A good shipping policy is important for any ecommerce business.

It promises transparency from the retailer to the consumer, explaining the journey products take from the virtual shopping cart to the customer's doorstep.

In this article, we'll show you 14 shipping policy examples to help you create a strong policy for your own ecommerce or dropshipping store.


11 Ecommerce shipping policy examples

Here are the 11 ecommerce shipping policy examples:

1. Barner

Barner shipping policy

The first ecommerce shipping policy example on our list is Barner. They offer free shipping on all orders over 85€.

The processing time is one to two business days, and tracking is provided for every shipment. International deliveries are subject to customs fees, which are not included in their shipping rates.

In this case, they've decided to integrate the shipping policy within their FAQs page, which isn't necessarily a bad idea, but it would have been better in terms of clarity and link structure if they had a separate page for it.

As we move on in this list, you'll notice that each company has its own way of crafting and positioning the shipping policy in a different part of the website.

For example, some companies prefer to add it within the FAQs, while others add it in the footer menu.


US shipping ASOS customer care

The next one on our list is ASOS.

This fashion ecommerce company provides various shipping options, including standard, express, next-day delivery, and even free shipping, depending on your location.

Since they're an international retailer, their shipping times vary based on location and selected shipping method.

That said, what you should take away from their shipping policy is how they've structured it.

US standard shipping

You can see that they've included many links within the US express shipping page to help the user navigate the page and find relevant pages.

For instance, if a potential customer is interested in standard shipping, they can easily find more details.

Now, ASOS has also done a great job creating these pages because Google loves interlinking!

3. Best Buy

Shipping costs timing best buy

Let's continue this list with Best Buy.

Their shipping policy includes free standard shipping for most items.

They also have options for expedited and international shipping (if you're planning on creating a shipping policy, don't forget to consider adding those options) with fees based on the size, weight, and destination of the package.

Indeed, speaking of size and weight, the cost to ship large or heavy items may be subject to additional charges, which should be clearly communicated to customers to avoid any surprises.

This is particularly important for heavy or fragile items like large appliances and electronics, which may require special handling and delivery services.

4. Colour Pop

Shipping colourpop

Colour Pop has an interesting shipping policy page.

They've designed their page in a FAQ format, which helps users find what they need quickly through well-organized sections.

What sets Colour Pop's page apart in terms of quality is the 'help section' on the right side.

Upon hovering over it, this feature triggers a pop-up that directs users to additional helpful information.

Pretty cool, huh?

These are methods that people usually implement for marketing reasons, but in this example, it fits properly within the page.

Just make sure if you decide to use it, don't overdo it. Otherwise, it may look spammy.

Shipping rates calculated

That said, each page is created so that if a customer finishes reading the page and still has a question, they can easily reach out to the customer support team with a click of a button!

5. Snow

Snow shipping policy

Next on our list is Snow!

The shipping policy at Snow is quite thoughtful and seems to cater well to customer convenience.

They offer free shipping within the United States, which is always a pleasant bonus, reflecting a customer-centric approach.

Moreover, Snow doesn't neglect its international audience and offers global shipping options. This inclusivity showcases their dedication to serving a diverse customer base.

The clarity of their policy regarding timelines is also noteworthy; they provide estimated delivery times, which helps set customer expectations.

It's a detail that many other companies often overlook, but Snow seems to recognize the importance of transparency.

While the site doesn't mention anything about expedited shipping options or handling of large items, their straightforward and no-cost domestic shipping offer simplifies decisions for potential buyers, removing one more barrier to purchase.

6. Manscaped

Manscaped shipping policy

Another well-known ecommerce company in the man grooming industry is Manscaped.

Remember our mention of companies having different ways of implementing their shipping policies?

Well, Manscaped is one of those.

They have integrated and also divided their shipping policy within the 'help' section.

Although this isn't as common as having its own policy page, it still gives insights into how the company operates its internal policy.

7. Tropicology

Shipping tropicology

Next up is the shipping policy from Tropicology.

Their site has a pretty detailed shipping page outlining all their delivery options.

Within Australia, Tropicology uses established carriers such as Australia Post and Sendle, ensuring timely and trackable deliveries.

They also advise customers to have orders sent to an address where someone is available during business hours to sign for the package.

That helps prevent missed deliveries. Big thumbs up for this!

Now, international orders are a bit more complicated.

Understandably, packages may hit delays going through customs in other countries. Plus, there's a chance of extra fees popping up that are out of Tropicology's hands.

They're upfront about that, which is good, but it does put more responsibility on the customer if anything goes wrong.

You can take some inspiration from this company since the previous shipping policy examples didn't mention any advice to educate the customer to be at home to receive the parcel.

Educating your customers should be your main goal if you want to avoid disputes in the long term.

8. Lux Skin

Luxskin shipping policy

Lux Skin's shipping policy seems to balance promptness and practicality.

They promise to pack and dispatch orders within one to three business days, which is a reasonable timeframe that suggests efficiency without overcommitting.

For deliveries, they estimate four to nine business days for the US and five to 15 business days for the rest of the world.

While these timeframes are quite standard, they note that delays may be outside of their control, such as shipping carrier backlogs or postal service delays.

One area where Lux Skin's policy could be more detailed is in shipping costs and international duties, which remains a bit unclear.

Overall, Lux Skin's policy seems fair and customer-oriented, assuming they communicate well with customers regarding potential delays.

9. Asobu Bottle

Shipping returns asobu

Asobu Bottle's shipping policy shows a sense of customer appreciation and confidence in their product.

Offering free standard shipping on orders over $50 in the US and Canada likely appeals to customers looking for value.

The five to seven business days shipping timeframe is pretty standard, suggesting they have a reliable logistics system.

What stands out is their Money-Back-Guarantee return system.

They're not just selling a product; they're selling an experience that they want customers to love.

If customers are unsatisfied, they offer a no-questions-asked return within 30 days, complete with a prepaid return label, which is quite a hassle-free policy.

This approach encourages purchases by reducing the risk for the customer and showcases Asobu Bottle's commitment to quality and customer service.

The caveat that this return policy applies only to purchases made on their website is understandable and fairly common in ecommerce.

It's a policy that effectively communicates, 'We believe in our product so much, we're making it easy for you to believe in it too.'

10. Craggy Games

Shipping returns craggy games

Craggy Games' shipping policy is quite accommodating, especially with their free domestic shipping to the US, which is an excellent perk for customers.

They also extend their service internationally as they believe 'fun should not have borders.'

However, the note that customers are responsible for any duty fees and a cancellation fee if customs payments are refused adds a layer of responsibility and potential additional cost for international customers.

It's a fair warning, though, and it's good that they're upfront about it.

Their return policy is also quite generous, offering a 30-day window to return games for a full refund, provided the games are unused and undamaged.

It's clear that Craggy Games wants to ensure customer satisfaction not just through their products but also through their shipping and return policies.

They seem to take pride in their craftsmanship and the quality of their products, which is reassuring for any customer making a purchase.

11. T.J. Maxx

Shipping delivery T J Maxx

The last ecommerce store policy example in our list is T.J. Maxx.

T.J. Maxx's shipping policy is quite comprehensive.

They offer free shipping on orders over $89 with a promo code, which is a nice incentive for customers to fill up their carts.

Their shipping rates are tiered based on order amounts, a clear and straightforward system.

Additionally, they provide options for express and expedited shipping at an extra cost, allowing customers to choose the speed of delivery.

The policy thoughtfully addresses specific situations, such as the need for a signature on orders over $1000 and offering free shipping for gift cards as a separate arrangement.

The mention of shipping surcharges on oversized items is a necessary detail. However, it could be a point of contention for customers not expecting additional fees.

T.J. Maxx also accommodates unique shipping addresses, including APO/FPO and PO Boxes, by offering standard shipping.

However, the disclaimer stating that T.J. Maxx is not liable for shipping delays beyond its control is a standard practice that helps establish reasonable expectations.

3 Dropshipping shipping policy examples

If your plan is specifically to create a dropshipping shipping policy, we've also included some examples below for your reference.

They show how successful dropshipping stores have structured their policies, providing you with practical ideas and inspiration.

1. Epic Loot Shop

Shipping epic loot shop

Simple, short, and straight to the point, this is what Epic Loot Shop is aiming for.

Providing tracking information is a plus, ensuring customers can follow their orders.

However, they mention that tracking updates might only become available once the items reach the destination country.

2. Live Outlaw

Delivery and shipping policy outlaw

Live Outlaw distinguishes itself by the way it presents its shipping policy.

Most companies tend to overlook the strategic placement of shipping information, but Live Outlaw incorporates their policy into the footer menu, which is both a unique and user-friendly approach.

This accessibility ensures that customers clearly understand what to expect regarding delivery.

3. Vivyd Lights

Returns vivyd lights

Companies dealing with fragile products, like Vivyd Lights, a lighting solutions company, require a tailored shipping policy highlighting the care taken to deliver fragile items safely.

This policy should clearly outline the packaging standards employed to prevent damage during transit, including protective wrapping and cushioning materials within sturdy boxes.

Additionally, it should identify the carriers responsible for transportation, providing customers with insights into how their orders will be handled.

Moreover, the shipping policy should establish procedures for reporting and resolving damage claims, benefiting both the seller and the buyer.

When you offer clear steps for notifying the company of any issues, it allows you for a quick resolution.

Overall, a well-crafted shipping policy that accounts for the specific product type helps instill confidence in customers that all reasonable precautions are taken from packaging to delivery.

Why are dropshipping shipping policies different from ecommerce stores?

The shipping policy of a dropshipping store can be markedly different from that of a regular ecommerce store primarily due to the logistics involved.

Dropshipping often involves longer shipping times since products are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer, bypassing your physical location.

This difference means that dropshipping shipping policies must be especially clear about these potentially extended timelines to manage customer expectations.

What is a shipping policy?

Shipping policy example from Allbirds

A shipping policy is a page on your store that outlines the details about shipping, delivery, and returns.

As an online retailer, you must have a clear shipping policy that includes the following key areas:

  • Shipping options. Provide shipping options like standard, express, or overnight, along with their respective costs and estimated delivery times.
  • Carrier information. Mention the carriers you use for shipping, such as USPS, FedEx, or DHL.
  • International shipping. If you offer international shipping, specify the countries you ship to, along with the associated costs and delivery estimates.
  • Shipping costs. Describe how shipping costs are calculated, whether flat-rate, weight-based, or order value-based.
  • Estimated delivery times. Clearly state the estimated delivery times so customers can anticipate when to expect their orders.
  • Order processing time. Provide the number of days you require to process and ship the orders, considering weekends and holidays.
  • Returns and refunds. Explain your return and refund policy, including the time frame for customers to initiate the return process and any applicable fees or return shipping costs.

Why are shipping policies important for ecommerce stores?

Finding dropshipping stores

Shipping policies are essential for ecommerce stores as they provide customers with clear expectations about delivery and handling.

When you clearly outline the shipping options, charges, and estimated delivery times, customers get to make informed choices when selecting their preferred shipping method.

This transparency often leads to higher customer satisfaction.

In addition, a clear shipping policy is important for preventing disputes and misunderstandings.

When you spell out your policies, customers know what to expect, which can help set realistic expectations. In cases where disputes do arise, having a well-defined policy in place can simplify the resolution process.

Now, one of the most crucial aspects of having a shipping policy is that it can help a store set itself apart through unique offerings, such as free shipping, flat-rate shipping, or expedited options.

Moreover, having a shipping policy is mandatory by Google, so be sure to implement it properly in your ecommerce store!


Before we go, we've created a quick summary of this article for you, so you can easily remember it:

  • Clearly outline all shipping options upfront with associated costs to set clear expectations for customers. Consider offering low-cost or free shipping thresholds to increase conversions.
  • Provide estimated delivery timeframes based on shipping method and location. Also, specify processing times to manage expectations from order to shipment.
  • Make your policy easy to find in prominent locations like the footer, account pages, cart, and product pages. Consider a dedicated shipping information page or section as well.
  • Optimize the mobile experience of your policy pages. The majority of purchases now happen on phones and tablets.
  • Highlight any unique value propositions like carbon-neutral shipping. Testimonials and trust badges can help convey reliability.
  • Regularly audit your policy for best practices and customer feedback. Be transparent about updates. Over-delivering on promises will build loyalty over time.

Final thoughts

There you have it!

Crafting a successful shipping policy is more than just a formality; it is a strategic move that can significantly enhance the customer experience and set the tone for your ecommerce business.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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