Dropshipping has changed the ecommerce landscape, offering entrepreneurs a low-risk, cost-effective way of getting their products to customers.

And with BigCommerce at the forefront of dropshipping platforms, there are countless apps available that can help you streamline your dropshipping processes.

From abandoned cart recovery tools to detailed analytics dashboards, these apps will help you maximize profit margins.

Keep reading to find our list of the best BigCommerce apps for dropshipping stores!

The Best BigCommerce Apps for Dropshipping: An Overview

We know you are interested in learning about the best BigCommerce apps for dropshipping stores, but we also know that time is scarce.

So, if you would like to get the most out of this article in the shortest time, we have created a table showing an overview of all the covered apps.

Check it out below:

AppCategoryPricingRead Review
SpocketProduct sourcing$40 / $60 / $100 / $299 per monthSpocket Review
SynceeProduct sourcing$0 / $29 / $79 / $129 per monthSyncee Review
CJdropshippingProduct sourcingFreeCJdropshipping Review
DropCommerceProduct sourcing$19 / $49 / $89 / $149 per monthDropCommerce Review
AvasamProduct sourcing£20 / £50 / £100 / £150 per month + VATAvasam Review
Yotpo ReviewsBoosting sales$0 / $15 / $119 per monthYotpo Review
Native UpsellBoosting sales$14.90 per monthNative Upsell Review
DoofinderBoosting sales€0 / €35 / €59 / €389 per monthDoofinder Review
FavSEOMarketing$19.95 per monthFavSEO Review
OmnisendMarketing$0 / $16 / $59 per monthOmnisend Review
Smile.ioMarketing$0 / $49 / $199 / $599 per monthSmile.io Review
FAQ by ElfsightFAQs$0 / $5 / $10 / $20 per monthFAQ by Elfsight Review
RouteOrder tracking & insurance$0 / $199 / $349 per monthRoute Review
Lucky Orange HeatmapsHeatmaps$0 / $18 / $35 / $70 / $150 per monthLucky Orange Heatmaps Review

The 5 best BigCommerce apps for sourcing products

Are you unsure where to source products for your dropshipping store, or are you encountering mishaps with your current supplier?

If so, you should consider installing the following BigCommerce apps. They will help you connect your store to a dropshipping supplier and streamline the process!

1. Spocket Review

Spocket BigCommerce app

With dropshipping being such a competitive business model, faster shipping is becoming more and more important.

And if you want to offer faster shipping to your customers, Spocket may be the ideal sourcing app for your BigCommerce store!

Spocket dropship US/EU products

With Spocket, you don’t go to a global platform like AliExpress to search for dropshipping products.

Instead, you can browse between many local dropshipping suppliers located mainly in the United States and Europe!

These suppliers offer high-quality products that you won’t often come across on other platforms, allowing you to achieve much quicker shipping times.

Spocket fast-shipping dropshipping products

Key features

  • US/EU suppliers. Around 80% of Spocket's suppliers are located in the US/EU.
  • Order automation. Spocket automates the process of placing and tracking orders, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.
  • Sample orders. You can place sample orders before trying to dropship the product, which can increase your confidence in your product's quality.


To start dropshipping with Spocket, you will need to pay anywhere from $40 to $299 per month, according to Spocket’s pricing plans.

Spocket pricing plans

Exclusive Spocket offer: Enter the coupon code: SpocketTrial during checkout, and you'll instantly unlock a FREE 30-day trial. Click here to redeem your free trial now!

If you’re interested in Spocket but don’t want to pay anything yet, you can use their free 14-day trial to browse the product catalog.

Tip: You can read our in-depth review of Spocket here!

2. Syncee Review

Syncee BigCommerce app

Syncee is a B2B platform for dropshippers that's similar to Spocket.

Simply said, it’s a place where dropshippers can find their suppliers!

And like Spocket, Syncee offers many products that ship from the US/EU and even from countries like Australia, Canada, and more!

Syncee product catalog

Syncee offers some nice features to make the search for your winning products simpler and even add new products every day:

Syncee new daily arrivals

Key features

  • Chat with suppliers. Syncee’s built-in communication tool allows you to ask suppliers important questions before partnering with them.
  • Location filter for suppliers. If you’re looking for suppliers from the UK (for example), this is a great feature since you can find them without much effort!
  • Auto order. With Syncee's app installed, new orders are automatically forwarded to your supplier.


If you manage to keep the number of products in your store under 25, Syncee will be entirely free for you!

For online stores with larger catalogs, the remaining pricing plans will apply:

Syncee pricing

Exclusive Syncee Offer for Shopify and Wix users: Use DoDropshipping10 during checkout to enjoy a 10% off on the Pro, Business, Plus Marketplace plans. This offer is valid with your first subscription plan and for a limited time. Don't miss out!

3. CJdropshipping Review

CJdropshipping BigCommerce app

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution that will help you source and ship your dropshipping products.

Unlike Spocket and Syncee, the products you find on CJdropshipping are sourced from Taobao and 1688 (Chinese online marketplaces known for their low prices), helping you achieve higher profit margins on your dropshipping store.

However, an awesome thing about CJdropshipping is that they ship from warehouses in many countries like the US and Europe!

CJdropshipping product catalog UK
Example of products offered from UK warehouses on CJdropshipping

Key features

  • Fast product imports. With the CJdropshipping BigCommerce app, you can import products to your store in just a few clicks!
  • No hidden charges. There are no setup fees, storage fees, monthly fees, or minimum order amounts. You will only have to pay the product’s price and shipping.
  • Fast shipping & processing. When using CJdropshipping’s US warehouse, most orders will process in one business day, and with the USPS+ shipping method, the product will arrive at your customer in two to five days!


CJdropshipping doesn’t charge you any monthly fees; the price for their service is incorporated in the product and shipping prices.

4. DropCommerce Review

DropCommerce BigCommerce app

If you love high-quality products, you will love DropCommerce. Every supplier at DropCommerce is hand-picked for unique, high-quality products and fast shipping.

Some examples of products offered by DropCommerce are leather Airpod cases, tea tree soaps, and tiki time bbq shirts:

DropCommerce real brands

Key features

  • Only US or Canadian dropshipping suppliers. Other sourcing apps also offer Chinese dropshipping suppliers, but DropCommerce exclusively has 400+ North American dropshipping suppliers.
  • Fast shipping. Since all products are shipped from the US or Canada, DropCommerce’s shipping time is only three to five days!
  • Branded invoicing. Give your store a professional look by using DropCommerce’s branded invoicing feature.


DropCommerce’s pricing plans start at just $19 per month. If you want access to advanced features or need more than 25 products, you can upgrade to the ‘Growth,’ ‘Professional,’ or 'Executive' plans.

And don't forget you can try each plan using a free 14-day trial!

DropCommerce pricing

5. Avasam Review

Avasam BigCommerce app

Avasam is a London-based, fully-automated dropshipping app that provides you with all the tools you need to source and sell high-quality products in the United Kingdom.

Verified UK suppliers via Avasam

Avasam has 100+ suppliers in the UK and 200,000 products across 18 categories.

When it comes to the US, Avasam currently has 20k+ products live across all categories, and they are onboarding new suppliers and products every week!

Thanks to all of Avasam's automation features, you can dedicate more focus to marketing your dropshipping store!

Avasam automation

Key features

  • Proactive communication. With weekly YouTube videos, emails highlighting new suppliers, and the latest trending products, Avasam does a great job of updating you with the latest and greatest.
  • Verified UK/US suppliers. Thanks to Avasam’s supplier verification program, each supplier on the platform has a high likelihood of being trustworthy.
  • Automated order processing. With Avasam, your customer’s orders are automatically passed on to the supplier!
  • Inventory syncing. Avasam's app will automatically sync your supplier's inventory every 30 minutes to minimize the likelihood of selling out-of-stock items.


New dropshipping stores can try out Avasam and its features for free!

Once you get orders, you can upgrade to the £20 per month + VAT Starter plan. This plan will cover you until you exceed 50 monthly orders.

You can check out Avasam’s pricing page here:

Pricing of Avasam

Full Review: Avasam Review: Is This Supplier Worth the Money in 2024?

The 3 best BigCommerce apps for boosting sales

Now that you can source products for your dropshipping store, we have a list of BigCommerce apps that will help you increase your conversion rate and boost sales.

If you have visitors on your store, you should do your best to convert them into customers, and here are some fantastic BigCommerce apps for just that:

1. Yotpo Product Reviews Review

Yotpo reviews BigCommerce app

As a dropshipping store owner, collecting reviews from customers is crucial.

Publishing reviews of your products paints a picture for customers about the experience they can expect when making a purchase, ultimately resulting in increased sales!

And Yotpo Product Reviews is one of the best BigCommerce apps for doing just that.

Yotpo reviews impression

It's one of the industry's most feature-rich review apps, which is why thousands of BigCommerce stores use it!

Key features

  • In-mail review form. Your customers are able to leave reviews from within the body of your review request emails.
  • Official partnership with Facebook and Google. Your reviews may be featured in your Google's rich snippet results, which can increase click-through rates!
  • Social curation. With Yotpo, you can easily bundle your customer's Instagram photos into an awesome testimonial section.


You can use Yotpo Product Reviews for free, but they also have two paid plans of $15 or $119 per month, which grant you access to even more features:

Yotpo reviews pricing

2. Native Upsell Review

Native Upsell BigCommerce app

Installing an upsell app like Native Upsell can be a great way to boost profits.

Upselling is the act of suggesting a more expensive version of something that a customer is already interested in buying. Thus, you can increase the average value of each order.

With Native Upsell, you can even boost revenue by giving customers the option to purchase complementary products.

Not only does this help round out their purchase, but it can also improve customer satisfaction since customers often find it hard to find what they're looking for!

Native Upsell example

Key features

  • Customized upselling. You can set up your upsell offers based on the cart content, amount, or products.
  • Detailed analytics. Reports from Native Upsell make it much easier to learn which offers work and which don't!
  • Mobile-optimized. All popups from Native Upsell are optimized for a great mobile experience.


Native Upsell has a recurring fee of $14.90 per month.

3. Doofinder Review

Doofinder BigCommerce app

The last app for boosting sales on your BigCommerce dropshipping store is Doofinder.

Basically, it's a tool that allows users to simply type in a few letters and be presented with multiple options right away, also known as autocomplete search.

Doofinder autocomplete example

And having an autocomplete search bar can help optimize the user experience and increase sales!

It helps customers navigate products and anticipate what they are looking for directly. Not to mention it's much easier for them to find the long-tail product keywords!

Key features

  • Error tolerance & phonetic technology. In other words, your customers will be able to find the products they're looking for, even with spelling and typographical errors!
  • Self-learning. Doofinder automatically adjusts its algorithm over time to present the most relevant results at the top with as little typing as possible.
  • Multilingual search. Doofinder works in 27 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and more!


Doofinder's pricing ranges from €0 to €389 per month, depending on the traffic on your site and the features you would like to use:

Doofinder pricing

The 3 best BigCommerce apps for marketing

When it comes to marketing your dropshipping store, there are so many BigCommerce apps you can use to promote it to your targeted audience.

Luckily, you will find a list of some of the best BigCommerce marketing apps below:

1. FavSEO Review

FavSEO BigCommerce app

Out of all the tools available to a dropshipping store owner these days, having a reliable SEO app, such as FavSEO, is an absolute must.

A good SEO app will help increase your organic search traffic and visibility on search engines like Google, allowing you to reach new customers and expand your online presence.

FavSEO dashboard

Key features

  • Bulk title/meta description editor. You can edit the titles and meta descriptions of your products, categories, and pages within one dashboard.
  • SEO score. FavSEO gives your pages an SEO score. And if the score is low, it will guide you on how to improve it!
  • Rank tracker. Track the positions of your keyword on Google!


FavSEO has a recurring pricing of $19.95 per month.

2. Omnisend Review

Omnisend BigCommerce app

Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing app on BigCommerce that helps you collect emails and phone numbers from visitors on your dropshipping store.

You can then use those emails and phone numbers for SMS and email marketing!

Using Omnisend’s automation, you can personalize your messages based on the customer’s information, campaign participation, and shopping behavior.

Omnisend drive sales on autopilot

Omnisend also allows you to add multiple channels in the same automation workflow. This means email, texting, and browser notifications can all be used together!

Key features

  • Automated marketing. Omnisend combines email with SMS and push notifications in its automated workflows.
  • Ready-to-use templates. Get your marketing campaigns running quickly!
  • Advanced segmentation. You can target users who browsed specific pages, based on products they viewed, actions they've taken, and more.


Omnisend will be free for those who send out less than 500 emails per month. Its paid plans start at $16 for the Standard subscription and go up to $59 per month for the Pro subscription:

Omnisend pricing

3. Smile.io Review

Smileio BigCommerce app

Smile.io is an app designed to incentivize repeat purchases from your existing customer base.

In other words, it's a loyalty program!

You can motivate your customers with points, rewards for your best customers, and commissions when they refer others:

Smileio loyalty programs

Looks great, right?

Key features

  • Point program. For actions like creating a customer account, placing an order, celebrating birthdays, or sharing on social media, your customers can collect points which they can then exchange for discounts.
  • Referral program. Your customers can earn a commission if they refer friends to your store.
  • Vip program. Give your highest-spending customers additional perks!


Below are the paid plans Smile.io advertises on its website. What they don't show here is that there's also a free plan if you get less than 200 monthly orders!

Smileio pricing

3 Amazing under-the-radar BigCommerce apps

In this section, we will cover three great BigCommerce apps that you wouldn't think about using in the first place but are still just as amazing as the others!

1. FAQ by Elfsight Review

FAQ by Elfsight BigCommerce app

Let's start with FAQ by Elfsight!

As the name suggests, it's an app that generates FAQs on your BigCommerce store. They have many different styles, but here's an example:

FAQ by Elfsight example

Adding an FAQ section to your dropshipping store is a great practice for three reasons.

You eliminate any doubts a customer has, you allow them to better understand your business, and you save customer service time!

Why do I need Elfsight FAQ

Key features

  • Categories. With FAQ by Elfsight, you can group your FAQs into categories so customers can more easily find what they're looking for.
  • Ready-to-use templates. FAQ by Elfsight has several templates to choose from, and you can pick the one that fits your website best!
  • Built-in animations. The answer to the question is shown with a nice animation using the app's accordion format for the FAQs.


FAQ by Elfsight costs between $0 and $20 per month:

Faq by Elfsight pricing

2. Route Review

Route BigCommerce app

Route is a great-looking app designed to optimize the post-purchase experience of your customers.

The app brings package tracking to life with immersive web and mobile experiences for customers who use the Route app:

Route order tracking

But Route also offers package protection for your customers.

This service is free for you, but customers up to 2% of their cart total (with a minimum of $.98) when they opt-in.

If anything happens, Route jumps into action and pays you the refund costs or the costs of sending a new product!

Route package protection

All in all, Route claims that its features can boost your conversions by up to 20%, your customers check their order eight to ten times (versus only twice for email), and customer inquiries are reduced by 75% (especially the 'Where is my order?' ones).

Key features

  • Package tracking. Get access to a beautiful package tracking interface for your store.
  • Shipping protection. Give your customers peace of mind that their package is protected.
  • Analytics. Get valuable insights into the choices of your customers!


You can get started with Route for free, after which the monthly fees start rising quite quickly to $199 or $349 per month:

Route pricing

3. Lucky Orange Heatmaps Review

Lucky Orange heatmaps BigCommerce app

Let's end the list with Lucky Orange Heatmaps.

Heatmaps are a great way to visualize user activity on your dropshipping store.

By installing Lucky Orange Heatmaps, you can track consumer behavior and obtain valuable data on clicks, scrolls, and other interactions.

This information allows for a deeper insight into what customers are looking for when visiting the site and is extremely helpful in identifying elements such as which products or call-to-actions perform best.

Lucky Orange dynamic heatmaps

Key features

  • Email reports. Lucky Orange sends you daily or weekly email reports of your website's activity.
  • Dynamic heatmaps. See which parts of a page drive people to convert and which parts get in their way.
  • Session recordings. Would you like to watch over the shoulder of your website visitors and see everything they do? You can with Lucky Orange!


Lucky Orange Heatmaps has quite a lot of pricing plans, which mainly depend on the number of page views you receive per month. The pricing ranges from $0 to $150 per month.

Lucky Orange Heatmaps pricing


Before we go to the final verdict, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

Final verdict

There you go! That was the list for today.

So, to conclude, what are the best BigCommerce apps for dropshipping stores?

Final verdict: The three best BigCommerce dropshipping apps are Spocket, Yotpo Product Reviews, and Omnisend.

These will form a great basis for a successful dropshipping store!

And if you want to check the overview of the list again, here it is:

AppCategoryPricingRead Review
SpocketProduct sourcing$40 / $60 / $100 / $299 per monthSpocket Review
SynceeProduct sourcing$0 / $29 / $79 / $129 per monthSyncee Review
CJdropshippingProduct sourcingFreeCJdropshipping Review
DropCommerceProduct sourcing$19 / $49 / $89 / $149 per monthDropCommerce Review
AvasamProduct sourcing£20 / £50 / £100 / £150 per month + VATAvasam Review
Yotpo ReviewsBoosting sales$0 / $15 / $119 per monthYotpo Review
Native UpsellBoosting sales$14.90 per monthNative Upsell Review
DoofinderBoosting sales€0 / €35 / €59 / €389 per monthDoofinder Review
FavSEOMarketing$19.95 per monthFavSEO Review
OmnisendMarketing$0 / $16 / $59 per monthOmnisend Review
Smile.ioMarketing$0 / $49 / $199 / $599 per monthSmile.io Review
FAQ by ElfsightFAQs$0 / $5 / $10 / $20 per monthFAQ by Elfsight Review
RouteOrder tracking & insurance$0 / $199 / $349 per monthRoute Review
Lucky Orange HeatmapsHeatmaps$0 / $18 / $35 / $70 / $150 per monthLucky Orange Heatmaps Review

We hope you agree with our final verdict. But if not, let us know which apps we missed in the comments below!

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