Print on demand is a great way to get your business off the ground. Not only does it allow you to create custom products, but it also allows you to be creative and tap into new markets.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, these print on demand tools will help you bring your store to the next level!

Why you should use software tools to operate your store

The whole process of building a store, a visual brand, managing orders, designs of products, and all the back-end stuff that requires your attention to operate can be a lot!

Often you could be working multiple full-time jobs, and no wonder you probably feel overwhelmed and tired all the time.

Time is such a valuable resource that if you're spending it on time sinking tasks like data entry your calculating taxes, it feels like such a slog.

That's why software tools can do a lot of the heavy work for you! Also, they can make finding solutions easier, leading to the following reason why software tools should be used.

How do you pick the right print on demand tool for your store?

Before jumping into the tools, we must review what makes them great.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before using a software tool:

  1. Is having a free account essential for you?
  2. If you purchase or subscribe to a tool, what's your budget? 
  3. Are there other similar tools that are worth looking into?
  4. Is this tool genuinely solving a problem for you? Ad thinks about saving time and energy for anything you do multiple times a week.

Now you know what to look for in a tool, let's go over the tools and why they're helpful!

The 10 best print on demand tools of 2024

Below are the ten best tools you should try out for your print on demand store!

I’m hoping to make this list as valuable as possible, so for each one of these tools, we will:

  • Include a link to their website. You can either click on the title or the screenshot of their homepage to check out their website.
  • Shortly introduce the tool. Learn about the tool and its unique features.
  • Give you the pros & cons or key features. This will help you to make an educated decision about which tool to pick.
  • Tell you about their pricing plans. So you will know what to expect when you’re going to use the tool.

Now you'll be able to know if this is the tool for you!

Are you ready to see the first tool?

If so, then let's go!

1. Canva Review

Homepage of Canva

Canva is a graphic design software tool to help create designs people would love to show off from your print on demand store!

The process and tools available are easy to get into, and there are many resources to help you if you're starting.

It may be too bare-bones for what professional graphic designers are looking for, but it's the perfect starting tool for anyone who wants to dive in.

Tip: Did you know that you can connect a Shopify or WooCommerce store to Canva? With DataPocket, you can access your store's information, including product images, descriptions, and pricing, directly from Canva!

Plus, whenever the data changes (like replacing product images), it will automatically sync to your designs on Canva. Learn more about DataPocket here!


  • Beginner-friendly. It's super easy to get into and design something you like.
  • A lot of great templates to use. If you want something in a specific size, there's already a setting for you to pick up and use. Same with font and color combos to help you get started.


  • Not enough advanced features. Canva is the lighter version of what you can do with adobe illustrator, photoshop, and affinity designer.
  • Canva does not create vector-based graphics. If you want a graphic to scale to the size you want, you have to export it in size, or else it'll turn into a pixelated mess.


canva pricing
Canva Pricing

There's a generous free tier that helps you with what you need.

A pro version for $12.95/mo allows using their copyrighted images and illustrations!

2. Klaviyo Review

klaviyo homepage

Klaviyo is our favorite email marketing provider! You'll be able to collect emails from people who want to hear from you and design promotional emails to let them know what you're offering!

You'll find great use of analytics and ways to create email lists based on your customer's purchasing behavior.


  • A super generous free tier. Until you've reached 250 email subscribers, you're free to send up to 500 emails monthly and fully use designed-to-use. Everything a beginner needs!
  • Rich analytics to use. At the same time, many email marketing platforms have analytics to use with your email results.


  • There's a learning curve. Klavyio is a powerful tool that does everything you want it to do for an email marketing platform. That means it can be overwhelming to learn everything it does in the compelling way you want it to be.
  • It can be pricey. Even though you can get pretty far with the free tier, once you have 250 contacts on your emailing list, you'll have to upgrade to a paid tier. As you continue to grow, this will eventually get more expensive than other email marketing providers.


klaviyo pricing
Klaviyo pricing

Klayvio has a free tier for 0 - 250 email subscribers.

The tiers then go in:

  • 251 - 500 for $20/mo
  • 501-1000 for $30/mo
  • 1001-1500 for $45/mo
  • 1501 - 2500 for $60/mo
  • 2501 -3000 for $70/mo

Here's their pricing page if you want to know the pricing beyond 3000.

3. Jasper Review

Homepage of Jasper

Jasper is a content writing tool that helps you with the power of artificial intelligence.

If you want to write something like a Facebook article, copywriting for a landing page, or a sales pitch email, Jasper uses phrases and sentences in its algorithm to write it for you!

It's super cool and can write in various tones you may struggle with. When in doubt, check out Jasper to help you write more and better.

Note: Did you know that Jasper launched Jasper Art? This helps you create images with AI! Check out our in-depth review here.

Key features

  • It helps you overcome writer's block. Jasper always has a suggestion to help you get started writing.
  • Accuracy. Jasper pulls words and phrases from the web and from its internal writing team to formulate compelling copy for you to use.
  • A template writing prompt for every occasion. It can be challenging writing for a specific email, and Jasper has more than you'll ever need!


Pricing of Jasper
Jasper pricing

Jasper's most affordable tier starts at $29/mo.

They also have a boss mode tier starting at $59/mo, unlocking their google docs style editor and other cool features you can see above.

4. Buffer Review

buffer homepage

Buffer is a social media tool to help businesses and people promptly plan their scheduled social media posts across platforms.

It's super helpful because the consistency of when and where you article your content can mean the difference in growing and getting sales for your print on demand store!

Key features

  • Easy to set up and use. Creating an account and scheduling your posts on your favorite social media platforms is intuitive to use with the hassle of getting lost in the settings.
  • Great collaborative tools. Buffer ensured teams and agencies had full communication and editing tools to ensure everything ran smoothly.
  • Has tools to help you create content. Buffer knows sometimes creating content can be a problem, and they presumptively help you with that by suggesting quotes, imagery, and other ideas. Make sure you always have something scheduled!


buffer pricing
Buffer pricing

Buffer has four tiers:

  • Free. Allows up to three social media channels and ten scheduled posts at a time.
  • Essentials for $6/mo. Allows all social media channels and up to 2000 scheduled posts.
  • Team for $12/mo. This extends the benefit of essentials up to five people at once.
  • Agency for $100/mo. This tier expands the team to an infinite amount of scheduled posts.

5. Hotjar Review

hotjar homepage

Hotjar tracks the user's actions and navigation to determine how they interact with the website.

This is used through heatmap overlay on your website, where they highlight where the user's cursers and eyes are at and what they're not interacting with. You can see where they leave your website.

It's cool to see where and why someone can have a bad experience on your website!

In case you're wondering, Hotjar does adhere to GDPR and privacy policies, so it's safe to track users' actions without worrying about legal matters.

Key features

  • Heat maps to see cursor movements and eye-tracking. This allows you to see where people are and aren't focusing on.
  • It allows survey questionnaires to pop up. So you can get direct feedback from your users to know their thoughts and experience of seeing your store.
  • Records user's visit. So you can identify patterns in problems when they leave the website.


hotjar pricing
Hotjar Pricing

Hotjar has a free version called Observe essential that's good for 35 daily visitor recordings.

They have the Observe plus, $31/mo, increasing daily recordings to 100 with more filter and API data.

Observe business tier is $79/mo, increasing daily recordings to 1000 with custom-built tracking filters and segments.

6. Ahrefs Review

ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is one of the great tools for search engine optimization (SEO). This is so when people search keywords into something like google search, your website will be one of the first they see.

Ahrefs has one of the best backlink indexes of tools with user documentation, so you have the most accurate information to learn about SEO.

With so many means of backlinks, analytics, and keyword research, there's a lot of great stuff to rank in the google search.


  • A lot of extensive documentation, tutorials, and knowledgeable user support. Ahrefs knows the overwhelming amount of information they have, and they do a great job of helping you understand and use it.
  • Advanced tools for power users. Tools like filtering and backlink indexing are rare in an SEO tool, and Ahref does it well, so this is an excellent tool for all levels of SEO skills.


  • No mobile app. This is a desktop-only software tool with no mobile use in mind.
  • It has limited app connections. While an absolute beginner won't worry about this for some time, it does if you wish to grow your store into other niches.
  • Many dislike the "Pay as you go" pricing model. There are a lot of negative reviews about their new pricing model. (Check them out here)


ahrefs pricing
Ahrefs pricing

Ahref has no free tier. Bummer!

  • The lite tier starts at $99/mo, which is great for hobbyists and beginners.
  • The Standard tier is $199/mo which is excellent for SEO professionals and those who want to take their marketing seriously.
  • The advance tier is $399/mo which has more tools than you probably know what to do with!

For more information, visit their pricing page.

7. OnModel Review

OnModel Shoipfy app

Ever noticed how many online stores have the same product photos?

Yep, it’s a common problem.

Using those old, duplicated images from your supplier can actually hurt your store's visibility on search engines like Google.

That's where OnModel steps in. This Shopify app uses AI to transform your existing photos into unique images!

OnModel Localize clothing photos with AI

Key features

  • Localize photos. Swap out the models in your clothing images. (For example, according to your target market.)
  • Generate model images. Put your t-shirt design on an AI-made model. (No more costly photoshoots!)
  • Backgrounds. Change the background of your photos.
  • Extend images. You can even add faces to cropped images!


OnModel's pricing plans range from $0 to $99 per month:

OnModel pricing plans

In short, OnModel makes your store photos unique and fun. So, if you're in dropshipping or POD, you can try it here!

8. LinkSplit Review

linksplit homepage

LinkSplit helps you create different links to the same web page to find which one is doing better.

For example, you want to article a link to every social media platform, but you don't know which sends the most traffic, so you set a different URL link to the same page to track.

This tool also allows you to do A/B split testing, where people can be sent to a different version of the same page to find out which one gets more sales for your print on demand stores.

It's an excellent tool for all kinds of testing of your website and traffic!

Key features

  • Allows A/B testing. So you can see which web page version has a better result.
  • Create multiple link variations on the same page. So you can see which link is generating the most traffic.
  • Allows retargeting for Google and Facebook Ads. This is useful for finding more information about the traffic you're from those websites.


linksplit pricing
Linksplit pricing

LinkSplit's pricing has three tiers, and they all have a 30-day free trial:

  • Basic for $29/mo for those with a small shop.
  • Pro for $49/mo for those who are growing.
  • Business for $99/mo for those who are fully-fledged shops.

9. Google Analytics Review

google analytics homepage

Google Analytics is a free tool that's highly recommended to every website because it allows Google to show data on everyone who visits your site!

Google Analytics is known as the grandfather of website data because it's the first you can understand where traffic comes from, rank your pages by popularity, and create custom reports so when something on your website happens, you'll be notified of it.

Although it's super good for understanding how someone found your website and where they left it, it can be unclear what happens in between that, so there are a lot of other tools like Hotjar that help find that missing information.

Key features

Google analyitcs details
Google Analytics details
  • Being able to create custom events. This is helpful when you want to be notified when a specific goal has been achieved, like a certain number of visitors on a page or someone clicking on a link.
  • New vs. returning visitors' information. Google Analytics goes into great detail about identifying new and returning visitors and where they came from.
  • Mobile performance information. Google Analytics is great at showing you the same information on mobile users and the desktop, which is super helpful, considering this is a free feature.


It's free and worth checking out if you already haven't!

10. Merchinformer Review

merchinformer homepage

Lastly, Merchinformer is the go-to tool for your needs for selling merch on Amazon.

Since you probably know Amazon is the largest retailer on the web, it makes sense to be on it, right?

That's why Merchinformer helps you with everything you need on the amazon merch platform!

Key features

  • Built-in designer. If you want to see how your design will look on Amazon merch, Merchinformer has the tools to help you with that, and you can share it with your customers.
  • Keyword Research. Keywords are a big deal in how people find your designs on Amazon. So this feature will help you identify which are the best words use would be using!
  • Rich integrations. Using platforms like Shopify, Redbubble, Etsy, etc., Merchinformar will help you import it all to Amazon without having to manually set every product.


merchinformer pricing
Merchinfromer pricing

Merchinformer has a free trial for both of their tiers:

Newbie $9.99/mo and Professional at $19.99/mo

Listed below are the features you can find on their pricing page.


You've now uncovered the best ten tools we recommend using for print on demand!

While these aren't the only kind of tools available, even if they don't suit your need, there's probably one that will. So feel free to research and learn what makes a tool great for your business.

Since many of them have free tiers or trials, you don't have anything to lose, so feel free to use them!

I hope you have a great day!

Want to learn more about print on demand?

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