The ecommerce industry is growing each and every day by implementing new ideas that uplift online stores.

One way to gain customers' trust is by building an excellent ecommerce landing page.

It's a strategy that many successful ecommerce websites utilize to increase their conversion rate. This solidifies their uniqueness and makes them diverse from others.

In this article, we have collected some ecommerce landing page examples to find out how various websites sell their products or services with a high conversion rate.

Top 9 ecommerce landing page examples

Many websites these days have landing pages in order to convert visitors to customers.

As the ecommerce industry has been turning into a profitable business in the modern era, strategies, and tricks to get more customers are being invented each day.

So, if you want some inspiration to kickstart your business and, above all, want to publish a website, here are some top ecommerce companies that designed some amazing ecommerce pages.

1. Shopify

Shopify landing page

Shopify is the company behind one of the best ecommerce platforms these days. Their landing page includes a subscription, product introduction, and how their business is growing around the world with customer reviews.

The website includes high-quality images, offers, and clear CTA (call to action) for landing visitors to introduce the service in a precise sense.

What makes Shopify an unstoppable landing page?

  • High-quality images. Right on the landing page, Shopify shows several images that introduce the service with trial opportunities. Additionally, their service is briefly explained.
  • Straightforward actions. To-the-point service explanations are key points to keep the service simple. Some of the service categories are also included to introduce the visitors to them too.
  • Relatable call-to-action. The CTA button is correlated with the service. Clicking the green button instantly provides a free trial, which is an example of a great landing page.

2. Larq

Larq landing page

Larq's contemporary design and positive reviews about the service are plus points for the website.

It's a smart way to explain what features your product has. The fact that they're showing animated imagery makes them unique too.

What makes Larq an unstoppable landing page?

  • Video & colorful images. The elegant look on the background of the product image and explanation in quotes will guide the customer and introduce the product. The video campaign shows different great-looking angles of the product and its features.
  • Diverse colors & fonts. The diverse selection of fonts and colors makes every image unique. Larq used a colorful background while using white-colored font, and when using a simple background, they used colorful fonts.
  • Accurate links & images. Every image includes a call-to-action button, and a couple of images include sizes of the product that bring the visitor to the product description page.

3. Alphalete

Alphalete landing page

Alphalete includes clear and concise images with every offer they provide.

The landing page includes several high-quality images with product information to briefly introduce the product to a landing customer.

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What makes Alphalete an unstoppable landing page?

  • Video & images all around. Alphalete has images all over the place. The first one is a video that explains the new arrival product, which attracts visitors in an instance. The clothing collection is explained in several images with few words.
  • Simple, minimalistic design. A lot of high-quality images with a simple but white solid background provide a minimalistic view of the landing page.
  • Specific images for each product. As I said, Alphalete has images all over the place. Every image explains different products and prices to introduce top products to the customer.

4. Bolt Cafe

Bolt Cafe landing page

'Bolt Cafe', the wholesale roasted coffee provider includes high-quality images of different coffee products.

The simple design with a subscription at the end provides great value for landing customers.

What makes Bolt Cafe an unstoppable landing page?

  • Sleek design & stylish images. Bolt cafe's landing page includes sleek design and high-quality background images that look great. A simple and colorful design with high-resolution images makes the landing page look very stylish.
  • Offer & fun quotes. They include great service for the customer to avail offers or products in a very easy way. The different categorical products and funny quotes make it more interesting!
  • Colorful & lifelike design. The colorful big emoji that introduces the company logo looks awesome. Other images and backgrounds look similarly great!

5. Vanity Planet

Vanity Planet landing page

This beauty product website introduces its products with a video intro. The product information and CTA on images with subscription and offer is a great choice for potential landing page customers.

Also, customers can redeem points for extra savings on every purchase.

What makes Vanity Planet an unstoppable landing page?

  • Crystal clear slide images. Vanity planet's landing page includes a CTA button while visiting the website for the first time. Different slides are explaining about the product simultaneously.
  • Video intro for the product. A video shows what and how the product can be flawlessly used. The video seems high quality with a clear picture and high resolution.
  • Social links & offers. Social links and offers for products are shown at the bottom of the page. With early access and special offers, Vanity Planet provides the customer with a reasonable price.

6. Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun landing page

Fab Fit Fun is a multiple service provider that delivers boxes of fitness, fashion, and beauty products for customers. The landing page with product criteria and subscription provides trusted value for visitors.

They also include streaming video content, which is one unique feature for ecommerce websites.

What makes Fab Fit Fun an unstoppable landing page?

  • Colorful thumbnail images. The pink color button with an offer price explained in very few words certainly attracts more customers. Small thumbnail images for different products and categories can be seen too.
  • Products & offer description. The overall explanation given on the website about products and prices is very cunning. They have provided half of the service with a small image that enables them to provide much detailed information about the service.
  • Big product image. This ecommerce landing page shows a big gift box which is a major attention grabber. As I said, they have provided brief information with few words and small thumbnail images. It makes them use more images on the landing page.

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7. Save Sealer

Save Sealer landing page

Save Sealer is a simply designed website that features lots of information about products but with modest design images.

They include FAQs, product information, and custom quotes for proven service for customers.

Update 2024: Save Sealer is currently offline, but the tips below will still help you further!

What makes Save Sealer an unstoppable landing page?

  • Faster loading & minimal details. Save Sealer really loads faster than the above-mentioned websites. Above all, the price and product description is provided in such a way that visitors can promptly go for it.
  • Simple button color & design. The website holds the button right on the spot where visitors' land. The buttons' background color is different from the website's background color. All in all, a simple colorful design makes it more elegant.
  • Visitor friendly. Save Sealer's website has a navigation menu for blogs. Blogs are a great way to introduce your product to mass visitors. Furthermore, FAQs on the landing page provide answers to customer inquiries.

8. Go Pro

Go Pro landing page

One of the famous camera and lifestyle accessories provider's landing pages includes a subscription and discount on the first impression at the Go Pro website.

The description of products and accessories with font choice will create a good impression on visitors.

What makes Go Pro an unstoppable landing page?

  • Lively product images. Go Pro is a prominent camera and accessories company and has offered service in a great manner on the landing page. Their product images look simple but stylish and colorful. For some images, Go Pro has used a transparent background to blend in the color combination with the webpage.
  • Several exciting offers. The website has several offers to hold the visitors. On the landing page, they have introduced subscription savings and cloud backup offers that eventually attract visitors.
  • Social pages to connect. On the landing page, the first call-to-action button shows the relevant product, and on the bottom, they have a subscription button and other social pages to introduce the product to the mass customers.

9. Hartzler Dairy

Hartzler Dairy landing page

Hartzler Dairy is all about different types of dairy products. The design looks soothing. Different products have different font choices and brief descriptions. Altogether, the page serves a great value as a landing page.

What makes Hartzler Dairy an unstoppable landing page?

  • Simple & elegant design. Hartzler dairy food products company has a diverse way to introduce products. The simple background and solid product images on the background make the overall website look well-designed.
  • Precise product linking. Links on the page offer precise options and different product brings visitors to the specified webpage. Hartzler has shown product elements with precision.
  • Colorful product images. The simple and elegant color for the products makes the landing page very stylish. Hartzler has used different solid colors for the background to make it look more attractive.

9 Tips to improve conversion rates on your ecommerce landing page

So, ready to get started with an online ecommerce business?

That's awesome, but let us tell you something first.

Creating an excellent ecommerce landing page isn't simple. But with a few of our recommendations, anyone can build a highly-converting landing page!

Let's get to our nine tips for improving conversion rates for ecommerce landing pages:

1. Keep your landing page simple and user-friendly

A simple and modestly designed website will be easier to follow for visitors. So, when you create a landing page, make sure your website isn't overflown with lots of text.

Some websites tend to post a lot of images and think the website will generate a good impression within a short period of time. But on the bright side, it's really not the case.

Posting a hefty lot of images may impress, but the downside is that it might take a longer time to load the webpage.

So, our suggestion is to create an ecommerce website landing page that has fewer images but exquisite quality as well as brief content.

We have 'Save Sealer' in our example list. Its simple design and user-friendly content make it faster and smoother.

Save Sealer design and user friendly content

So, we recommend:

  • Choose the best font for the product introducing
  • Place a crystal clear CTA button
  • Insert quality images with links

2. Utilize product categories

As we described earlier in the article, top websites utilize product categories in accordance with customer demand.

By placing your product in categories, visitors will be able to find their preferred product more easily, and may therefore convert into customers.

Websites like 'Go Pro', 'Larq' or 'Hartzler Dairy' are great examples that utilized product categories in their landing page.

Hartzler Dairy product categories example

So, our recommendations:

  • Place high-demand products on the landing page
  • Find which product customers prefer
  • Place an inspirational quote of one or two sentences per product

3. Lower your website's loading speed

If your ecommerce website loads slower, you are way behind in the race to compete and have potential customers around. So, what's the specific reason for slow website loading?

Some websites use so many resources that the website loads slower speed, and as a result, the visitor gets back. It's called visitor bounce rate.

If your website takes time, your conversion rate will be affected and thus, inevitably leads to dissatisfying your visitor.

'Save Sealer' is the perfect example for faster loading of the landing page.

Save Sealer website loading speed

So, we recommend:

  • Place high-quality images but use a fast host for your website
  • Lower down the image resolution if high resolution slows down your website
  • Use a stylish but readable font

4. Leverage user-generated content

Most international ecommerce websites focus on original content. If the content is user-generated, it will be evaluated in a broad manner by the visitor.

It could be images, videos, text, and more. You can write up product descriptions with great copy, create infographic images or run video campaigns of authenticity.

User-generated content provides more engagement and increases SEO value, followers all in all purchase for your product.

All the top ecommerce websites, like 'Fab Fit Fun'or 'Vanity Planet', include user-generated content.

Fab Fit Fun user generated content

You can use a service like Billo to buy UGC videos from one of their thousands of vetted video creators working from their home studios all over the United States!

Billo homepage

It's the most accessible and affordable way to get UGC videos for your ecommerce business!

Interested? You can learn more about Billo's services and pricing on their website.

5. Use high-quality images and videos

Using only texts or quotes is not recommended. Visitors may find it unprofessional if you only use texts or quotes.

Our suggestion is to use images and videos with slight and brief text about your business or products.

Images and videos play a vital role if you add some striking points about your product or business. So, quality images and videos bring more customer purchases than using only text and quotes.

We have mentioned 'Alphalete' above landing page examples and the website is a perfect example of that.

Alphalete high quality images and videos

So, we recommend:

  • Place customer reviews with consent to the specific product
  • Place different products designed on images
  • Use a brief introduction for your videos

6. Don't forget to add a CTA Button in a relevant place

When you briefly put a description of your product or offer, customers would want to see a detailed view of a specific offer or product.

So, to let them know and bring them to a detailed view, a CTA button can be a solution.

Top ecommerce companies generally include a CTA button to help bring visitors to the descriptive product page.

Websites like 'Larq', 'Save Sealer' are examples of precise placement of the CTA buttons.

Larq add CTA button in a relevant place

So, our recommendation:

  • Place the CTA button right after explaining your product/service
  • Make sure you add large button for CTA
  • Use a contrasting color on the CTA button

7. Have an offer or discount on your landing page

Despite interactive images and videos, landing pages should include an offer to increase ecommerce conversion rates.

The world's top ecommerce companies use this strategy to improve conversion rates. Use images through CTA and explain what your services offer with discount prices.

Offer or discount on Go Pro landing page

'Bolt Cafe', 'Hartzler Dairy' & 'Go Pro' are some of the examples.

  • Place offers on different occasions
  • Use a bold font for the offer or discount

8. Show your social proof in action

Getting benefited through the landing page requires more optimization. Social proof or your social existence is the one criteria that visitors and customers may initially look for. It carries a great value for increasing the conversion ratio.

Customers' comments and reviews about certain products will show how content they are by using the specific product. Some websites show models or fashion icons to prove credibility.

'Fab Fit Fun' or 'Vanity Planet' includes social proof at the bottom of the website.

Vanity Planet social proof in action

So, we recommend:

  • Place the social buttons on the footer of the website
  • Use transparent & clear thumbnail images of social websites
  • Post social site’s customer comments with stylish fonts
  • Use customer images for authentic social proof

9. Show all possible variations

On the landing page, anyone who wants to promote ecommerce brands needs to be precise about explaining all possible variations of product or business. Show as many detailed product variations as you can to promote your business in ecommerce.

Your brands and products certainly include different variations and features. Take images from different sides and provide a conclusive description that includes striking points:

  • Explain your product and value
  • Leave an announcement about an offer or discount before posting
  • Create a high-quality background image
  • Create a poll to know visitors demand

What is an ecommerce landing page?

Most online businesses design a webpage that their visitors 'land' on once they visit their domain. This standalone webpage is specifically for the purpose of selling products or services.

It is called the ecommerce landing page.

An ecommerce landing page provides the exact info customers search for. It can include some offers to complete a website's goal, discounts on products, and more.

Usually, an ecommerce landing page includes some offers or discounts on products or services. The goal of an ecommerce landing page is to give visitors a great impression of the online business. In turn, it may lead to paying customers!

Moreover, landing pages often include a call to action button to guide and introduce a customer to the business' service. Lastly, a landing page can include customer comments, headlines, and images with social links.

Can an ecommerce landing page be a product page?

Statistics suggest a landing page can engage visitors more than a product page. As the landing page is primarily designed for indicating a specific service or offer, it plays a vital role by holding visitors and converting them to potential customers.

In contrast, a product page features a specific product and explains all about it in detail.

We could say that a landing page is the first version of the product page. A landing page is optimized for increasing conversions and driving users straight into the sales zone.

While a product page is full of information, a landing page introduces it in a brief manner.

So, the landing and product pages have both differences and similarities.

In the end, an ecommerce landing page can not be the same as a product page.

Here's a table overview of the differences between a product page and a landing page:

Product PageLanding Page
Includes detailed product descriptionDoes not include navigation systems
Has multiple call-to-actionsSuitable for marketing campaigns
SEO-optimized for more trafficAudience-targeted content and descriptions
Includes different categories and site navigationCall-to-action briefly included


Ecommerce business evolves with strategies and ideas. The best ecommerce businesses include optimization, branding, and product descriptions with quality images and videos.

With these objectives, anyone can work on increasing their conversions and benefit from the advantages of running an ecommerce business.

Our ecommerce landing page examples are reviewed solely for the purpose of ecommerce companies that want to improve the landing page conversion ratio into a solid & targeted customer base. Hope this helps.

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