Personalized dropshipping is a great way to add an exciting way to delight your customers.

In this article, we'll be going over ten ways personalized products for your dropshipping store can improve your sales, separate from the competition, and enhance your customer's experience with you.

Are you ready? Let's read on!

What are the benefits of dropshipping personalized products?

Let's start with the ten reasons you should try looking into making personalizing products for your store!

1. They bring a unique experience

First off, personalized products' most significant benefit is creating a unique experience.

Creating an experience means there will be a 'wow' factor when someone looks at it. For example, getting anyone excited about wall prints can be challenging. But when they see it in their favorite animated show's style, a desire happens.

Turned Yellow store homepage
TurnedYellow Homepage

So when thinking of ways to create an experience and allow them to do so quickly.

It is easy for your customers to order unique things they would like to personalize on a product. Once they have entered, you can make the order the way they want and the experience.

2. The long shipping times are acceptable

Like what most dropshippers deal with is long shipping times. The long times are due to the suppliers in other countries to get to the customer.

There are also shipping delays due to weather or unseen problems like pandemics. With personalized products, longer shipping times happen a lot.

Why are the extended shipping times regular in the age of fast shipping with Amazon? People understand the amount of time creating a unique product made for them will take time to make!

Shipping policy example from Cheap Bobbleheads

With generic products, people know they're available, and thus, the shipping should be as fast as possible. So those long shipping times that can take up to weeks can feel reasonable.

You can also have an abundance of orders that only take so long processing times and are more accepted without too much trouble.

Creating the products and the shipping known on the product or FAQ page is essential to reduce confusion.

3. Personalized products allow you to be more profitable

You probably think you can already set your price with any product, so why is that special with a personalized product?

While it is true you can set the price of your products to whatever you want, you still have to be mindful of the competition's prices and the perception of what is affordable compared to similar products.

Personalized products have way more to set their price because there's less competition on your unique creation. With fewer people to anchor a fee to, you're freer to look at the value of the benefit of a fantastic product.

Creating a personalized product is a premium service on top of the product. The high-quality feel will naturally give a higher price and won't scare away from being unreasonable.

4. Personalized products allow you to compete in a saturated market

As you may guess from the last point, having a unique offering in the competition gives you a reason to exist and make sales.

Having a reason to exist beyond making sales is a struggle. Many dropshippers deal with it because the products they source from saturates by many others doing the same.

You're on a different level with personalized products, making it hard to compare and thus not direct competition.

5. It's easier to build a brand on personalized products

First off, what is a brand?

A brand is how a product or company is perceived by those who experience it. When we think of Starbucks, we think of more than just coffee; we also think of their cozy places to relax or work in. The Starbucks experience goes beyond their coffee.

starbucks location
The inside of a new Starbucks

Although an online dropshipping store can't often create a physical location, they can with the experience of creating and delivering a personalized product.

Even Starbucks does this well with how they write their customers' names on their drinks. People can appreciate and sometimes even laugh at the poorly misspelled words on their cups. It's a memorable experience nonetheless.

When people remember your product, they also remember your brand. Building a brand beyond the products is more accessible with personalized products.

6. You can run multiple variants of the same product

A common problem with dropshipping is having only one product or a lot of different products. Variants are hard to come by from suppliers, especially on certain products.

Why do variants of a product matter?

It allows more people to enjoy a product that fits them more. Whether it be size or color, people love the option to have an effect in a way that feels like it was made for them specifically.

Variants also allow a more significant niche, appealing to gender, age, nationalities, etc., through different product forms. Want to have people excited for a big sports game? Have your product come in the team colors!

More variants are more choices which can lead to more sales. Pretty awesome, right?

7.  Personalized products allow a closer connection to the customer

We all love the convenience of digital stores! Although it has lost its interactive personal feel from physical stores.

Clicking through menus products and filling out forms of payment doesn't have a human feel to it. Personalized products can bring that feeling back into the digital stores by communicating personal orders!

Sure, you can have an impersonal form, but you can also talk with the customers to give that in-person feel.

It allows you to communicate and know what your customers want - you can also ask them questions to further improve your business!

Be creative in contacting your customers; they will be more likely to become loyal and continued customers for a long time.

8. It's easier to scale beyond dropshipping

By definition, scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company.

Scaling to become something more significant than the products is like building a brand.

Once you have created a desire and recognition beyond what you're selling, do people believe what you're trying to achieve.

Want to sell other products and reach even more people? It's all possible with scaling now that you have the growth expectations with personalized products.

Examples of scaling have been with Gymshark. It started from dropshipping and is now one of the largest gym apparel brands in the world.

gymshark homepage
Gymshark homepage

Not only is Gymshark providing so much value with their apparel, but they also have now scaled into workout routines through their mobile app.

The success aligns with their brand mission:

It’s not our goals that unite us, but the things we do to achieve them. Because although our training grounds and end goals might be different, sweat is our sport. And we’re a team of individuals who know that to go further, we go together.


9. Personalized products can create emotional attachments

Humans are emotional by nature in their reasoning. It's why we buy many things we don't need but want.

They want products that aren't always logical. No one needs luxury brands, but they're valuable because of the emotional desire to be more significant.

Products don't have to look luxurious; they have to feel like it.

A map of the stars on a particular date is an example of looking luxurious but affordable. The materials used to create a star map may not be the highest quality ever, but the special significance of the design adds a lot of emotional value.

Personalized star map
Etsy product page

Emotional value also creates a wow factor. It's also are separation from the competition. While more straightforward to generate sales.

10. Personalized products make the perfect gifts

Last on the list is one of the most important!

Personalized products make the ultimate gift for holiday sales and loving family members, friends, and colleagues.

They're thinking because they know what the person you're giving the gift values the most. It doesn't matter what a loved one may have or need; a personalized fit will always speak volumes about how much you care about them.

When a holiday is coming around, it's always an excellent idea to personalize your product to help your customers see just how good a gift will be.

What are the disadvantages of personalized dropshipping?

Now we finished the ten advantages of personalized dropshipping, let's look at the other side of the disadvantages to be aware of!

 I will list them below for you in bullet points:

  • Tough client demands
  • Requires time and energy to make a unique product
  • It can't fully be automated
  • More risk of human errors in getting the product right for the customer

Check out this excellent article if you're still excited to learn about personalized products and how to handle these problems!


So there you have it from the list of ten reasons why personalized products can help improve your dropshipping business.

It's a fun experience and a way to improve your business in the process. Only your creativity is the real challenge.

May your dropshipping journey be exciting and successful!

Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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