Starting a print on demand business?

Two popular options are Teelaunch and Scalable Press. But which one is right for you?

The main difference between Teelaunch and Scalable Press is that Teelaunch has a broader product range and is beginner-friendly, while Scalable Press focuses on shirts but offers multiple brands at competitive prices.

Whether you're just starting or looking to switch platforms, this comparison will be a helpful guide for you.

So, let's dive in!

Overview: Teelaunch vs. Scalable Press

When we look at Teelaunch and Scalable Press, we'll be comparing them in these areas:

  1. The pricing plans
  2. The profit margins of products
  3. The print quality
  4. The branding services
  5. The order fulfillment experience
  6. The shipping times
  7. The integrations to your store
  8. The customer support quality

Here's the information presented in a simple table format:

TeelaunchScalable Press
Beginner friendlyLonger production timesFast and reliable customer supportLow print quality
Unique productsFew productsThe best price for bulk ordersShipping times can vary
Templates ready to useCustomization limitationsGenerous free planOnly integrate with API and direct orders

To sum up, let me provide you a few instances of which supplier to choose:

Teelaunch is an excellent choice if:

  • You're just starting. It's accessible, user-friendly, and perfect for Shopify store owners new to the scene.
  • You're looking for unique products. While their selection might be smaller, the quality and appeal are remarkable.
  • You prefer a hassle-free design process. With their ready-to-use templates, you can create merchandise without getting bogged down in technicalities.

Scalable Press is an excellent choice if:

  • You prioritize swift customer service. Their responsiveness and support are commendable.
  • You're looking at bulk orders. Their pricing for large quantities is very competitive.
  • You only want to design and sell shirts. Scalable Press focuses on shirts.
CategoriesTeelaunchScalable Press
Best pricing plans
Best profit margins
Best print quality
Best branding services
Best order fulfillment experience
Best shipping times
Best integrations to your store
Best customer support quality

What is Teelaunch?

Teelaunch is a print on demand company that partners with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, enabling you to create and sell products without needing inventory storage.

teelaunch homepage

Despite its name, you can create designs for various items, including clothing, mugs, and even rare materials for art prints that are not readily available elsewhere.

What sets Teelaunch apart is its innovative printing techniques, which include laser marking on products and the ability to print designs all over clothing, a feature that's uncommon.

Furthermore, Teelaunch provides a variety of unique materials for art prints, such as natural cotton, clay, ceramics, and metal. They also offer worldwide shipping for their products.

Teelaunch's pros

  • Beginner friendly. Teelaunch is cost-free and user-friendly, making it a top pick for Shopify store owners just starting.
  • Unique products. Teelaunch offers distinctive items like the Basketball: Full-Size Single Panel and the 32oz Water Bottle Tumbler. Despite a smaller product range, these products set them apart from other POD suppliers.
  • Ready-to-use templates. Companies can benefit from Teelaunch's pre-made designs to create products quickly without needing extensive technical expertise in merchandise design.

Teelaunch's cons

  • Longer production times. Teelaunch has longer production times than other companies, with an average production time of four to seven days, leading to extended shipping times.
  • Few products. While Teelaunch offers a large selection of apparel and accessories, its selection of other categories pales compared to some larger companies.
  • Customization limitations. Teelaunch allows design customization but has restricted product features and material options. For example, limited t-shirt material choices might impact those wanting specific offerings.

What is Scalable Press?

Scalable Press is a US-based company founded in 2012 specializing in print on demand items. They offer competitive pricing, with canvas shirts starting at just $9, including shipping fees.

Scalable Press hompeage

However, their delivery times vary a lot, and it may be hard to know exactly when your customers will receive their orders.

Scalable Press mainly competes by focusing on large orders and well-known brands rather than small, independent ones.

Scalable Press's pros

  • Fast and reliable customer support. According to customer feedback, their response times for emails and phone calls have been consistently quick.
  • Top-notch pricing for bulk orders. Their products are competitively priced when ordered in large quantities.

Scalable Press's cons

  • Low print quality. Scalable Press uses a DPI of 200, which can result in images being less precise compared to the competition's average of 400 DPI. 
  • Shipping times can vary. Scalable Press has more customer complaints about their order arrival times than their competitors.
  • Only integrate with API and direct orders. If you want Scalable Press to work on your website automatically, you'll need to set up an API, which requires knowledge of JSON coding.

Which one has a better pricing plan?

Let's start by comparing Teelaunch and Scalable Press's pricing plans.

A women throwing money in the air

Pricing of Teelaunch

Teelaunch is free to use. No other tiers are available.

Pricing of Scalable Press

Scalable Press follows a free-to-use model without any tiered plans.

Pricing plans final verdict: Teelaunch and Scalable Press stand on equal ground, offering a simple, free-to-use platform without distinct plans. It's a tie!

Which one has better profit margins?

Pricing can make or break a profitable POD business.

Here are the differences between the pricing of Teelaunch's and Scalable Press's products:

Teelaunch's products

Teelaunch shirt

Teelaunch offers a straightforward pricing structure for its users. For instance, the cost of a shirt begins at a competitive rate of $11.

Scalable Press's products

Scalable Press shirt

Scalable Press presents a transparent and direct pricing model for its customers. Shirts start at just $6.80, making them attractively priced.

Their focus is solely on various types of shirts, eliminating distractions from diverse product lines.

Profit margins final verdict: With a starting price of $6.80 for a shirt, Scalable Press edges out Teelaunch. Scalable Press favors those focusing solely on shirts and aiming for higher profits.

Which has better print quality?

Let's look at which supplier offers superior print quality for your products.

Teelaunch's print quality


The reviews of Teelaunch's product quality appear to be mixed.

While some users are disappointed with shipping fees, print quality, and occasional product damage, others appreciate the quality and range of products.

Scalable Press's print quality

Scalable Press technology

Scalable Press is known to have had issues with its printing quality at times. Many customers mentioned that printed products like t-shirts and posters were lower in dpi than expected.

However, they have consistently committed to addressing feedback and improving their production process.

Print quality final verdict: In terms of print quality alone, Teelaunch seems to have a more consistent and positive reputation than Scalable Press.

Which one offers a better branding service?

Apparel branding from Teelaunch

When looking at the branding services of Scalable Press and Teelaunch, let's see which one is better for your needs.

Teelaunch's Branding

Teelaunch does not offer specific branding services. This could be a limitation for businesses looking for a unique brand touch on their products.

Scalable Press's Branding

Scalable Press, similar to Teelaunch, does not offer any branding services. This means you won't have customization options for your branding when delivering products to your customers.

Branding final verdict: Since both suppliers do not offer branding services, this verdict is declared a draw!

Who has faster order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is the duration between the supplier receiving your order from your store and the product's printing and shipping to the customer.

The order fulfillment time of Teelaunch

The shipping times map from Teelaunch

When it comes to delivering products on time, Teelaunch is a mixed bag. Their website claims a quick fulfillment time of one to two days. However, their support has mentioned that it could take around four to seven days.

Teelaunch ships internationally to all major countries but cannot ship certain products, such as metal signs or outdoor mats. For more info, check out their fulfillment page.

The order fulfillment time of Scalable Press

Scalable Press shipping times

Scalable Press stands out with its efficient order processing.

They typically take two to three days for order fulfillment, ensuring timely product delivery for customers.

While this timeframe might be a tad longer than some competitors, the consistency and reliability of Scalable Press make it a trustworthy choice for businesses looking for steady performance.

Scalable Press can ship internationally, but they only have fulfillment centers in the US, Mexico, Taiwan, and Vietnam, so orders to Europe will be slower than average.

Order fulfillment verdict: Regarding order fulfillment time, Teelaunch is slightly advantageous if their website's information is accurate. However, keep in mind that your experience could vary. Scalable Press emerges as the preferable choice for a more dependable fulfillment time.

Who has the fastest shipping?

Packages falling on the US

Timely shipping is essential for achieving success. Amazon has set the standard for when customers expect their purchases as fast as possible.

So, any advantage you can have over the average store will be noticeable.

Teelaunch's shipping speeds

Teelaunch offers efficient shipping for its products. Customers expect to receive their items for domestic orders within four to five days.

However, international shipments require a longer wait, with packages typically taking around 21 days to reach their destination.

Scalable Press's shipping speeds

Scalable Press offers reasonable product delivery times, but there can be fluctuations. Orders within the US area are expected to arrive in two to five business days.

However, when it comes to international shipments, the duration can vary widely, ranging from ten to 30 business days.

This suggests that while domestic customers can expect acceptable shipping times, international customers should prepare for varying waiting periods.

Shipping time verdict: Teelaunch and Scalable Press have competitive domestic shipping speeds, ranging from two to five days. Teelaunch seems to be the better choice for more predictable international shipping, although Scalable Press might occasionally deliver faster. Therefore, Scalable Press wins this round.

Who has more diverse integrations?

Integrations are necessary because not all suppliers work with every ecommerce platform.

Teelaunch's integrations

Teelaunch integrations page

Teelaunch offers seamless integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

With these integrations, businesses can easily sync their online stores, manage products, and handle orders effortlessly, making Teelaunch a versatile choice for online sellers across different platforms.

Scalable Press's integrations

Scalable Press API Overview page
Scalable Press's API support page

Scalable Press takes a different approach to integrations.

Instead of direct integrations with ecommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, they offer connections via API or immediate orders.

This means businesses with technical know-how can integrate Scalable Press with their systems, allowing for more customization. However, it might be a bit challenging for those without technical expertise.

The integrations verdict: Teelaunch stands out as the winner with direct integrations to popular platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

Which one has the better customer support?

When things go wrong, your supplier's customer support becomes your lifeline. Not all support services are created equal; some go the extra mile to help you.

The customer support of Teelaunch

Teelaunch contact page

Teelaunch's customer service has mixed opinions. Some individuals have reported horrible experiences, with no email responses, limited contact options, and hidden fees.

However, others have praised the company's responsive support and helpful staff, particularly on the Shopify App Store, where customer service is highly regarded. It seems that satisfaction with Teelaunch's customer service can vary widely.

The customer support of Scalable Press

Contact page of Scalable Press

Scalable Press offers help through email if you have any problems with their service. While phone support details are not provided, you can contact them via email for help.

Customer feedback suggests both positive and some less-than-stellar experiences with their customer service. The level of satisfaction seems to vary depending on the specific problem, but in general, it is more consistent compared to Teelaunch.

The customer support verdict: Teelaunch's customer service varies, with high praise and criticism. Scalable Press offers consistent email support but lacks diverse contact methods. Overall, Scalable Press has a more dependable experience.

Teelaunch vs. Scalable Press: Which is the right choice for you?

Teelaunch is best suited for newcomers entering print on demand, thanks to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with popular ecommerce platforms.

With a unique range of products and quick order fulfillment, it's ideal for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to offer distinctive items and prioritize delivery speed.

On the other hand, Scalable Press is a top pick for bulk sellers and businesses with technical expertise. Their competitive pricing for large orders and API-only integration cater to those comfortable with tech know-how.

Although Scalable Press's shipping may not be the fastest on the market, their consistency can bring a sense of reliability, ensuring a predictable experience.

Compare other print on demand companies

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Final verdict

So, which one is best?

Final Verdict: Teelaunch is better than Scalable Press because of its broad product offerings, user-friendly integrations, and prompt order fulfillment.

Scalable Press, however, is reliable in shipping but requires more tech skills and may occasionally fall short in print quality.

In general, Teelaunch offers a more complete solution for most business needs in the POD sector.

What are your thoughts on Teelaunch and Scalable Press?

Let us know in the comments below, and have a great rest of your day!

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