If you have started a dropshipping business or are looking to start one, you've probably wondered if you need a phone number.

The simple answer is no; it's not required to have one.

On the other hand, setting up a phone number for your dropshipping store can have some benefits, like setting yourself apart from the competition.

In this article, we will look at some of these benefits in depth!

6 Benefits of having a phone number on a dropshipping store

Here are the six benefits you can expect to get after setting up a phone number for your dropshipping business.

1. Stand out from other dropshipping stores

Most dropshipping stores don't set up a phone number and mainly communicate with customers through email.

It can take days to get issues resolved as you send emails back and forth with a customer.

This is where having a phone number comes in and allows you to deal with customer issues seamlessly as a direct and efficient line of communication.

Simply stating your phone number in plain sight can greatly impact how people perceive your store.

To show you an example, this is how Zappos showcases its phone number on its Contact Us page:

Customer service of Zappos

And since some buyers don't like dropshippers due to the stigma of not running their businesses properly or, even worse, scamming, customers trust you more when you have a visible phone number.

Another example of this is from Warpy Parker:

Warby Parker phone support

One reason they stand out from the competition is because of how visibly they show their available phone customer service.

By scrolling to their footer, you can see information about the available phone support service.

2. Helps build customer relationships

The next way having a phone number can benefit your dropshipping store is by helping you build customer relationships.

Talking to customers via the phone gives a more personal human-to-human connection.

It gives customers who are pondering buying from you the ability to call and ask questions, which also helps build their trust.

In the end, this will allow you to connect and get to know your customers through the phone.

This leads to our next point.

3. Boosts average order value

Once customers feel a personal connection and trust in your brand, they are more likely to be receptive to product recommendations and exclusive offers discussed during these interactions.

As customers call to seek assistance, you can introduce complementary products, special promotions, or bundled deals that align with their needs.

This personalized touch encourages them to explore additional items or upgrade their purchase, leading to a higher average order value.

To make this happen, here are a few things you can mention during the call:

  1. Recommend complementary products. 'I noticed you're interested in [Product A]. Great choice! By the way, many customers who love [Product A] also find [Product B] to be a fantastic addition. It complements [Product A] really well. What do you think about adding it to your order?'
  2. Highlight exclusive deals. 'As a valued customer, we can offer you an exclusive deal today. If you add [Product C] to your cart right now, you'll get a special discount of [X]% off. It's a fantastic offer, and I thought you might be interested in taking advantage of it today. What do you say?'
  3. Bundle savings. 'I noticed you're eyeing [Product D]. Did you know we have a special bundle offer where you can get [Product D] along with [Product E] at a discounted price? It's an amazing way to save while getting more value.'
  4. Limited-time promotions. 'Just a heads up – we have a limited-time promotion running right now. If you add [Product F] to your order, you'll not only get a fantastic product but also enjoy [Y]% off. What do you think about giving it a try?'

4. Increased SEO conversions

Imagine that you've just found a brand through a Google search.

You've never heard of the brand, but the product seems intriguing, and you're interested in buying the product.

The problem is that you may not yet trust the brand enough.

However, if they have a phone number that you can call, that may be the layer of trust that you need to be comfortable buying from the brand.

A simple phone assistance option, such as this one from Ralph Lauren, can make all the difference:

Phone support Ralph Lauren

Phone numbers help customers believe you're a real store (since some dropshipping stores may not be legit).

Think about it – we all feel more at ease when we know that there's a real person behind the scenes.

Another point is high-ticket dropshipping items, which are sold at a higher price.

To close these sales, having a phone number becomes your secret weapon.

Customers often want that extra reassurance for higher-priced products before hitting the 'Buy Now' button.

They might have questions or just need a friendly voice to guide them through the purchase. This is where having a phone number can boost your sales as well.

A person tracking his profits

5. Better customer feedback

The next reason you might set up a phone number for your dropshipping business is for better customer service.

Customer service is important because it shows what kind of brand you are, and it has a lot to do with how customers will view your business and whether or not they will shop with your brand.

Here are a couple of screenshots that showcase the effects of bad customer service:

Bad reviews on Facebook

Here, you can see all the negative feedback that this brand received due to them not taking their customer service seriously enough.

Here is another example of negative brand reviews on Trustpilot.

Bad reviews on Trustpilot

Both of these screenshots just show the true importance of having great customer service and the effect of bad customer experience on your brand and its reputation.

To prevent this from happening, one great idea is setting up a phone number for your business.

Having a phone call instead of messaging back and forth on a social media platform or through emails is a convenience some customers might like.

There are a few reasons this will help boost the feedback you get from customers:

  1. It allows customers to get real-time answers. This quick response time can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it shows that you value their time and concerns.
  2. It enables a personalized touch that goes beyond standard email or chat interactions. Customers appreciate the opportunity to speak directly with a person, making them feel heard and understood.
  3. Discussing complex issues over the phone can be more efficient than exchanging multiple emails. It allows for a more in-depth conversation, facilitating a better understanding of the problem and ensuring that the solution is communicated clearly.

6. Learn more about your customers

If you're looking to learn more about your customers and get a better idea of who they are, setting up a number for your dropshipping store is a great way to do that.

Through voice conversations, you can begin to understand them further.

For example, if you had a call with your already existing customer, you could throw in a few open-ended questions like:

  • 'What products are you loving lately?'
  • 'What are some of your favorite purchases so far?'

This enables you to get insights about your customers' needs and shopping experiences.

During these calls, you can be a bit of a detective, picking up clues about purchase patterns and preferences.

In response to these questions, you might hear:

  • 'I'm really into [specific category].'
  • 'I always look for [certain style].'

It's like creating a mental map of what makes your customers tick.

But it's not all about you asking questions. When customers raise concerns or objections, listen up.

Their hesitations can be gold mines of information. Maybe it's something about the checkout process or a product detail that needs tweaking – this feedback is pure gold for making your business even better.


Before we go, we've created a quick summary of this article for you so you can easily remember it:

  • A dedicated phone number sets your dropshipping store apart from competitors and provides a direct and immediate channel for communication.
  • It enables you to engage customers on a more personal level, potentially leading to upselling or cross-selling opportunities.
  • The accessibility of a phone number makes it easier for customers to reach out with questions or concerns before making a purchase decision.
  • A dedicated phone number allows for real-time problem resolution and immediate assistance, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Engaging with customers via phone conversations provides an opportunity to learn more about their preferences, needs, and pain points.


There you have it!

These are the six benefits of having a phone number set up for your dropshipping business and why it would be a beneficial thing to have.

From more sales to a better reputation as a business, you can expect to see some positive changes after setting up a phone number.

We hope you understand some of the benefits you can expect to receive and why you might consider setting up a phone number.

Good luck!

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