Where there is online traffic, there is ecommerce – and Pinterest is a huge traffic hub. Being one the fastest-growing platforms to enter the one billion monthly visitors club, it has become a go-to place for online sellers. 

Some people have gotten tired of watching ads on Facebook and Instagram, so it’s time to put your products among some catchy pins. But how would you know which ads would work great on Pinterest?

In this article, you will see 12 great Pinterest Ad examples for ecommerce that may inspire you. You will also learn what makes those ads great so that you get successful advertisement ideas. 

Let’s begin!

What is Pinterest, and why should you advertise on it?

Pinterest is a powerful platform for sharing and exploring ideas. It is all about pictures and videos that users are interested in. 

So, no boring stuff like lengthy text that is not visually appealing. That’s where your advertisement will be shown. 

With its incredible targeting options and algorithm, you can show your ads to your target audience.

Have a look at how your ad will be displayed on Pinterest:

Promoted posts on Pinterest

Could you feel the attraction of having your ad among these amazing pins? 

We’ll discuss the successful Pinterest Ads one-by-one shortly. So, sit tight!

And yes! Seven ads on a single page of Pinterest. It speaks volumes about how smart advertisers are turning to this platform. 

Let’s read about a few benefits of promoting your products on Pinterest:

  • Massive monthly traffic on Pinterest – more potential customers.
  • Clicking the ads takes users directly to your sales page – no distractions.
  • Ads are shown among regular pins – giving them a natural look. 
  • Low competition – high time to take the lead.
  • Your ads repeat in the user's scrolling – increasing the chances of conversion. 

Don’t you find the benefits of Pinterest Ads amazing?

But don’t worry if you are not yet ready to spend money on Pinterest Ads. 

You can read our insightful article to play around with free traffic on Pinterest: How to Get Free Traffic From Pinterest for Dropshipping.

Advertising on Pinterest is more of an art. What kind of ads would work great on Pinterest? 

What should you show your Pinterest audience that can boost your ecommerce business? How to present your ideas on Pinterest that easily convince your customers to buy from you?

That's exactly what you are going to learn from the coming examples. 

But if you are a beginner to Pinterest Ads, we advise you to read this helpful article as well: Pinterest Ads for Dropshipping: A Beginner’s Guide for 2024

Now, are you excited to check out some great ads on Pinterest for ecommerce?

Let’s jump in!

12 Best Pinterest Ad examples for ecommerce 

This section will inspire you to consider running Pinterest Ads for your ecommerce business. 

We will present 12 amazing Pinterest Ad examples used for ecommerce. 

For your convenience, we will dissect each Pinterest Ad example for ecommerce into the following details:

  • Advertiser's name with a link to its homepage. So you can check out their entire store and learn about other products they have in their store. 
  • Pinterest Ad screenshot. So you don't have to worry if the ad is gone by the time you read this article. 
  • A link to the Pinterest Ad. So you can see the ad for yourself. This allows you to watch the full video (in case of a video ad) and read the Pinterest Ad description. 
  • Distinctive features of that Pinterest Ad. This section is to get some inspiration from the advertiser’s ad strategy. 

Remember that Pinterest Ads are only displayed as long as the advertiser is paying for them, just like any other ad. So, if you can’t find the ad when you click on the ad link, don’t worry! 

You can check their homepage from that store's link and search for the same product. If you still can’t find that ad, you can also check it out from the screenshot. 

Here is the list of 12 great Pinterest Ad examples for ecommerce. The list is in no particular order. Every ad is great on its own.

1. Awesome Stuff 365

Awesome Stuff 365 Portable Translator

The first on our list is the Pinterest Ad from the company called Awesome Stuff 365.

They are introducing a handy travel gadget that translates multiple languages – breaking the language barrier globally. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Practical demonstration of the product. The video clearly describes the product's benefits in a fun and engaging way. A user will immediately get hooked and want to know more about the product. 
  • Tempts a specific audience. People who travel a lot would surely love this device. Mentioning 'futuristic sci-fi' may induce the urgency of 'impulse buying.' 
  • Provides a great solution. The video shown in this ad highlights the simple solution to the massive problem of the communication gap. 

2. SuperBrand Tools

Multipurpose tool shaper

The second on our list is the Pinterest Ad from SuperBrand Tools. It wonderfully presents a super-tool that most men would love.

The video shows it all. The product replaces many traditional tools. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Triggers an emotion. Probably, the most wonderful aspect of this Pinterest Ad is that it calls for all the dads who like to work for themselves. That doesn’t only catch the attention of the end-users but also calls for sons and daughters to buy this product for their dads. 
  • Targeted audience. This Pinterest Ad is specifically shown to people interested in woodworking, crafting, and shaping things. 
  • Video with details. The advertiser doesn’t rely on the description. Instead, the video has text that highlights the product’s benefits.

3. Inspire Uplift

Car seat organizer

This Pinterest Ad is from Inspire Uplift. This is a simple product shown in a very interactive way. The advertiser has covered major applications in the ad details. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Targets a large audience. The car seat organizer can be an accessory on any car. The advertiser must have targeted multiple audiences. 
  • The description is full of offers. The description mentions the product’s benefits and offers discounts and free shipping, which most buyers like. 
  • Time-saving video. The advertiser knows that a user may scroll down within the first few moments unless he is impressed. Therefore, this video ad is displayed fast-forward to get straight to the point. 

4. Hashosh

Remote control Christmas tree

So, what’s so good about this Pinterest Ad? You may have guessed it already. Let’s diagnose it anyway. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Targets a vast audience. Christmas is a much-awaited occasion in the largest community in the world. Every Christian will love this product as it saves a lot of time. 
  • Utilizes shopping season. As Christmas is just after the Black Friday sale, the advertiser leverages this to grab a lot of orders. 
  • Catchy description. The description attempts to convince the audience in a few words. It uses relevant signs that are attractive. It also mentions the price, which is probably the first question in a customer’s mind. 

5. Legit Gifts

Print pen

So, why did this Pinterest Ad get an entry into our great Pinterest Ad examples for ecommerce? Let’s check it out. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Conveys the sense of superiority. The ad description calls the product 'Printer of the Century.' This compels the audience to watch the video and read the details to know more about the product. 
  • Self-explaining video. The video excellently shows how easy it is to print anything you want. The video shows that this Printpen can be used for commercial and domestic purposes. 
  • The description relates to the viewer. The description mentions a fact about the current century and portable devices and then relates the viewer to the product. 

6. Miupie 

Breathable sheet

This Pinterest Ad is from a company called Miupie. They are trying to sell a special bedsheet. Let’s analyze their ad. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Intelligent use of words. The advertiser has used multiple words to fit the tile. Breathable, silky, and fitted – these words show the product's benefits. 
  • The video makes it more than a bedsheet. The video excellently shows how convenient it is to set up, unlike regular bed sheets. Also, the video shows the sheet to be waterproof. 
  • 'You need this' mantra. This is a persuasive ad technique. Customers are confused most of the time about whether they should buy the product. The advertiser gives them a direction in the description by saying, 'you need this.' 

7. Delish

Baked apple crisps

Got surprised by this Pinterest Ad? Delish sells recipes on its website. Let’s analyze the advertisement. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Delicious video. The very first look of the video is mouthwatering. It has all the charisma to attract foodies who want to try new dishes. 
  • Summarized details. The advertiser understands that the readers might be worried about the reviews and the time required to bake this dish. So, they have started the description with the same details.
  • Healthy ingredients. The advertiser has mentioned that this sweet dish will be delicious and healthy. 

8. Marie Mas

Moving jewelry

Next on our list is a Pinterest Ad from a jewelry company called Marie Mas. The company has developed a unique idea that takes the jewelry experience ahead of the contemporary style. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Practical video. The video practically shows how the jewelry moves around the hand without falling. Jewelry lovers would instantly fall in love with this product. 
  • Superior brand image. The description of this ad starts with the statement that uplifts the brand’s image in readers' eyes. It is a well-established cross-selling technique. 
  • Natural call to action. The CTAs are very important in an ad. This advertiser naturally uses the CTA. Asking the audience to 'wear them' instead of saying 'buy now' is a wonderful way of convincing the customers. 

9. The Custom Movement

Custom sneakers

Are you into selling customized products? This Pinterest Ad might inspire you. Let’s check out their ad strategy. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Handmade demonstration. People love handmade products. This advertiser practically shows how the sneakers are handpainted to give them a new look. 
  • Purchase and gift combo. The advertiser cleverly mentions in the ad description that these custom sneakers are best to buy for yourself or to gift someone else. Whatever the case is, it will result in increased sales. 
  • Mentions famous sneaker brands. The advertiser knows that people trust famous sneaker brands like Nike and Adidas. So, he mentions that these branded sneakers are available in his collection. 

10. Erstwhile Jewelry

Diamond ring

You may learn much from this Pinterest Ad if you sell jewelry-related products. This is from the official store name, Erstwhile Jewelry. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Simplest video. The video simply shows how elegant the ring is. That’s probably enough for the right audience. 
  • Straightforward description. The description doesn’t beat around the bush at all. It includes the straightforward details that jewelry lovers care about. The description also hooks the audience with an occasion – engagement. 
  • Linked with a famous jewelry brand. Tiffany & Co is a well-known jewelry brand. Linking the ad with the company will increase the trust level of the company.

11. Good Idea Trade

Folding dining table

This Pinterest Ad is about a handy product that can be used in every home. It is presented by a company named Good Idea Trade.

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Visually attractive animation. The video of this ad is made of animation and is quite appealing to the viewers. It delivers the message within a few seconds. The sticky notes on the video do the rest of the job. 
  • Shop the look feature. This is the only Pinterest Ad in our list that utilizes the 'shop the look' feature on Pinterest. The viewers can look at multiple products along with the ad just by sliding the pictures. So, if they are still not impressed with the main product, another product might attract them to click their website’s link. 
  • A few yet powerful words in the description. The advertiser wraps up the description with his main words that seem enough to catch a viewer’s attention. 

12. Adidas

Adidas skateboarding shoe

Last but not least, on our list of 12 great Pinterest Ad examples for ecommerce is an amazing Pinterest Ad from Adidas.

Let’s see the power of the words this gigantic shoe company uses in its ad. 

What makes this Pinterest Ad great? 

  • Establishes superiority. The company has made its product superior by using the words like 'super shoes,' 'bragging rights,' and 'highest quality.' Such words are quite convincing to the audience, especially if they come from a known brand like Adidas. 
  • Targets specific audience. These shoes are specifically meant for people who like skateboarding. They can relate well to the meaning of 'vulcanized footwear' in terms of comfort and performance. 
  • The picture says it all. The picture of the shoes is taken from an angle that provides a complete look at the pair. 

How do you find more Pinterest Ad examples yourself?

If you want more ad examples on Pinterest, you can find them yourself. 

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest doesn’t have an ads library yet. So, we are sharing two easy yet powerful methods for finding ecommerce Pinterest Ads. 

1. Pinterest search option

You can search for the pins just by using its search option. You have to write whatever you want to find, and the results will be in front of you. 

You can also use ecommerce-related keywords like 'get yours,' 'buy now,' and 'free shipping,' etc., to refine your search. 

Please note that Pinterest is more about creative ideas and interests. So, all the search results will not be ads. Only the pins accompanying the store’s link will most probably be ads. 

If you want to look at the video ads, don’t forget to change the type of pins from the option alongside the search. Look at the screenshot below:

Pinterest video search

2. Feed the Pinterest algorithm 

Like other platforms, Pinterest’s algorithm updates the feed according to user activities. 

If you want Pinterest to show you more ads related to ecommerce, click on a few ads you want to see more often in the future. 

You can also click on the store’s link and 'add to cart' to expedite this process. 


Before you move on to the conclusion, here’s a quick recap of this article so you may recall the key takeaways:

  • Pinterest is a genuinely fantastic platform to sell your products online
  • Using an excellent ad strategy, you can target a broad or very passionate audience on Pinterest.
  • The problem-solving ad strategies work well at Pinterest.
  • Your ad can get great results if you add an emotional appeal or show superiority.
  • Adding a good product description along with your product's picture or video can bring positive results quickly.
  • Using carefully chosen words, you can keep your ad simple yet powerful.
  • You can search for ads on Pinterest and feed the Pinterest algorithm to see more ads.


Congratulations! You just went through the 12 great Pinterest Ad examples for ecommerce. We hope that some of them were good enough to inspire you. 

Do tell us what you think about this article in the comments. You can contact us directly if you have any questions regarding Pinterest Ads. 

We are always there for you with many tips for your ecommerce business. 

All the best with your Pinterest Ads!

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