineOnFreeShineOn Review
Spring FreeSpring (formally Teespring) Review
MoteefeFreeMoteefe Review
Sellfy $0 / $19/ $49/ $99 per month Sellfy Review
Cafe Press$0 / $7 / $18/ $35 / $60 per monthCafe Press Review
PrintBest FreePrintBest Review

The best print on demand suppliers in the US

Are you ready to learn more about the suppliers from the overview?

We have created a list of criteria for these US suppliers, such as:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Pricing
  • Product catalog
  • Customer service
  • Order processing time

To give you that extra value to make the best-informed decisions, this article will include the following:

  • A link to their website. You will be able to either click on the title or on the screenshot of their homepage to check out their website.
  • Shortly introduce the supplier. Learn about the supplier and its unique features.
  • Give you the pros & cons. This will help you make an educated decision about which supplier to pick.
  • Tell you how to connect this supplier to your store. We can guide you in the right direction to integrate the supplier’s products with your store.
  • Tell you about their pricing plans. So you will know what to expect when you’re going to work with them.

Let's start with the first US POD supplier!

1. Printful Review

printful homepage

Printful is one of the most popular print on demand suppliers and is based in the US.

They offer a way of embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, sublimation, and more. They even allow custom branding with stickers and personal notes in every order shipped.

Their mock-up generator and integrations for the most used ecommerce platforms make it a welcoming supplier that can work with most pod stores.


  • No outsourcing. Everything you experience with Printful is in a whole house. Communication and product sourcing is efficient when all under the same management.
  • Quality. Since everything is made in-house at Printful, the quality of the products is reliable and well-made. One of the best product quality per dollar spent compared to the competition.
printful quality investment
Printful's quality page


  • Expensive. Printful is one of the more costly suppliers with a consistently high quality of products. It's a price you pay, but it's often worth it.
  • Has a cluttered user interface. With such a robust overhead on their website, it's often too much info to work with, and it can be challenging to navigate.
website interface from printful
Printful Dashboard

How do you connect Printful to your store?

Super easy! Printful is one of the most integrated POD suppliers and can be on a Shopify website within a few clicks.


Printful is generally free, but there are two paid monthly memberships available for extra perks:

Printful pricing

Printful's memberships are Printful Growth and Printful Business, and here is an overview of them:

Printful Membership pricing

Plus, there are a few paid (optional) add-ons:

  • Digitization. When it comes to embroidery, all files need to be digitized to a format the embroidery machines support. This is a one-time fee of between $2.95 and $6.50 for each new design, which depends on the design's type and placement.
  • Extra customization. Printful offers some extra customization options for your items, such as additional large prints ($5.95 per extra print), sleeve prints ($2.49 per short sleeve and $5.95 per long sleeve), and inside and outside apparel labels ($2.49 per label).
  • Premium Images. Printful offers you the option to customize your products with premium photos. Premium Images for your designs cost $1 plus tax per image and placement.

Pro tip: To make your clothing store stand out, you can also use an app like OnModel or Botika to turn the existing product photos into unique images using AI!

2. CustomCat Review

custom cat homepage

CustomCat is from the US and is known for its super speedy shipping times 2-3 days after an order.

They offer state-of-the-art printing with Digisoft, providing high-quality graphics and soft textures, unique 3D dye infusion, and sublimation.

You'll find about CustomCat's catalog that it's a considerable size and noticeably more significant than any other supplier!


  • Easy to use. It's a joy to sign up and connect your store ready to sell.
  • Super fast shipping. CustomCat is one of the quickest POD suppliers in the market. If speed is important to your business, then CustomCat is worth looking into.


  • There are only four ecommerce platforms. This means if you're not using the major ecommerce platforms, then CustomCat cant be used.
  • Only ships from the US. While this is great if your customers are only in the US, international orders will be slower than other suppliers. 

How do you connect CustomCat to your store?

custom cat integrations

CustomCat is on four ecommerce platforms: Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and Etsy.

The process is quite simple as you need to sign in to their website, connect it to your store, and fill it with your designed products.


CustomCat has two pricing plans:

  • The lite plan has no cost and is ready for everyone.
  • The CustomCat plan is $30/month. The biggest perk is a reduced order cost for all products! For example, a shirt can cost $9, but with this plan, it'll now cost $7.

3. Printify Review

Homepage of Printify
Printify homepage

Printify allows you to access the most print on demand suppliers globally. Because of this, you're allowed to source the best materials and products based on your budget, shipping speed, and quality.

Printify also has Premium and Enterprise plans with a massive discount for business.

Related article: Wondering what the difference is between Printify and Printful? Check out our in-depth comparison guide here!


  • Connections to various suppliers to source from a massive catalog of products. This means you'll have access to the most products available than any other POD supplier.
printify suppliers
Printify's supplier choices
  • Lower than average product costs. Printify has gotten itself into a favorable war on price with the competition. There's a lot to see and gain through many suppliers, and some are only found with Printify.


  • Spotty quality. Since there are so many suppliers to choose from with Printify, it's hard for them to test and verify that all suppliers' products are of good quality to sell. So your experience may be inconsistent.
  • Customer service is unreliable. Due to the number of suppliers to choose from and how Printify is a liaison, that means customer service will struggle to communicate with their customers.

How do you connect Printify to your store?

Printify allows the most prominent ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

They also offer connections with marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. 

printify integrations


printify pricing

Printify has a generous free tier that allows unlimited products in five active stores.

The premium tier expands the active stores to ten and offers a 20% discount on all products.

The most expensive tier, enterprise, allows everything previous and unlimited stores. They recommend this tier for owners generating over 10,000 orders a day.

4 Gelato Review

gelato homepage

Gelato is a massive US-based supplier that sources from over 100 print partners worldwide. 

There's something for creative audiences with an intensive library of embroidered hats, apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, baby bodysuit), framed posters, canvases, and phone cases.

The catch is the shipping fees can be relatively pricier than other suppliers, so it feels like you're paying for a premium.


  • Many integrations. It doesn't matter what platform you want to work with. Gelato can connect to all of them via their integration or API.
  • Fast shipping. Most of the reviews on Trustpilot mention that their shipping is fast!


  • Intense signup process. With Gelato, they want to know a lot about you before using them. It's uncertain why that is, but customers have been vocal about how Gelato should listen to their customers.
  • The shipping price is an extra fee. It may surprise some users that Gelato doesn't add pricing about shipping until the end of the checkout process. Seeing the price skyrocket from what was said beforehand can be pretty daunting.

How do you connect Gelato to your store?

gelato integrations

Gelato integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and direct API integration.


Gelato's pricing plans consist of three options. A free plan, a Gelato+ plan, and a Gold plan:

Gelato pricing plans

As you can see, the paid plans offer a discount on the items, so they will definitely be worth it if you sell many products!

Note: Interested in learning more about Gelato? Check out our in-depth review here!

5. Scalable Press Review (Shirts)

scalable press home page

Scalable Press is a new US-only POD company! Their pricing is competitive such as a Bella Canvas shirt starting at $9 with shipping.

The turnarounds can vary, and it is not always a reliable way of estimating the arrival to your customers.

Scalable Press's place in the competition is in bulk orders and more prominent brands than small independent brands.


  • Fast and reliable customer support. Their turnaround times on emails and phone calls have been fast, as reported by their customers.
  • The best price for bulk orders. As previously mentioned, their products can be very competitively priced in bulk orders.
scalable press shirts


  • Low print quality. Their use of DPI is 200, which is often not good enough for images to be as clear to the competition as they average 400PDI. 
  • Shipping times can vary. Scalable Press has the most complaints about their order arrival than the competition.
  • Only integrates with API and Direct orders. If you want the Scalable Press to work for your website automatically, you have to set up an API that will require JSON coding knowledge.
scalable api

How do you connect Scalable Press to your store?

As mentioned above, only via API. 


Scalable Press is free to use! No other tiers are available.

6. IconEcom Review

IconEcom owns and operates its facility in the US from Hannibal, Missouri.

Their product catalog is all the regular apparel you would expect, plus unique items like BBQ kits, wine glasses, cutting boards, Christmas stockings, wall art, and Bible covers.

What's unique about them is they offer a website service for you and manage it. Unlike other suppliers, IconEcom wants to be your solution for all things ecommerce.

While it has its benefit for someone who doesn't know or want to handle a website, there's not a lot of control over how they do it.

So it's a hands-off experience, but it's not the best experience if their service doesn't meet your standards.

IconEcom banner


  • Fast and reliable customer service. From the reviews of the Shopify app, a lot have praised their support team.
  • Wide variety of products. From the usual apparel and home goods products, you'll find a variety of cooking, pets, and drinkware. 
  • Offer website-unique services. So you don't have to manage the website at all.


  • The website services are one-size-fits-all. They also lack a custom feel.
  • The supplier's website navigation. It doesn't feel as easy as the competition. 

How do you connect EcomIcom to your store?

EcomIcom integrates with Etsy, Amazon, Shopify & WooCommerce!


EcomIcom is free to use! No other tiers are available.

7. Viralstyle Fulfillment Review

viralstyle homepage

Viralstyle is a US-only marketplace-style supplier. This means they sell your products on their website on an open marketplace you promote, and they handle the rest of the fulfillment and shipping.

This style isn't for everyone because it's challenging to build a brand from the ground up solely from a marketplace supplier. After all, it's challenging to scale past designs and repeat customers like you would with your website.

Viralstyle's product catalog contains essential items such as tees, hoodies, mugs, dog tag jewelry, and canvas wall art.

Viralstyle products
Viralstyle product page


  • Super fast to have products ready to sell. It takes minutes with no fuss.
  • It's great for those who already have a following or a brand. It allows for more ways to diversify your income without much effort.


  • Quality can be inconsistent. Based on people's reviews, their materials may not be what you like or have other technical issues.
  • Difficult to build a brand. You're at the mercy of these suppliers to care for everything, and you have little control from the start.

How do you connect Viralstyle to your store?

Viralstyle is only available for Shopify, so you're out of luck if you want to go with a different platform.

Their guide will help you set up through Shopify in no time!


Pricing of their app has a 14-day trial, then $9.99 per month.

8. ShineOn Review

ShineOn homepage

ShineOn owns its USA-based facilities that fulfill and ship from New Jersey and Florida.

ShineOn's products specialize in jewelry and accessories such as custom pendant bracelets, necklaces, watches, and other creative jewelry items. They now have metal wall art in their selections too.


  • The best selection in the jewelry and accessories market. It isn't easy to source these products, including metal plates.
  • Acceptable shipping rates and pricing. While it may not be the best overall for the competitors, it's impressive they can do 2 to 4 days for intricate details on jewelry in that timeframe.


  • ShineOn doesn't offer any other products besides jewelry and accessories. So you're out of luck with them if you want to expand outside of that niche.
  • Royalties fees. Unlike other custom products to sell from, there's an additional royalty fee to the artists that can eat up your profit margins!
  • Only available on the Shopify platform. If you want to use ShineOn anywhere, you cannot do so.
ShineOn products

How do you connect ShineOn to your store?

You can only connect via Shopify.


ShineOn is free to use! No other tiers are available.

9. Spring (Formerly Teespring) Review

teespring homepage

According to their website, Spring uses a variety of trusted vendors across the US. 

Not to be confused with their old name Teespring, they now offer way more than just T-shirts.

You can now enjoy a vast range of apparel, accessories, phone cases, drinkware, and home goods from their selection of products.

teespring products


  • Respectable product selection. While there's no 'wow factor' product line, you'll find what you often need here.
  • Fair pricing for their quality. While not the best deals out there, it's honest and suits many people's needs.


  • Lukewarm customer support. Based on others' experiences, their customer support can be greatly frustrating. It's quite a mixed bag depending on your needs.
  • Nothing special to stand out from the competition: While Spring has rebranded to do more than just T-shirts, they don't have a unique identity to stand out from other suppliers.

How do you connect Spring to your store?

Here's a handy guide on how Spring integrates on content creator platforms. There are also ways to have Spring on Shopify and Woocomerce through their apps.


Spring is free to use!

10. Moteefe Review

moteefe homepage

Moteefe has three facilities in the US with over 40 kinds of products, including T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags, blankets, wall art, and more.

Moteefe offers seller tiers: the more you sell, the higher the profit margins you have per product. This is an excellent way of incentivizing you to have a better profit margin than other suppliers.

Unlike usual POD suppliers, you create a website through them to host your product and make the transactions as a one-stop POD solution.

moteefe products


  • Seller tiers can allow a high-profit margin. Moteefe can have some of the highest profit margins available in the US if you can make sales.
  • They have everything you would expect from a POD supplier. While there are no special frills in their offering, it's acceptable.


  • Slow and confusing shipping times. From other people's experience, the shipping has been all over the place and frustrated many people.
  • The seller tiers are only good if you can make sales. Since they incentive sales to keep profit margins, they aren't great if you're starting or using this as a profitable hobby.

How do you connect Moteefe to your store?

None because you use their platform only.


There are no upfront fees, but if you want to use a custom URL, there's a cost of $10-$15 per year.

11. Sellfy Review

sellfy homepage

Sellfy is a complete front-end all-solutions platform based in the US. This means Sellfy is built to be the place for all your business needs right from their website!

They do it all for you, from website creation to product creation and shipping. You handle the upkeep and marketing of the business.

Tip: Second-guessing between Sellfy and CustomCat? Check out our in-depth comparison guide here!


  • Easy to use. Sellfy has a straightforward signup process and easy-to-navigate site use. It's a beautiful experience to do so much.
  • Built-in POD system. Unlike other suppliers, you can operate your business purely from Sellfy's website. This means you don't have to use other companies and software to run your business.
sellfy website


  • They have limited payment gateways. Currently, they only offer payments through PayPal and stripe. No other types available, like credit cards, are allowed.
  • No bulk discounts. If you want to buy a lot at once to save costs, Sellfy does not allow any value to encourage that. If you love to save a lot through bulk purchases, then Sellfy is not for you.

How do you connect Sellfy to your store?

None because you use their platform only.


sellfy pricing plans

Sellfy has four tiers:

  • Free - that allows up to ten products.
  • Starter $19/mo - unlimited products, custom domain, and subscription & digital products.
  • Business $49/mo - remove selfy branding, development upscaling.
  • Premium $99/mo - Full email support and customer service priority.

12. Cafe Press Review

cafe press homepage

Cafe Press is not a traditional US POD platform that integrates with your existing website.

Instead, Cafe Press hosts a store for you, so you don't have to worry about maintenance and upkeep to run your business.


  • A scaled royalty structure. While more covered in the pricing section further down, Cafe Press has a robust royalty system, unlike other POD suppliers. The more sales you get, the more you're rewarded.
  • Easy to use. The setup to upload designs on the platform is simple and easy to use. Since the entire storefront is from them, you don't have to do anything besides uploading and marketing the products.
Cafe Press product examples


  • Complaints about quality. The quality of the products seems to be inconsistent based on the reviews of current and past users.
  • Long lead times. The production time on the average product is slower than the average POD supplier (4-7 days).

How do you connect Cafe Press to your store?

Cafe Press does not have any ecommerce integrations. It's a standalone storefront platform.

If you want a POD supplier that integrates into your ecommerce store, you'll need to find a different supplier.


cafe press pricing

Cafe Press offers two pricing structures:

  • Option A has no upfront charges. With this choice, you'll get a royalty on anything you sell. CafePress will deduct 10%, up to $10 max.
  • Option B is a pre-pay and save. You can pay $6.95 for one month, $18.45 for a month, $34.95 for a month, or $59.95 for a year (carrying the all-out cost to $5/month).

    In return for these installments, you don't pay the 10%. This is the better choice for stores with high volumes.

13. GearLaunch Review

gearlaunch homepage

GearLaunch offers everything from services to product creation, packaging, and shipping.

The most notable advantage GearLaunch has is free 24/7 access to their customer support over email, chat, and phone, with a sizable product line to choose from.

What you'll be dealing with is only integration with the Shopify plugin. This means if you want to use another website provider, you won't be able to use Gearlaunch as a supplier. Bummer!

They're mainly located in the US, so people who wish to expand to other countries may find that limiting.

Pricing and shipping for all their products differ in volume sales. You may need to calculate which is best for your business.


  • A large number of products to choose from. They have all the most popular and more from the product page!
  • Easy to use interface. Using the straightforward simplicity of Shopify makes the setup and product fulfilling within minutes.
  • Fast Fulfillment. On their FAQ page, their fulfillment is under five days faster than average.


  • Shopify Plugin only. You're out of luck if you don't want to use Shopify.
  • Profit is based on sales volume. It's a more complicated way of determining profits than it should be compared to other US suppliers.
  • Limited support outside of the US. If you wish to expand to other countries, you may have outgrown what they offer.

How do you connect GearLaunch to your store?

gearlaunch product pricing
GearLaunch Products

You can connect GearLaunch to your store by installing their Shopify plugin and following the directions.


You can check out GearLaunch’s pricing page here.

14. PrintBest Review

best print homepage

PrintBest started as Sinalite in 1999 as a small print shop and, since 2020, has become a dropshipping supplier in the US for business owners alike!

They range from T-shirts, labels, drinkware, and other print products that can be integrated with Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

PrintBest strives for 1-2 day fulfillment to ensure your customers get their purchase within five business days. That's super fast!


  • Super speed. One of the fastest fulfillment rates at 1-2 days makes PrintBest a healthy option.
  • Most affordable prices on t-shirts. They have shirts as low as $8, and it's tough to go with anyone else if you want the maximum profit per sale.
  • Consistent quality. While not the highest print quality on the market, it's above average and reliable for its price.


  • Not an extensive catalog. If you're looking for specific household goods or various apparel choices, you may be disappointed in what PrintBest offers.
  • No branding options. The use of notes, logos, and other visual brandings on the package can make your brand feel cohesive for the entire experience. Unfortunately, PrintBest does not offer any of that like a lot of the competition does.

How do you connect PrintBest to your store?

best print integrations

PrintBest offers Woocommerce, Shopify, and Etsy integrations with Wix, Squarespace, and Ecwid coming soon!


PrintBest is free to use with no other tiers!

Why would you print on demand dropship to the United States?

When you're selling to a country, you need to have criteria to know if it's worth it.

That's why we broke it down into these factors:

  • Great logistics
  • High GDP per capita
  • Large population
  • High social media penetration

Based on these criteria, it's no wonder the US is super popular to target for all dropshipping-type businesses, probably because it's the number one best-selling country in the world!

US ecommerce penetration

The US has a high GDP per capita of $69.3k, a giant ecommerce spend of $709.78 billion in 2020, and a large population of 328.2 million people. It doesn't get better than finding customers for your print on demand business.

Why would you dropship print on demand products?

When thinking about what makes print on demand worth trying out is:

  • No inventory
  • Access to unique products
  • In complete control of how the products look
  • Have acceptably long shipping times

When you combine these core traits of a POD, you'll find the process easy to manage and make a profit from.

It's a fulfillment model that will never be saturated or die out. The demand for unique graphics and niches for sure people is critical in making a successful pod store.

For more information, check out our in-depth beginner's guide here!

What should you ask yourself about dropshipping print on demand suppliers before working with them?

A supplier for the pod is essentially the most crucial aspect of your success. 

Their effort to create your products with your design and ship them directly is a considerable reliance.

That is why you should test and go over the pros and cons to determine which one is the right for you.

Also, if you have any further questions about them, there are many helpful ways to contact them!

Related article: Not sure what to ask your supplier? Check out this list of 14 great questions!

What are the most popular payment gateways for POD stores?

Choosing a payment gateway is essential for your store, and we'll be covering it to ensure you're aware.

A payment gateway is a third-party processor that collects the credit card and transfers the funds to you without storing the card on your website.

Send money pay online with paypal

You're probably wondering why you shouldn't store their credit card information, and the answer is it's a security risk. If your website were to get hacked or have a security breach, the information on your website could be collected and sold to evil people who would use it.

Now let's look at the most common payment processors: 

  • PayPal. Undoubtedly, the juggernaut in the payment industry with reliance and low fees. If there's one that every website can benefit from as a payment processor, it's PayPal.
  • Stripe. Like Paypal, their fees and benefits can differ by the type of business. Lower chargeback fees and longer wait times for transferring money are noticeable differences.
  • Square. What separates Square from the rest is its benefits for in-person transactions. While that's not ideal for many POD businesses, it's a good option if you wish to expand to in-person purchases.

If you're struggling to find which one to use, check out our article!

Print on demand in the United States FAQs

This article has helped you find great suppliers for your print on demand business in the US.

Although finding a supplier is an essential part of starting a print on demand business, there are more steps you need to know!

For example, branding, marketing, and understanding who your customers are needed to know to become successful.

If you're interested in learning more about print on demand business, here are some frequently asked questions to get started:

Is the print on demand legal in the US?


Print on demand is a legal and legitimate business model in the US. You don't have to carry an inventory of your products like a retailer.

You do need to register your print on demand business in the US and comply with all laws about consumers, online stores, and taxes.

If you have specific questions about that, please seek a professional in your local area, as not all states have the same tax laws.

How do you start print on demand in the US?

To start learning about print on demand dropshipping, you need to have the right mindset and a basic understanding of how the fulfillment model works.

Once you understand that, you can now look into your chosen niche of products and designs.

Check out our dropshipping checklist for a step-by-step guide on starting a dropshipping business!

Does print on demand work in the US?

Yes, print on demand works in the US. It's the best place to start.

It has some of the best logistics, is English speaking, has a large population of 322 million, and is the world's 2nd highest ecommerce spend per capita of $3,428.

Is print on demand the same as dropshipping?

The main difference between dropshipping and print on demand is that with dropshipping, your supplier doesn’t make any changes to the product, and the shipping time can be faster.

While with print on demand, your supplier creates the product according to your custom design, and the shipping time can be longer. For more information, check out this article here!

Final verdict

That was it!

While the suppliers can differ in what kind of products you want to sell, some are far more well-rounded to work for almost anyone.

So, what is our final verdict?

What is the best print on demand supplier in the US in 2024?

In our opinion, the best print on demand supplier in 2024 is Printful, and we recommend them to anyone who wants to sell POD products.

Printify is our next choice due to the number of products and other suppliers you can source from. While the quality can be spottier than Printful, the amount you can work with is a fair trade-off.

If you’re still second-guessing, let’s take a look at our overview from earlier:

SupplierPricingRead Review
PrintfulFreePrintful Review
CustomCat$0/ $30 per monthCustomCat Review
Printify$0 / $29 per monthPrintify Review
Gelato$0 / $15 / $99 per monthGelato Review
Scalable PressFreeScalable Press (Shirts) Review
IconEcomFreeIconEcom Review
Viralstyle Fulfillment$9 per monthViralstyle Fulfilment Review
ShineOnFreeShineOn Review
Spring FreeSpring (formally Teespring) Review
MoteefeFreeMoteefe Review
Sellfy $0 / $19/ $49/ $99 per month Sellfy Review
Cafe Press$0 / $7 / $18/ $35 / $60 per monthCafe Press Review
PrintBest FreePrintBest Review

And you can check out this article here, which contains the 15 best print on demand companies (that list isn't just focused on the US).

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions or comments to share!

Best of luck with your chosen supplier and have a great day!

Want to learn more about POD?

Ready to move your print on demand store to the next level? Check out the articles below:

Plus, don’t forget to check out our in-depth how to start a print on demand business guide here!

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