This article covers the strengths and weaknesses of two long-time print on demand suppliers, JetPrint and Print Aura.

Since the supplier is such an essential aspect of your store, here's a summary of the difference between the two!

The main difference between JetPrint and Print Aura is that JetPrint is excellent for those who are starting and want a higher-than-average profit margin. At the same time, Print Aura has a great product and shipping reliance for building a brand and is great for more experienced people.

Overview: JetPrint vs. Print Aura

When comparing JetPrint and Print Aura, we'll be comparing them in these areas:

  1. The pricing plans
  2. The profit margins of products
  3. The print quality
  4. The branding services
  5. The order fulfillment experience
  6. The shipping times
  7. The integrations to your store
  8. The customer support quality

Here's a rundown of the pros and cons of JetPrint and Print Aura:

JetPrintPrint Aura
The most affordable productsLong shipping times for US customersReliable shipping in the USOutdated website design
Beautiful mock-up photosNot the best product qualityGreat product reliabilityLimited customer support

To sum up, let me give you a few examples of which supplier to choose:

JetPrint is an excellent choice if:

  • You want to have a high-profit margin.
  • You don't mind shipping from China.
  • You want a wide range of apparel products.

Print Aura is an excellent choice if:

  • You want a reliable supplier that you can grow into.
  • You don't care about the most cutting-edge technology from a supplier.
  • You will mainly be shipping to the US.

If you want to save it for later – check out our infographic below:

JetPrint vs. Print Aura - Infographic

What is JetPrint?

jetprint homepage

JetPrint specializes in print on demand watches, shoes, and home decor items.

You can count on JetPrint for high-quality, fast production of your orders. There is more than 200 print on demand products available in the app. It's also free to customize these products as you wish.

The superior technology JetPrint offers sets it apart as a print on demand service.

You and your customers can visualize what your printed products will look like in three dimensions using its unique 3D Generation System. You can increase sales of your online products by sharing these visualizations on social media!

JetPrint's pros

  • JetPrint's products are affordable. JetPrint is from China, and they manufacture their products down to a science that allows them to be efficient.
  • Beautiful mock-up photos. JetPrint knows how to make a product look great.

JetPrint's cons

  • Long shipping times for US customers. JetPrint can only ship from China, so expect 13-18 business days for your product to reach its destination in the US and 5-9 days for the UK. 
  • Not the best product quality. To create such low prices, JetPrint has to manufacture products that may not be the quality you would like.

What is Print Aura?

print aura homepage

Print Aura is another print on demand supplier that follows the competition. They've been around much longer than most other POD suppliers and hold strong credibility because of it.

Their standard shipping times are three to five days, and they sell apparel, mugs, posters, and others.

Print Aura's Pros

  • Reliable shipping in the US. Print Aura's shipping is faster than the average POD supplier.
  • Great reliability. Print Aura has been one of the first POD suppliers in the market and has lasted longer than most.

Print Aura's Cons

  • Outdated website design. Due to Print Aura's long-lasting appeal, their website feels dated compared to the newer POD suppliers.
  • They have limited customer support. Customer support is only available between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. There is no chat support with them.

Which one has a better pricing plan?

Let's start by comparing JetPrint and Print Aura's available pricing plans.

Pricing of JetPrint

JetPrint has no pricing tiers and only offers a free account. You only pay when you make a sale, so if you're pricing more than the product's cost and shipping, you'll net a profit!

Pricing of Print Aura

Just like JetPrint, Print Aura only uses one free pricing plan with no other tiers.

Pricing plans final verdict: JetPrint and Print Aura have only one free pricing tier, so it's a draw for this category!

Which one has better profit margins?

Next, we'll look at which allows the most profit per product sold!

JetPrint's products

JetPrint Soft Shirt

JetPrint's best-selling shirt, the Gildan 64000 Softstyle, starts at $15.50 (not including shipping)

Other similar shirts they have can be anywhere between $15-$23 depending on the material and size.

They also have various printing options and all-over printing, so you can customize how you want your apparel to look.

Print Aura's products

Print Aura cotton shirt

You can get a men's tee with a 100% cotton shirt from Print Aura for $19.

They also have many colors available, more so than JetPrint. They are even more affordable shirts, as low as $15.

Print Aura also has a pricing page for its products!

Profit margins final verdict: This was close, but we're giving this to JetPrint. JetPrint uses suppliers that are more efficient in their cost production. Also, they have more variants, such as colors, than Print Aura.

Which has better print quality?

Print quality is essential when looking at a POD supplier because if the quality is terrible, you won't get repeat customers and will receive more refund requests.

JetPrint's print quality

Jetprint products

JetPrint's printing has been stated as high quality, which can be inconsistent for many Chinese suppliers.

Their Shopify app's reviews have numerous five-star reviews praising their quality, so certainly notable compared to Print Aura.

Print Aura's print quality

aura printing mock up

In terms of print quality, Print Aura receives favorable feedback. Print Aura clients also like the variety of colors and options.

The reviews are according to their Shopify App and Trustpilot feedback.

Another reason we like it is that the company promises to replace defective products if there is anything wrong with printing and manufacturing.

Print quality final verdict: This is a close comparison because JetPrint and Print Aura have received a lot of praise for their consistent quality.

The difference is Print Aura has positive feedback from more sources. While we believe Print Aura wins this verdict, you may need to test a few products with these suppliers to know for sure.

Which one offers a better branding service?

Branding is the supplier's service for your products to give a customized and personal feel.

The most common example is a packaging slip that includes your logo and a personal message with every order. Sometimes these branding services can be an additional cost as well.

JetPrint's branding

JetPrint custom greeting

JetPrint offers a greeting card slip with every order that you can use to send a message of your choice. Examples are a thank you with a discount code to encourage another order.

JetPrint does not offer anything else besides the card slip.

Print Aura's branding

Print Aura sends a garment care card with every order. This card displays the specific information to wash and preserve the graphic artwork as long as possible.

Another offering with every purchase is a custom packing slip

Branding final verdict: Print Aura wins this decision due to having a care garment card that will help customers from accidentally destroying their purchase.

Who has faster order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is the time between the supplier receiving your order from your store to printing and shipping the product to the customer.

The order fulfillment time of JetPrint

The average production time for JetPrint is three to five working days (depending on the quantity of the ordered products).

The order fulfillment time of Print Aura

Print Aura's fulfillment time is three to five business days. They're open about their cutoff time to processing the same business day at 11:30 pm ET and 8:30 am PT.

For more information, they have a turnaround page.

Order fulfillment verdict: Since JetPrint and Print Aura have the exact fulfillment times, both standard and express, this is a draw.

Who has the fastest shipping?

Shipping times are crucial to being successful. Amazon has set the standard for when customers want their purchases as fast as possible, so any advantage you can have over the average store will be noticeable.

Do both JetPrint and Print Aura ship internationally?

JetPrint and Print Aura both ship internationally!

JetPrint's international shipping information

JetPrint's international shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 13-18 working days, and 3-7 working days for Express Delivery to the US.

For other countries, such as the UK can be as fast as 5-9 days.

Jetprint shipping rates on their product page

You can find shipping rates for JetPrint's products on their product pages.

Print Aura's international shipping information

Here's the information you need to know about Print Aura's international shipping.

Depending on your product, the pricing can be $12.50-$20, and the shipping time can be 3-5 days in the US.

What is the estimated delivery time of JetPrint and Print Aura?

Let's check out the difference in shipping speeds:

JetPrint's shipping speeds

The average shipping time for Standard Delivery for JetPrint is about 14-20 working days for the US and 5-9 for Express Delivery.

Print Aura's shipping speeds

Print Aura's shipping is 3-5 business days in the US and has a lot of options for product tracking and return slips for your customer, just in case.

Shipping time verdict: JetPrint ships only from China, while Print Aura has more fulfillment warehouses in the US. So if you care about faster shipping, Print Aura is your pick.

Who has more diverse integrations?

Integrations are necessary because not every supplier works with every ecommerce platform.

JetPrint's integrations

JetPrint integration information

JetPrint only integrates with two platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Etsy is coming soon, and there are no fees for using these platforms with JetPrint. Check out their integrations page for more information!

Print Aura's integrations

Print UAra integration information

Print Aura can be integrated with the following ecommerce platforms:

  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Storenvy
  • OpenCart

Etsy has a fee for listing, payment processing, and transactions.

The integrations verdict: Print Aura has more integrations than JetPrint, so they win decisively.

Which one has the better customer support?

When things go wrong, your supplier's customer support can help you. Not all are equal; some can go the extra mile for you.

The customer support of JetPrint

FAQ page from JetPrint
JetPrint support page

JetPrint offers email, phone, and chat customer support and all 24/7 availability. Their offerings are huge because most suppliers don't provide all three, let alone a support team that's always there for you.

JetPrint also has a handy FAQ page that covers all your questions about account management, products, printing, shipping, and more!

The customer support of Print Aura

Print Aura FAQ page
Print Aura support page

Print Aura's website lists its phone number but encourages sellers to use its contact form for more efficient customer service.

Print Aura promises to respond within one day if you email them between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. There is no chat support with them.

There are mixed reviews when it comes to Print Aura's ability to provide support to sellers. While others like how a representative helped solve their concerns, some say they haven't heard back from the company.

Print Aura also has a FAQ page for your questions about shipping, printing, and anything else you may need to know to work with them.

The customer support verdict: JetPrint wins this category easily because they offer more support through chat and 24/7 than Print Aura. Also, JetPrint's customer service quality is excellent, while Print Aura has reported mixed results.

So, JetPrint or Print Aura? (Which one fits you)

JetPrint and Print Aura are great POD suppliers for various reasons!

You'll find JetPrint to excel for beginners who want to learn as they continue to grow, and Print Aura is great for those who want a full-time business designing great-looking products for their customers.

The significant part about these suppliers is there's no fee to use them, and you're free to switch anytime!

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Final verdict

While these two suppliers can serve different purposes depending on where you're at with your POD business, there is a winner based on our categories.

So to answer the question of which one is better, we believe Print Aura is the choice if you want a consistently good supplier experience for your POD business and your customers.

If you're a beginner in POD, you may have an easier time with JetPrint! Also, it may depend on the location of your customers, as JetPrint servers international orders well while Print Aura serves US customers.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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