Building your online presence can be a difficult task.

It's a challenge that multiple social profiles struggle with, including creators, influencers, and brands.

It doesn't matter whether you are running an ecommerce store or if you are simply a person that has more information to share outside of your social platforms; anyone who is looking to build an online audience should use a link in bio tool.

Linkpop is the latest (and might be the greatest) link in bio tool out there, and it's especially useful for ecommerce stores operating on Shopify.

It gives you the chance to strengthen your brand and reputation, turn visitors into followers, and turn followers into customers!

While the setup process of a Linkpop landing page is incredibly straightforward, you might find it challenging to choose the specific words that will lead to the highest conversion rates.

So, here are 12 examples of awesome Linkpop landing pages that you can use as inspiration for your own!

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What is Linkpop?

But first thing's first, let's take a closer look at Linkpop.

It's likely that you've never heard of 'Linkpop' before, as it's a relatively new tool.

So, what is it?

Linkpop is a free link in bio tool developed by Shopify. (This is one of the reasons why Shopify is so popular!)

Using it, you can create a mobile-first landing page that shows a collection of your most important links, like social media accounts (for example, on TikTok), blogs, websites, YouTube channels, or product pages.

Showing your links on a single landing page allows you to build a stronger online presence.

Linkpop link in bio tool homepage

Linkpop is especially useful for Shopify brands. The tool is brought to you by Shopify, so the integration between your Linkpop landing page and Shopify store will be seamless.

It will allow you to turn even more visitors into customers and increase your revenue!

The great thing is that building a Linkpop landing page is effortless and free. Just build your page, click publish, and boom, you're ready to go!

12 examples of awesome landing pages built with Linkpop

Looking to create your own Linkpop landing page?


But before you start, you might want to check out these ten landing pages that are built with Linkpop.

They will definitely inspire you and show you all the different possibilities of this amazing link in bio tool!

1. NavyBaby

NavyBaby - Linkpop landing page examples

Let's start with NavyBaby, an original heuristic play shop based in New Zealand.

Although the grey background of their Linkpop landing page may look a bit boring, the content of the page looks great!

NavyBaby chose to show some of their most important collections first, such as the heuristic sets, loose parts, and play toys.

Then, they've included a link to The NavyBaby PlayClub, which is an online guide where customers can find a magnitude of ways to play with NavyBaby products.

Lastly, NavyBaby added some of their most popular products, including a high-quality image, product description, and price.

Tip: Looking for some inspiration? NavyBaby's Shopify store looks amazing too! You can find it here.

2. Coral & Ink

Coral & Ink - Linkpop landing page examples

The next Linkpop landing page example is from Coral & Ink, a kawaii and journaling Shopify store based in the UK.

This Linkpop page is a great source of inspiration for the kinds of links you can add.

Coral & Ink starts with a link to their Shopify store, which is quite general.

But after that, it becomes interesting.

They start with linking to their European Etsy store, which is an online marketplace focused on stores that offer handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

Then, Coral & Ink continues with a link for a free homework tracker, their Youtube channel, and a blog!

Coral & Ink ends it off with a product, the mini Korean binder. The great thing about Linkpop is that customers can add the product to their bag directly from the Linkpop page:

Linkpop shoppable links example

3. De La Creme Fashions

De La Creme Fashions - Linkpop landing page examples

Next up is De La Creme Fashions, a premium outerwear store based in the UK.

De La Creme Fashions shows the great range of social page icons you can add to your Linkpop page.

They've added a link to their:

  • Shopify store
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

Awesome, right?

After the socials, De La Creme Fashions continues by highlighting one of their products, the recycled wool blend coat.

With its large image, you could say it's the main party piece of this Linkpop landing page!

The rest of this Linkpop page is filled with a link to De La Creme Fashions' Shopify store and to some of their most popular collections.

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4. Jersey Frosts

Jersey Frosts - Linkpop landing page examples

Jersey Frosts is a dropshipping store selling all kinds of jerseys.

This Linkpop page shows another few great examples of what links you can include!

Jersey Frosts starts by linking to their Shopify store and some of their collections.

But then, you will see three unique links.

The first is the link for the shipping and delivery page. From this page, it can be seen that this is likely a dropshipping store, as it takes three to seven days to process the order and ten to thirty days to deliver the order to the US.

Next, Jersey Frosts links to its FAQs page. And lastly, to a 'customer reviews' page, which links to one of their Instagram posts that shows social proof.

Note: Always be careful when selling products that might be seen as 'copyrighted', such as MLB jerseys. If you're a beginner, it should be on your list of product categories to avoid!

5. Deskr

Deskr - Linkpop landing page examples

The following Linkpop landing page is created by Deskr, a provider of quality desk accessories that add comfort and style to your desk setup.

Deskr's Linkpop page is all about showing off different products.

You can't see all of them on the image above, but in total, there are eight products shown on Deskr's Linkpop page!

The black background together with the seamless integration to the Shopify store creates a luxurious shopping vibe!

6. Jewels Kennedy Designs

Jewels Kennedy Designs - Linkpop landing page examples

The next Linkpop landing page example comes from Jewels Kennedy Designs.

While there are not a whole lot of unique things to see here, they do have something that all examples so far don't have.

Do you see it already?

That's right, Jewels Kennedy Designs offer a special 10% discount and free USA shipping for those that shop through their Linkpop page.

Great idea, right?

They also have quite a catchy bio on this Linkpop page!

7. Houte Boutik

Houte Boutik - Linkpop landing page examples

Houte Boutik is another fashion store. Their target audience is bold women searching for vibrant, attainable luxury.

Houte Boutik has added several different types of links to their Linkpop landing page.

One of them is the 'Become a VIP shopper' link, which takes you to an email subscription sign-up page where you can become a VIP shopper and receive emails with the latest deals.

But Houte Boutik also links to their Youtube channel, FAQs page, and product reviews page!

We also like Houte Boutik's headings of the products they linked to. Instead of the product name, they have written 'Shop Best Jeans Ever!' and 'Shop Our Most LOVED Hats', which makes it much more attractive to click on.

The only thing that could be better is the green text at the top. It does stand out, but it may look a little weird and also doesn't match the colors on their Shopify store.

8. Plyco

Plyco - Linkpop landing page examples

Let's continue with Plyco's Linkpop page. Plyco is an independent Australian manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of timber-based panel products.

Their Linkpop page might not be that unique compared to the other ones on this list, but it is a very good one overall.

It looks very clean, includes a nice bio, and has the main social links. It also links to several collections, a blog, a FAQs page, and a Contact Us page.

Combines with the high-quality images, it simply makes for a simple and straightforward experience for the shopper!

9. Ferhnvi

Ferhnvi - Linkpop landing page examples

The next example comes from Ferhnvi, an online woman's clothing store.

We chose to include Ferhnvi's Linkpop page not because it's the most stunning out of all examples, but because it does include some pretty unique links.

For instance, they added a link for downloading the Ferhnvi app, which gives customers access to exclusive deals and early access to new arrivals.

What's more, the 'See Customer Photos' link leads you to a page where you can see some great photos of Ferhnvi's customers wearing their products.

And lastly, you can even become an affiliate for Ferhnvi and get up to 20% commissions for every successful referral!

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10. Gnarwall

Gnarwall - Linkpop landing page examples

Gnarwall is a Shopify store in a very unique niche.

They sell innovative hanging systems for surfboards!

Their product-focused Linkpop landing page simply looks great overall.

The black-and-white logo looks very clean, the bio is simple and no-nonsense, and the included product images look amazing.

Like Deskr, Gnarwall features quite some products on their Linkpop page. 12 to be precise!

The great thing is that they start with the main products, but also show some smaller accessories at the bottom of the Linkpop page.

11. Misa Jane

Misa Jane - Linkpop landing page examples

Misa Jane is an online mother-daughter boutique with an amazing Linkpop landing page!

After linking to their Shopify store, Misa Jane added a 'Our Story' link, which is great as it shows that they think it's important for their customers to learn more about the brand's story.

Misa Jane's Linkpop page also has a lot of incentives for visitors to become customers.

For instance, joining the 'Text Club' will get you a $10 discount, joining the 'Email Club' get you 20% off, and they even have a rewards program that allows you to collect points for every dollar you spend on their store!

Last but not least, Misa Jane also added a link to their affiliate program, and they were even interviewed by Voyage Magazine at one point!

12. Gracemade

Gracemade - Linkpop landing page examples

Let's end off this list with Gracemade, an LA-based, faith-driven brand that delivers a fashion-forward approach to modesty.

This is another Linkpop landing page example that shows a good balance between regular links and showcasing products.

Among others, their first links include links to a mailing list and blog articles.

Unique links of Gracemade are their link to the 30 delicious recipes and the link to information about their pop-up shops.

After these regular links, Gracemade continues by showcasing three beautiful products that include some amazing photos!

Linkpop vs. Linktree: what's the difference?

Before Linkpop was introduced, Linktree was the most popular link in bio tool.

So, how do the two compare?

The main difference between Linkpop and Linktree is that Linkpop is created by Shopify and seamlessly integrates shoppable links powered by Shopify, while Linktree offers third-party integrations and more features than Linkpop on the paid plans.

An example of a Linktree landing page (from Selena Gomez)
An example of a Linktree landing page (from Selena Gomez)

Linkpop will often be the better choice for ecommerce Shopify store owners as it is always free, includes the most important features, and allows visitors to add products to their cart and go to the checkout directly from the Linkpop page.

In contrast, Linktree might be the better link in bio tool for influencers, creators, and publishers as it offers some advanced features like:

  • Spotify music embeds
  • Link lock
  • Link animations
  • Embed latest Youtube video
  • Themes
  • Mailchimp connection
  • And more!

4 reasons why you should create a Linkpop landing page

Are you still doubting about whether or not to create a Linkpop landing page for your link in bio?

If so, let us give you four reasons why it might be a great idea:

1. Highlight important content in a single link

Linkpop highlight important content in a single link

One of the first reasons why you should use Linkpop is that it enables you to collect all your links under a single URL.

You can use this URL as your 'link in bio,' which is most commonly placed on Instagram or TikTok profiles.

Once someone clicks on your link in bio, they will be able to see a list of your most important URLs.

Think about things like your latest product release, a recent blog article, or a special discount code!

Besides this, a Linkpop landing page will include links to all of your social media pages. You can add links for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Spotify, and more!

Thanks to link in bio tools like Linkpop, it has never been easier to connect your online presence.

2. Promote products using shoppable links

Linkpop promote products using shoppable links

One of Linkpop's unique selling points is the fact that they offer shoppable links.

Shoppable links allow visitors to purchase your products while browsing their favorite social media platforms.

The best thing is that Linkpop's shoppable links are seamlessly integrated with your Shopify store.

Linkpop's shoppable links are made possible by Shopify's fast and secure checkout, which is used by millions of ecommerce store owners around the world. By using shoppable links, visitors can end up on your checkout page in just three clicks!

In short, when you don't use shoppable links, you might be missing out!

3. Analyze your visitors

Linkpop analyze your visitors

Another great feature of Linkpop is its built-in analytics tool.

Using it, you will be able to see how well your Linkpop landing page is performing.

But it's not just about the page as a whole.

Linkpop will enable you to analyze the performance of each individual link.

You will be able to see the number of visits to your page, the number of clicks on each link, and more.

With Linkpop's analytics tool, you will be able to A/B test your link in bio landing page and find the best-converting configuration!

4. Linkpop is a free link in bio tool

Linkpop more clicks and sales await

Last but not least is the fact that Linkpop is 100% free for anyone and everyone to use.

A small note on this is that the shoppable links feature does require you to have a paid Shopify store plan, but chances are that you are already running a Shopify store.

And if not, Shopify's pricing plans start a just $9 per month!

In contrast, other link in bio tools like Linktree can cost you up to $40 per month.

To sign up for Linkpop, you can create a free account here.


We hope that this article has inspired you to create your own awesome Linkpop landing page!

We think that Shopify has made a great decision to develop Linkpop.

The feature of being able to add a product to the cart and go directly to the checkout from the Linkpop page gives Shopify a unique selling proposition that's very hard to beat for other link in bio tools.

Therefore, we think it should be the link in bio tool of choice for all ecommerce Shopify stores!

Besides, Linkpop has been launched around March 2022, so chances are that they will add more features in the future as well.

Let us know which Linkpop landing page example you liked best and good luck with building your own Linkpop page!

And don't forget to check out this article here with more landing page examples! That one will go over 9 ecommerce landing page examples.

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