In this article, we'll compare the strengths and weaknesses of two established print on demand suppliers, Printy6 and TPOP.

Choosing the right supplier is crucial for your store's success, so we provide a concise overview of their differences.

The main difference between Printy6 and TPOP is that Printy6 appeals to those seeking a high-profit margin and a broad product range. On the other hand, TPOP caters to those who prioritize premium-quality products and fast shipping times within Europe at a premium price.

Overview: Printy6 vs. TPOP

When comparing Printy6 and TPOP, we'll be comparing them in these areas:

  1. The pricing plans
  2. The profit margins of products
  3. The print quality
  4. The branding services
  5. The order fulfillment experience
  6. The shipping times
  7. The integrations to your store
  8. The customer support quality

Here's a rundown of the pros and cons of Printy6 and TPOP:

Inexpensive productsLong shipping times for US customersEuropean friendlyLong shipping times for non-EU customers
Great User InterfaceMinimal customer serviceEnvironmentally-friendlyExpensive

To sum up, let me give you a few examples of which supplier to choose:

Printy6 is an excellent choice if:

  • You want to have a high-profit margin.
  • You don't mind shipping from China.
  • You aren't reliant on customer support to run your business.

TPOP is an excellent choice if:

  • You want an eco-friendly supplier you can trust.
  • You want high-quality prints for your customers.
  • You will mainly be shipping to European countries.

What is Printy6?

Printy6 homepage

Printy6 is a print on demand site for Shopify that is based in China. This means that shipping may take longer and cost more than other print on demand sites.

Despite this, Printy6 offers a wide variety of affordable and visually appealing print on demand products. Their selection includes clothing, accessories, and homeware.

Additionally, the production time for their products is only two to five days, which is relatively fair compared to other print on demand sites.

Printy6's pros

  • Inexpensive products. Due to China's highly efficient manufacturing, their products are super affordable.
  • Great User Interface. It's relatively simple and easy to set up when you are used to print on demand services.

Printy6's cons

  • Often long shipping times. Due to the location of China, the shipping can take 7-20 days to reach customers, which is disappointing when the competition is faster.
  • Minimal customer service. Printy6 only offers a fill-out form on their contact page with limited hours of availability.

What is TPOP?

Tpop homepage

TPOP is a print on demand supplier from France. They focus on eco-responsible clothing and accessories with various variants, colors, and sizes.

As sustainability is one of their top priorities, they ship all packages without plastic and use environmentally-friendly printing techniques.

TPOP's Pros

TPOP's Cons

  • Long shipping times for non-EU customers. If your customers are located outside of the EU or even aren't close to France, we recommend looking for a different clothing supplier.
  • Expensive. Due to the operation costs in France and the focus on eco-friendliness, TPOP's products are relatively costly compared to other top-tier clothing suppliers.

Which one has a better pricing plan?

Let's start by comparing Printy6 and TPOP's available pricing plans.

Pricing of Printy6

Printy6 has no pricing tiers and only offers a free account. You only pay when you make a sale, so if you're pricing more than the product's cost and shipping, you'll net a profit!

Pricing of TPOP

Like Printy6, TPOP only uses one free pricing plan with no other tiers.

Pricing plans final verdict: Printy6 and TPOP have only one free pricing tier, so it's a draw for this category!

Which one has better profit margins?

Next, we'll look at which allows the most profit per product sold!

Printy6's products

Printy6 men's heavy cotton for adults t-shirt

Printy6's best-selling shirt, the Men's Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt, starts at $12.00 (not including shipping)

Other similar shirts they have can be anywhere between $12-$17 depending on the material and size.

They also have various printing options and all-over printing, so you can customize how you want your apparel to look.

TPOP's products

TPOP apparel shirt

You can get a Men's oversized T-shirt - Organic + recycled cotton from TPOP for €16.50.

TPOP's pricing is noticeably more than the average supplier, but every product is organic and uses the highest quality materials to prevent carbon footprints and waste.

TPOP also has a product page for all their products!

Profit margins final verdict: Printy6 wins this category! Their average price of the t-shirts can be ~$5 less than TPOP's (pricing varies between currency rates).

Which has better print quality?

Print quality is essential when looking at a POD supplier because if the quality is terrible, you won't get repeat customers and will receive more refund requests.

Printy6's print quality

Pirnty6 men's apparel products

Printy6's printing has been stated as acceptable, which is great to hear from a Chinese supplier.

Their Shopify app has numerous five-star reviews praising their quality, especially their boots.

TPOP's print quality

TPOP product quality

In terms of print quality, TPOP also has many great reviews. Most notably, their long-lasting materials made them ideal for frequent use.

The reviews are according to their Shopify App and Trust Pilot feedback.

Print quality final verdict: This is a close comparison because Printy6 and TPOP have received a lot of praise for their consistent quality.

We're deciding TPOP wins this category because of the higher quality materials and reported lasting longer than most other apparel.

Which one offers a better branding service?

Branding is the supplier's service for your products to give a customized and personal feel.

The most common example is a packaging slip that includes your logo and a personal message with every order. Sometimes these branding services can be an additional cost as well.

Printy6's branding service

Printy6 does not offer any branding service in their orders. Bummer!

TPOP's branding service

branding service TPOP

Courtesy of TPOP's slip info page. TPOP offers a customizable slip for every order free of charge!

This includes:

  • Adding your logo free of charge.
  • The price of the items is never listed (in case of a gift), and the packing slip does not act as an invoice: we suggest you include the invoice in PDF format in your shipping confirmation email.
  • Enter the names of your social network accounts and choose the dominant color for the slip.
  • Insert a personalized message on each slip, which will be printed at the bottom.
  • It is possible to let your customer add a message.
  • The language of the slip is automatically translated according to the country of destination.

Branding final verdict: Printy6 does not offer any branding service, so TPOP's customizable slips win this category.

Who has faster order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is the time between the supplier receiving your order from your store to printing and shipping the product to the customer.

The order fulfillment time of Printy6

The average production time for Printy6 is three to five working days (depending on the quantity of the ordered products).

The order fulfillment time of TPOP

TPOP's fulfillment time is two to six business days. (depending on the quantity of the ordered products).

For more information, they have a delivery and shipping information page.

Order fulfillment verdict: TPOP wins this category barely. Their fulfillment times average about a day faster than Printy6.

Who has the fastest shipping?

Shipping times are crucial to being successful. Amazon has set the standard for when customers want their purchases as fast as possible, so any advantage you can have over the average store will be noticeable.

Printy6's shipping speeds

Printy6 shipping rates

The standard shipping time for Printy6 is about five to ten days from their Chinese location.

Printy6's expedited shipping can take four to eight days.

TPOP's shipping speeds

TPOP's shipping speeds depend on the location of your customer:

  • For European countries, shipping takes two to three working days.
  • Shipping can take three to ten working days in the US.

Here's the information you need to know about TPOP's shipping.

Shipping time verdict: Printy6 ships from China, and while their shipping speeds from that location are better than average, TPOP's place in France creates faster shipping.

If you're looking to please your customers waiting for their order, TPOP wins this category.

Who has more diverse integrations?

Integrations are necessary because not every supplier works with every ecommerce platform.

Printy6's integrations

Printy6 Shopify integrations page

Printy6 can easily connect your store with these platforms:

Printy6 has mentioned that Woocommerce, Amazon, and Pritny6 API integrations are currently developing.

TPOP's integrations

TPOP integrations page

TPOP can be integrated with the following ecommerce platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Etsy
  • Direct orders

For more information on TPOP's integration, check out their integrations page!

The integrations verdict: TPOP wins this category because of their existing integration with Woocommerce, which Printy6 does not support.

Which one has the better customer support?

When things go wrong, your supplier's customer support can help you. Not all are equal; some can go the extra mile for you.

The customer support of Printy6

Printy6 contact page

Printy6 offers email only and replies within one business day.

Their times of operation are:

  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday - Thursday: 9 AM - 7 PM CST
  • Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM CST

Printy6 also has a handy FAQ page that covers all your questions about account management, products, printing, shipping, and more!

The customer support of TPOP

TPOP contact page

TPOP only has a contact form with no hours or availability.

TPOP also has a FAQ page for your questions about shipping, printing, and anything else you may need to know to work with them.

The customer support verdict: Both have less than stellar customer support compared to the average POD supplier, but Printy6 is more transparent in their time and response, so we'll choose them for this category.

So, Printy6 or TPOP? (Which one fits you)

Printy6 and TPOP are excellent options for your POD business, each with advantages.

The ultimate choice will depend on your priorities: affordability with Printy6 or environmentally friendly products and high-quality materials with TPOP.

The best part is that there is no charge to use these suppliers, and you can switch anytime.

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Final verdict

These two suppliers serve different purposes depending on the stage of your POD business but based on our verdict, there is a clear winner.

TPOP is the best option if you are looking for a reliable supplier experience and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, if affordability and a wide product selection are what you're after, then Printy6 is an excellent choice. It's worth noting that shipping times may vary depending on your customers' location.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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