In this article, we're diving deep into a pricing comparison between two dominant print on demand (POD) platforms you may know, Printful and Printify!

Well known for their user-friendliness and comprehensive product ranges, the two platforms differ significantly in pricing structures.

Since these POD suppliers have such detailed pricing structures, we've written this article to help you pick the best platform for your business.

The main difference between Printful's and Printify's pricing is that Printful offers higher quality and consistent branding at a higher price for businesses that want a premium experience, while Printify provides lower costs and a more extensive product range for its customers.

Let's go more in-depth now:

Overview of Printful's and Printify's pricing

In the competitive world of POD companies, Printful and Printify are popular options with different approaches to pricing, product offering, and service quality.

Here's an overview of their pricing structure:

Product PricingHigh-quality products, but higher price range:

$9-$29 for T-shirts, $21-$58 for hoodies, $11-$14 for iPhone cases
Lower-priced products, variability depending on the supplier:

$7-$27 for T-shirts, $15-$50 for hoodies, $8-$18 for iPhone cases
ShippingFast and transparent shipping with detailed rate calculations. The average cost is around $4.69Cost-efficient shipping with variability depending on print partners. Rates can be as low as $3 to as high as $17
Subscription PlanThere is no premium tier; however, additional fees exist for specific optional featuresMore affordable premium plan at $29 per month, with a 20% discount and multi-store management capability
Branding and PackagingOffers custom branding and packaging servicesIt does not offer custom branding and packaging but provides a diverse product catalog
Quality vs. CostPrioritizes high-quality print outputs at a higher costPrioritizes cost-effectiveness with a risk of variability in print quality

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Product pricing comparison

Printful and Printify, as major competitors in the print on demand market, offer various products, from apparel to accessories.

A significant difference between them lies in their respective pricing structures.

To provide a more transparent comparison, we have charted the costs of some popular products side-by-side below:

ProductPrintful's pricePrintify's price
T-shirts$9 to $29$7 to $27
Hoodies$21 to $58$15 to $50
iPhone cases$11 to $14$8 to $18

It's important to note that Printful's pricing does not include the cost of printing, which can further increase the product's price depending on the design and printing requirements.

Printiful shirt

Printify, which connects sellers with various print partners worldwide, generally offers lower prices.

However, these can vary depending on the specific vendor chosen.

Printify shirt

Product pricing verdict: Printify wins on price with its lower-cost offerings. It's an affordable choice for budget-conscious businesses, despite Printful's edge in quality and control.

Shipping costs comparison

Both Printful and Printify handle order fulfillment, but their shipping costs, times, and processes are based on their operational models and fulfillment locations.

Printful manages its printing, packing, and shipping processes internally, with multiple fulfillment facilities worldwide.

This integrated approach enables Printful to provide detailed shipping rate calculations.

It's worth noting that Printful's shipping costs are influenced by factors such as product weight and destination!

Printful map shipping

Printful generally has a production time of two to five business days, and most orders are shipped within five days.

The shipping costs average around $4.69 and fluctuates based on product and quantity. Here is more information on products' shipping rates on their shipping rate page.

Shipping from Printify

Printify, on the other hand, acts as a mediator between sellers and a network of print partners worldwide.

Printify's shipping costs are determined mainly by its print partners, with varying prices depending on the specific vendor and the product.

Printify has an average shipping time to the US of two to seven days. However, international orders may experience longer shipping times due to the locations of certain print partners and customs processes.

The shipping rates can fluctuate from suppliers, so it isn't easy to give an estimate.

Depending on the product, some are as low as $3 to high as $17. You can see all the supplier's shipping rates on their shipping rates page.

Shipping pricing verdict: The verdict is a tie. Printful excels in fast, transparent shipping, while Printify stands out with cost-efficiency and a more prominent partner network.

Subscription plan pricing comparison

Printful is free to use and no longer has a premium tier to purchase.

It is important to note, however, that Printful has additional paid features available:

Printful's pricing plans

Learn more about Printful's pricing: Printful Pricing Plans: Which One Is Best for You? (2023)

Printify's has a free plan and two paid plans:

  • Premium: This plan costs $29 per month or $24.99 when charged annually.
  • Enterprise: This plan is customizable, and costs vary based on your business needs.
Printify pricing

Printify's premium plan is less expensive and provides a 20% discount on all items, making it affordable for businesses operating on a tight budget.

It also allows you to manage multiple stores, which helps expand across different platforms.

Learn more about Printify's pricing: Printify Pricing Plans: Which One Is Best for You? (2023)

Lastly, it's worth noting that Printify does not offer a free trial for its premium plans!

Subscription plan pricing verdict: Printify wins when comparing subscription plans. The blend of affordability, a 20% discount, and multi-store management present a compelling advantage.

Additional feature pricing comparison

When it comes to branding, both Printful and Printify offer services that can help you enhance your brand image, but there are some differences in what they offer.

Branding is a crucial aspect of a business's identity, often using elements such as logo design, color, fonts, and even the packaging of products:

Promo maker

Printful also offers custom branding and packaging services!

This can involve elements like adding your logo or other graphics to the packaging or using specific colors that match your brand's visual identity.

Printify, while not offering custom branding and packaging, allows for a wide range of customizable products:

Printify wrapping paper
Printify wrapping paper

Printify focuses on providing a diverse product catalog that can align with your brand's look and feel.

Their strength lies in the ability to offer many options to businesses for product customization.

Feature pricing verdict: Considering branding and packaging, including sticker services, Printful takes the win. Its custom offerings surpass Printify's, providing a more consistent and engaging brand experience.

Quality vs. costs

Given the information available, it's evident that both Printful and Printify bring their unique strengths, offering different benefits depending on what the user prioritizes – quality or costs.

If we dive deeper into the quality factor, Printful excels with its commitment to high-standard print outputs and consistent print quality.

Printfuls mock up generator
Printful mock-up generator

This is possible because Printful handles all its in-house printing, packaging, and shipping processes.

The company also invests in its print equipment, which plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of its products.

These attributes make Printful a choice for users who prioritize quality over cost.

Printify's strength lies in its cost-effectiveness.

Despite being a middleman and outsourcing its services to various suppliers, it offers a more extensive product range, with specific branding options through its print providers.

Printify new products
Printify new arrivals

However, this outsourcing also leads to variability in print quality, which can concern users.

Despite this, those who prioritize cost-effectiveness may find Printify a better fit.

Quality vs. cost verdict: In the contest between Printful and Printify, Printful wins for quality, while Printify claims victory for cost-effectiveness.

However, considering both aspects, Printful is the winner due to its high standards, which are fundamental in a print on demand business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's look at any questions you may have:

Do Printful and Printify offer any design services for their products?

Neither Printful nor Printify offers professional design services for artwork on the products. Their design tools are primarily there to create the printing process and allow you to preview how your designs will look on the products before confirming the orders.

Are there any limitations to the design or artwork that can be printed on the products?

Printful and Printify allow all types of design files and resolutions. However, the best quality will be at 300ppi with PNG files. You also aren't allowed to use the artwork if you don't have copyright ownership or are against their terms of service.

Can I use my designs and logos on the products from Printful and Printify?

Yes, both Printful and Printify allow you to use designs and logos on the products. You can easily upload your artwork via their user interfaces and position it on the product.

So, Printful or Printify? (Which one fits you)

Choosing between Printful and Printify for your print on demand (POD) company largely depends on your priorities and business model.

Who Printful is for

If your business focuses on offering high-quality products with consistent branding and packaging, Printful is an excellent choice.

Printful manages all its in-house printing, packaging, and shipping processes, allowing superior quality control!

This end-to-end integration also allows for better product consistency, leading to a reliable brand experience for your customers.

Printful is also suited for businesses that can afford a higher price point for superior quality and excellent customer service.

Who Printify is for

For businesses operating on a tight budget or wanting to compete on product prices, Printify could be a more suitable option.

Printify typically offers lower product prices, depending on the chosen print partner.

Its strength lies in providing a diverse product catalog, enabling businesses to offer their customers a wider variety of products.

The Printify premium plan is more affordable than Printful's and offers perks like a 20% discount and the ability to manage multiple stores.

Final verdict

So, what is our final verdict on the pricing of Printful vs. Printify?

Final verdict: Printful offers a free sign-up in combination with high-quality but relatively high-priced items. In contrast, Printity offers both free and paid subscription plans while offering lower-priced and lower-quality products.

All in all, Printful's commitment to maintaining high standards, fundamental in a print on demand service, makes it a better choice than Printify.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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