Are you using Shopify to manage your online store and not getting enough customer attention? Installing the right Shopify apps might help you.

According to the latest stats, over 6,000 publicly available apps are on the Shopify App Store.

We highlighted the 14 best free Shopify apps that will help your Shopify store succeed.

Let’s get started!

The 14 Best Free Shopify Apps to Install: An Overview

We understand that you want to learn about the best Shopify apps for your stores, but we also realize that your time is valuable.

So, if you want to get the most out of this article in the least amount of time, we've created a table with an overview of all the apps covered.

Let's take a look at it below:

KlaviyoMarketingFree / $5 / $20 per month
Yotpo Product & Photo ReviewsMarketingFree / $15 / $24 / $49 per month
PrivyMarketingFree / $15 / $45 / $70 per month
RivoBoosting SalesFree / $34 / $129 / $429 per month
SmileBoosting SalesFree / $49/ $199 / $599 per month
Trust Hero ‑ Trust BadgesBoosting SalesFree
BeProfitBoosting SalesFree / $25 / $75 / $150 per month
Tidio ‑ Live Chat & ChatbotsCustomer CareFree / $19 / $39 per month
Shopify InboxCustomer CareFree
AfterShipOrder TrackingFree / $11 / $119 /$239 per month
ProvewayPayPal Tracking SyncFree / $10 / $20 per month
RechargePayment SubscriptionFree / $499 per month
DSersProduct SourcingFree / $19.90 / $49.90 per month

Note: Although you will notice that most of the apps listed in the table offer monthly plans, they come with free plans that allow you to get started with them.

The 5 best free Shopify marketing apps for your store

Here are the free Shopify marketing apps we selected for you!

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo Homepage

Klaviyo is an email marketing application and is one of the best free Shopify apps to install.

For Shopify store owners, Klaviyo enables them to convert customer transactions into productive long-term relationships—at scale.

The secret to Klaviyo's success is that it pays attention to, comprehends, and then converts customer, visitor, and subscriber activities into worthwhile, pertinent, actionable communications.

Let's see in detail how Klaviyo works:

Key Features

  • Expand your lead email list while gathering more data on your site visitors by using Klaviyo's free form builder.
  • A structured and clear perspective of your users' behaviors, actions, and interests.
  • Target customers based on one or more segmentations, such as events, profiles, locations, dates, or various other characteristics.
  • Access key indicators like customer retention, turnover likelihood, gender projection, and smart send times.


These are a few ways Klaviyo can help you grow your online store.

You can choose from its various pricing plans and get started for free:

Pricing Klaviyo

2. Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews

Yopto Homepage

Yotpo is a free Shopify marketing app to install for your growing store.

It benefits your business by allowing you to collect reviews, ratings, photos, and videos from customers to convert their content into sales.

Images help to promote your online ecommerce business, which would otherwise be difficult to manage.

Let's see how it helps you:

Key Features

  • Collect reviews, ratings, and questions from customers.
  • Showcases customer-friendly content to increase traffic.
  • Official partnership with Google lets you enjoy Google’s advertisement-related products to increase traffic and engage more crowds.
  • Increase your online presence by sharing your user-generated content on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Build a loyal and faithful brand community.
  • Monitor the rise and fall of customer traffic on your website.


For all these reasons, Yotpo is undoubtedly the best free Shopify app to install to ensure the exponential growth of your online store.

You can choose from multiple plans and prices according to your needs and budget:

Pricing Yopto

3. FirePush

FirePush Homepage

FirePush is a free Shopify app that helps you turn the customer traffic on your website into potential clientele with the help of push, SMS, and email marketing techniques.

These communications, skillfully managed by FirePush, can help you win over more website visitors who will become devoted clients.

Let's check out its features:

Key Features

  • Communicate with a larger audience and get greater conversion rates through SMS, email, and push notifications.
  • Set automation to give push notifications and emails first, then SMS.
  • Increase conversions with abandoned cart automation.


FirePush is free for up to 250 contacts. And if you have over 250 contacts, you can choose a plan according to your customer's databases.

FriePush Pricing

4. Privy

Privy homepage

Another great and free Shopify app to install to promote your store is Privy.

You do not need to hire a technical person to use and operate Privy because of its easy, user-friendly interface; even someone with no experience or knowledge in coding can use it.

It is a free box of email, marketing, conversion, and SMS tools, including popups and banners to help prevent exit and grow your email list from within your Shopify store.

Let's see in detail what exactly Privy does and how it is beneficial for your online store:

Key Features

  • It is fully customizable with mobile-friendly displays featuring flyouts, banners, email gathering tools, email popups, and more.
  • Automatically send communications, including newsletters, abandoned carts, and order emails or SMS.
  • Time on page, page left, and scrolling patterns are just some of the triggers that Privy employs to determine just when to display promotions to your store's visitors.
  • Track the success of your campaigns in real-time with the help of the system's detailed reporting features.


From free to the growth plan, you are free to select the plan that suits your requirements the best:

Pricing Privy

Now that you know some free Shopify marketing apps, let's talk about the free apps for boosting your sales.

The 4 best free Shopify apps for boosting your sales

We've compiled a list of the best free Shopify apps to help you boost sales and increase your store's conversion rate.

Once you have visitors to your online store, you must convert them into customers, and the following Shopify apps should be seriously considered:

1. Rivo

Rivo Homepage

Rivo is the top choice on our list if you're considering an app to make your customers more loyal and increase sales massively.

Many brands are running this app on their Shopify store to boost sales.

Let's check out Rivo's features!

Key Features

  • Increase engagement and customer retention using our fully featured loyalty & rewards platform.
  • Expand your audience and build your email list by encouraging your website visitors to make a purchase.
  • Collect user-generated content for your store.
  • Enable your customers to leave feedback and photos of their experience with your products.
  • User-friendly, no coding required.


A free forever plan is available to get started; Enjoy Rivo!

Rivo Pricing

2. Smile

The Smile app in the Shopify App Store

Spending money on costly, unreliable, and flawed lead-capture campaigns to advertise your internet business is unnecessary when you have this software.

Smile assists Shopify store owners in increasing sales from current customers rather than more intensive lead-gathering by using customized recommendations, dynamic popup interaction, point and bonus programs, and other methods.

Users may quickly create incentive programs that complement their current business.

Let's see how it works!

Key Features

  • Launching loyalty point programs.
  • Launching referral programs.
  • Collecting emails and signing up is made simple and easier via an in-store, highly appealing rewards button.
  • Streamline the store's look and incorporate elements like logos, banner graphics, and various color schemes.
  • Set up and launch your rewards program on Shopify in less than a day.
  • Integrate with various applications, such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, and many others.


In short, with this app, you can save a good amount of money, and it's also free to get started if you do not process more than 200 orders monthly.

Pricing of Smile

3. Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges

TrustHero Homepage

Another significant app for your online store is Trust Hero. It enables your store to display free security and payment badges that ensure the safety and security of your customers' money and payment information.

Customers will feel more at ease and never hesitate to make that purchase or abandon their carts due to payment security concerns.

Create your collection of editable icons and badges to inspire consumer trust in your merchandise and business, and badges can also be created in just a minute.

Here are some fantastic features of this app:

Key Features

  • Automatically display your business's latest and greatest reviews to prospective customers and increase conversions.
  • Email and text campaigns.
  • Acquire, manage, and use customer reviews from around the web.
  • Activate happy customers to share the good word where it matters.


It's 100% free!

4. BeProfit

Homepage BeProfit

BeProfit is the leading free profit analysis dashboard that assists you in enabling your business data to optimize profit and grow your store.

It can assist you in keeping track of every data point, even when information is streaming from multiple sources simultaneously.

Connect all your stores to get a complete overview of their performance and simple, one-time integrations to automatically pull your advertising and shipping data from your online platforms.

Key Features

  • Auto-sync with top ad platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing).
  • Chrome extension to sync AliExpress order data and sync expenses with Google sheets.
  • Precise profit analysis.
  • Use the app anywhere and at any time, whether on a desktop or mobile device, to collaborate with your teammates in real-time on your shared workspace.


BeProfit comes with monthly and yearly subscription plans. If you decide to go with the monthly plan, you get a seven-day free trial; if you want the annual one, it gives you a fourteen-day free trial.

Pricing BeProfit

Once you get the right apps for boosting your sales, it's time to have a good customer care system in for your store.

Let's look at some of the best free Shopify customer care apps to install.

2 Best free Shopify apps for customer care

Let's check out some of the best free Shopify apps for your store's customer service!

1. Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

Tidio Homepage

You can't run a profitable Shopify store without a customer support app.

Your customer support system must be robust and customer-centric; this is why Tidio is one of the best free Shopify apps to install for the growth and promotion of your business.

Key Features

  • Take care of your customers 24/7 with chatbots.
  • Use Live Chat to reply to your customers instantly and increase sales.
  • See live visitors and start a conversation.
  • Combine all communication channels in one place for seamless customer service.


The best advantage of using Tidio is that it's cheap, and there is also a free plan:

Pricing Tidio

2. Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox

Shopify develops this app. Shopify Inbox is a free messaging app that allows you to convert more chats into checkouts, regardless of where they begin.

According to Shopify, 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers about to make a purchase.

Key Features

  • Connect Facebook, Instagram, and more to Inbox so you can easily manage customer conversations within a single app.
  • Save time by letting shoppers find instant answers to common questions about shipping rates, timelines, returns, and more.
  • Know what customers have in their cart when they reach out to you using the online store chat.


Shopify Inbox is a free business chat app.

4 Must-have free apps on the Shopify store

Let's talk about one of the best free Shopify apps to install and reduce customer chargebacks.

1. AfterShip

AfterShip order tracking Shopify app

AfterShip, as its names suggest, is an app that helps you create a branded tracking page for your store. A tracking page in your store is crucial if you're going to use PayPal as a payment gateway, and in fact, they are well known for holding funds until the tracking number is provided.

It provides branded shipment tracking and notifications, resulting in increased sales and a better customer experience.

AfterShip's global courier network of 980+ makes it an ideal solution for online stores.

Key Features

  • Track Button for effortless order tracking.
  • Filter shipments by dates, statuses, couriers, and destination.
  • Schedule delivery SMS based on the buyer's timezone.
  • Secure customer packages with AfterShip Protection.
  • Multiple shipping solutions.


AfterShip comes with a free plan in the Shopify app store; if you're not exceeding 50 shipments per month.

Pricing of the AfterShip order tracking Shopify app

But if you're shipping more than 50 monthly, you can consider the Essential or the Pro plan.

2. Proveway

Proveway Shopify app

Before we proceed to the end of the article, there's one more party who would like to know your tracking number.

It's PayPal!

PayPal is known to be strict with dropshippers, but uploading your tracking numbers on their platform can greatly reduce your risks.

And why would you do it manually if there's an app that can automate it?

Proveway is designed to automatically sync tracking numbers to PayPal, which helps build trust, reduce money on hold, and get funds faster.

Proveway avoid PayPal holds

With this app, you can keep your business transparent to PayPal and avoid unwanted disputes, money on hold, and reserves.

Key Features

  • Automatically sync your tracking numbers to PayPal and Stripe.
  • Process orders from the past 3 months in one click!
  • Advanced PayPal courier matching.
Proveway Shopify reviews


Pricing for Proveway ranges from $0 to $19.99 per month, depending on how many shipments you have each month:

3. Recharge

Rechargepayment Homepage

The best free Shopify app to install if your online business includes recurring payments and adding subscriptions.

Subscriptions by Recharge is an application that directly integrates with Shopify to make the problems related to recurring payments or subscription management relatively easy and straightforward to manage.

Customer accounts are created for Recharge and Shopify and are independently managed.

This way, it becomes simplified and manageable for the business owners to handle these payments and subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Quickly enable subscription offers.
  • Roll out subscriptions with Shopify Payments in minutes.
  • Track product performance in real time.
  • Integrated with top ecommerce tools (Klaviyo, Gorgias, Avalara, and more).


One of the best advantages of using Subscriptions by Recharge is that you can seamlessly manage subscriptions, recurring order payments, and various other features, depending on which price plan you opt for.

It's free to use for 60 days; this is why it's considered one of the best free Shopify apps to install if you want an automated and reliable system to manage recurring payments and other things on your website:

Pricing Recharge

4. DSers

DSers Homepage

DSers is an authorized AliExpress ecommerce solution that allows users to process AliExpress dropshipping orders and make bulk payments.

Not only that, but it makes it simple to find several AliExpress suppliers for the product you want to sell on your ecommerce store with a single click, and it has become more popular since Oberlo was shut down.

Tip: Interested in learning more about DSers' Chrome extension? Check out our other article here!

Key Features

  • Place multiple orders to AliExpress in one click.
  • Find cheaper and better suppliers selling the same products.
  • Automatically track and sync shipping information.
  • Choose the shipping method that better suits your needs.
  • Set country-specific suppliers.


You can choose between monthly and annual payment plans, with the yearly plans saving you two months' rent.

A free version allows you to manage up to three stores and 3,000 products per account. But you will not have access to any automation features, and you will only be able to set fixed prices:

Pricing DSers


Before we go to the conclusion, we’ve created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:


There are many Shopify apps on the market, each claiming to be one that can turn your online store into the prosperous enterprise you probably dream of.

Although many apps are worthwhile exploring, keep in mind that not all apps are appropriate for every Shopify store's business strategy, despite their occasionally evident advantages.

The list of Shopify applications mentioned above may not be the only resource every Shopify business owner will need to use to accomplish their objectives.

Remember that there are always additional options to attempt if the one you select doesn't fulfill your expectations or requirements.

We hope this article has helped you to know some of the best free Shopify apps available that you can install on your store.

If you have any questions, comment below, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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