If you're looking to start a dropshipping business and you're pretty new to the game, Facebook groups for dropshippers can be a great place to get started. You'll learn a lot from other people's experiences.

Thousands of dropshippers took the plunge before you, and many are on the same journey as you and joining Facebook groups for dropshippers is a great way to learn and grow your professional network.

If you have a question about running ads, product research, or apps, just pop it in one of the communities below.

You'll get instant help, and the feedback may help you see the problem from different angles.

So what are the best Facebook groups for people that do dropshipping?

We've curated a list of Facebook communities from which we believe you'll get the most value.

Join these Facebook groups, and learn from other successful dropshippers or ecommerce store owners!

But wait. Safeguard yourself against the dark side of these groups first!

5 things to look out for when joining Facebook groups for dropshipping

You would have seen literally hundreds of Facebook groups for dropshippers, but not all of them are created equal! Some are filled with inexperienced sellers who probably don't make sales, and many are packed with trolls and spammers.

Be alert to the following.

1. Scammers and spammers

The dropshipping industry is not exempt from scammers and spammers. They lurk in Facebook groups for dropshippers, some more than others.

It's annoying, but often, you can expect a Facebook message like this when you post a question or an answer!

Scammers and spammers on dropshipping Facebook groups

And any company that says profits will come quickly with little work involved is probably not legitimate. Also, be alert to the lack of contact information and requests for extra fees to be paid.

These scammers prey on those new to dropshipping who are unsure of the steps. Educating yourself is key to avoiding scammers.

2. Fake dropshipping agents

Why do so many people get fooled by dropship scams? Because scammers are pretty clever when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). When you search for a phrase or term, the scammer's details appear high on the first page and the listing, therefore, seems legitimate.

So be aware that page rank on Google does not automatically validate the website and the company's legitimacy. These fake agents will hide their source and pretend to be the supplier directly.

Many counterfeit dropshipping agents in the market will try to sell you cheap products and take your money. By the time you receive the products, the sellers will have closed the website, and your money will be gone.

3. Unverified information

Due to the nature of Facebook, a lot of the articles posted on Facebook are not verified and are often just a person's thoughts.

These opinions can be confusing for those who are new to dropshipping. My advice would always be to verify any information or advice received using other sources before acting on it.

4. Unsolicited messages

Unfortunately, Facebook groups attract spam messages like flies to honey.

These unsolicited messages are often in the form of "Hey, how are you doing?" "Let's connect on LinkedIn" or "I really like your stuff and think you should know"!

Best strategy? Ignore and delete.

Scam enquiries from dropshipping Facebook groups

The 12 best Facebook groups for dropshipping

Ok, that's enough negative stuff! For the most part, joining the Facebook groups for dropshippers we've shortlisted below will provide you with quality information and a sense of community.

Let's take a look at them.

If you're looking for a quick overview, check out this table here:

You need:A good choice for you:
Speed optimizationWP Speed Matters
CopywritingThe Gary Halbert Copy Club
Ecommerce optimizationEcommerce Growth Hacks
Quality free dropshipping informationDo Courseless Dropshipping
Top Facebook ad insightsUnicorn Facebook Ad Creatives
Shopify tipsShopify For Beginners
Facebook adsFacebook Ad Buyers
Dropshipping7 Figure Ecommerce Secrets
Working with influencersUK Influencer Opportunities
Info about SEODumb SEO Questions
Info about SEOSEO Signals Lab
Info about PinterestPinterest Marketing and Strategy Meagan Williamson

1. WP Speed Matters

WP Speed Matters Facebook Group

If you are keen to learn more about optimizing the speed of your WordPress site, this group is for you.

You'll be supported by a group of WP experts, top plugin/theme developers, and hosting providers. The discussions are well managed to focus primarily on speed and performance rather than general WordPress issues.

2. The Gary Halbert Copy Club

Gary Halbert Copy Club

Gary Halbert (1938-2007) is thought to have been the G.O.A.T of copywriting!

The group, which follows his principles will teach you more about the importance of mindset, finding your audience, knowing your customers, writing a compelling offer, and following AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) for the best copywriting results.

3. Ecommerce Growth Hacks

Ecommerce Growth Hacks dropshipping Facebook group

This Facebook group for dropshippers is designed for people who already have ecommerce businesses that they are looking to optimize.

It is run by a 'growth hacking' ecommerce agency, and you'll enjoy the high-quality discussions around Facebook advertising and ecommerce optimization.

4. Do Courseless Dropshipping

Do Courseless Dropshipping Facebook Group

You might have guessed it already, but we have a Facebook Group as well!

The Do Courseless Dropshipping Facebook group was started to provide quality FREE information about dropshipping for beginners as an alternative to paying for expensive courses.

You can check it out here!

5. Unicorn Facebook Ad Creatives

Unicorn Facebook Ad Creatives dropshipping Facebook group

Founded by Travis Chambers, this group will provide you with fantastic insights into the top 1% of ecommerce Facebook ads. Travis is the founder of Chamber Media, an INC 5000 company and industry leader in data-crafted video ads.

In this group, you will find information about ads that have profited more than $50k-500k by themselves and tips, tricks, and formulas for creating and managing your ads.

6. Shopify for Beginners

Shopify For Beginners Facebook group

Shopify Beginners is an excellent group for newcomers to Shopify. New store owners post questions, and several knowledgeable people assist with answers.

You'll also find the free guides extremely valuable. In addition to guides helping you set up your Shopify store from scratch.

Plus, there are training courses for each business area covering topics such as marketing, business strategies, tools of the trade, social media, and advertising.

7. Facebook Ad Buyers

Facebook Ad Buyers Facebook Group

Why join?

You'll learn about Facebook Ad Buying from industry veterans and connect with other Facebook Ad Experts.

While this group is affiliated with Ad Leaks, a vault of paid courses, you'll find plenty of value bombs in this free group!

8. 7 Figure Ecommerce Secrets

7 Figure Ecommerce Facebook Group

I actually started my dropshipping journey here.

Rafael Cintron runs a free 5-day crash course every few months, giving you an excellent introduction to dropshipping. His YouTube channel will also give you great insights and includes his monthly top product selection choices.

Rafael has trained hundreds of dropshippers and has great success stories, but his free content will give you great insight.

This Facebook group for dropshippers consists of more than 20,000 Shopify and dropshipping entrepreneurs, absolutely crushing it with Facebook Ads and Instagram influencers.

9. UK Influencer Opportunities

UK Influencer Opportunities Facebook group

Although UK-focused, this is a quality network of influencers and influencer marketing professionals founded in 2013.

Brands, agencies, PR and press, are invited to post collaboration opportunities in the group.

The group is well administrated with posts required to detail the niche, type of work needed, proposed compensation, any required audience/engagement metrics and any relevant/required publishing schedules.

We'd love to hear if you have found other strong influencer groups outside the UK. I have found the others I joined to be somewhat spammy.

10. Dumb SEO Questions

Dumb SEO Questions Facebook group

This group aims to provide actionable SEO answers to questions at all levels.

This forum will help you with technical SEO questions, including:

  • Google Analytics and Log File Analysis
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)
  • The disavow tool (disavowal tool)
  • All SEO Tools
  • Or anything related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) such as Structured Data, and SEO audits.

11. SEO Signals Lab

SEP Signals Lab Facebook group

With many dropshipping beginners finding SEO rather technical, even observing the conversations in this group is highly educational.

This group is dedicated to sharing case studies, split-test results, and SEO algorithm trends. Group members are encouraged to post their latest experiments and results as SEO evolves.

12. Pinterest Marketing & Strategy with Megan Williamson

Pinterest Marketing and Strategy with Meagan Williamson Facebook group

Learning how to harness Pinterest marketing to grow your online business is a wise idea, and Meagan Williamson keeps you in the loop about all things Pinterest with this Facebook group.

From increasing your reach and visibility to getting in front of your ideal customer, this free group will help you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to Pinterest.

You might also enjoy this article if you want to learn more about how to do product research on Pinterest!


We've come to the end of our top choices when it comes to the best Facebook group for dropshippers.

One of the most challenging parts of running an online store is knowing where to find help. Sometimes as 'solopreneurs', we can feel somewhat isolated.

Luckily, there are communities like those that I have mentioned for dropshippers and ecommerce store owners to compare notes and problem solve, sometimes immediately getting an answer to your question!

You'll find a community for anything you could possibly need to know about running your dropshipping business, from ad troubleshooting to product research to finding a great app.

Our selection in this article is based on size, frequency of posts, and quality of discussions. There are a bunch more out there, but we tried to make sure we only selected the very best.

If there are any we missed that are valuable to you, be sure to let us know!

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