The link-in-bio is one of the most important links for creators on social media platforms.

It's designed for platforms like Instagram or TikTok, where accounts are only allowed to add one link to their profiles.

That's where Linktree enters the picture. Now, users can squeeze all their important links into one.

Linktree has become popular among emerging creators, trendsetters, and small to exclusive brands for their goal of increasing visibility and traffic.

However, many alternatives to Linktree have emerged lately, equipped with competitive advantages and prices.

In this article, we've listed the best alternatives to Linktree, both free and paid.

Let's get started!

The Best Linktree Alternatives: An Overview

Before we get into all the Linktree alternatives, here’s an overview of what will be covered:

Link-in-Bio ToolPricing (Per Month)Read Review
KojiFreeKoji Review
FeedlinkFree & Premium starts from $3 (Pro) / $9 (Business)Feedlink Review
LinkpopFree Linkpop Review
Sked LinkPremium starts from $25 (Fundamentals) / $75 (Essentials) / $135 (Professionals)Sked Link Review
PallyyPremium starts from $15Pallyy Review
TaplinkFree & Premium starts from $3( Pro) / $6 (Business)Taplink Review
Campsite.bioFree & Premium starts from $7 (Pro) / $24 (Pro+) Review
C8KEFreeC8ke Review
MilkshakeFreeMilkshake Review
BeaconsFree & Premium starts from $10Beacons Review

Why do people switch from Linktree?

Screenshot of Linktree homepage

Linktree is one of the first and most popular link-in-bio tool companies out there.

Several celebrities, influencers, and brands love its simplicity. Selena Gomez, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and many exclusive brands are users of Linktree.

As the proverb goes, ‘Nothing is perfect’, and the same goes for Linktree. Let’s look at some of its issues:

  • Linktree's free version has limited opportunities for branding. It keeps the Linktree logo, has limited analysis, and lacks customization options.
  • The aspect of switching. Instagram marks Linktree links as spam, which makes the bio link unclickable. Even Instagram claimed Linktree is against community standards. As shown in the picture, they refer to Instagram blocking their Linktree bio for spam.
Screenshot of Linktree link as spam
  • If you're using Linktree on TikTok, your TikTok audience first sees a warning message before they're directed to your landing page. Some of them will return to TikTok, causing a potential loss in sales.
  • It has happened that Linktree’s site crashed, causing all Linktree landing pages to crash. This could cause a potential loss in sales.

How do you pick the right Linktree alternative?

Finding dropshipping stores

Here are some questions to ask yourself first before selecting the right Linktree equivalent:

  • Pricing. Is the link-in-bio tool available for a free trial, or does it allow you to use it with many customization options for free?
  • Needs. What are your needs and preferences? Check if the tool is both mobile- and desktop-optimized and doesn’t require any technical expertise to customize.
  • User experience. Having interactive features such as mini-apps, animated links, a product carousel, and a faster loading speed is great for user engagement. 
  • Analytics. Which tool provides you with accurate analytics to track conversions, gain insights into visitor behavior, and track the performance of CTAs?

10 Great Linktree alternatives

Here are our top ten Linktree alternatives!

1. Koji Review

Best for content creators, influencers, and small businesses.

Screenshot of Koji homepage

Koji is a top Linktree alternative with hundreds of customizable templates that can be used to create link-rich landing pages. 

A large selection of 274 mini-apps monetize your Instagram and Tiktok’s link-in-bio, help creators engage with their audience, connect with super fans, and allow you to sell merch and digital products. 

Koji mini app tip jar

Such an app is TipJar, it lets you instantly collect donations from your fans and followers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and so forth.

For instance, the famous reality TV personality Nikki Bella uses this link in her Instagram bio to sell merchandise and allow audiences to listen to her podcast.

Koji's dashboard even integrates with custom domains, Google Analytics, Facebook & TikTok Pixel, and Mailchimp.


  • Give a chance for full customization. Koji's presets, premium images and videos, customized shoutouts, and hundreds of free templates allow you to make interactive landing pages, memes, and storefronts.
  • Help to monetize. With Koji's add-ons, you can sell digital goods and services, accept credit card payments, collect donations, and even NFTs.
  • Seamless experience. It is designed with highly engaging and transacting features so that visitors stay on the page as long as possible.


  • Give a higher commission on sales. Up to 15% of commissions from sales are comparatively higher than other alternatives.


Koji is free to use, and no premium upgrades are required. But when you make money, you’ve to pay from 5 to 15% of your sales.

Best for content creators, influencers, brands, and agencies.

Screenshot of Feedlink homepage

Embed Social's Feedlink creates a clickable URL with loads of links. It is used mostly for Instagram and Tiktok bios but can be used beyond them.

This tool supports links from any platform, including blogs, podcasts on Shopify, videos on Twitch or YouTube, ecommerce stores, social profiles, and so forth. 

Its landing page is optimized for mobile and the web, so you can change the design and layout of your microsite to perfectly fit every screen size. There, you can also customize your URL. 

Its paid plans cover all social media handles and features like Facebook sync, Twitter albums, interactive lightbox mode, and layout options.


  • Shopping friendly. Feedlink's shoppable landing page directs customers to product pages.
  • Customizable. Feedlink offers a ton of customization templates in its free version. 
  • Having AMP version. Its lightweight micro-site pages are made to load quickly and engage mobile users.


  • Basic analytics. It only provides the total clicks and views.


Screenshot of Feedlink pricing

Feedlink allows users to use the free version forever.

You need to upgrade to a premium Pro plan for $3 or a business plan for $9 per month if you want to use multiple sources. Visit the website to learn more about their pricing structures.

3. Linkpop Review

Best for content creators, influencers, and brands.

Screenshot of Linkpop home page

Linkpop, a product from Shopify, is a popular alternative to Linktree. 

With Linkpop, you can share your customized bio landing page, where you can link your online store, social profiles, and various other links.

It has a seamless setup process and is especially useful for ecommerce brands using Shopify. For example, De la Creme Fashions, a UK-based outwear store, uses the Linkpop landing page to highlight its products.

Screenshot De la Creme Fashions

Though you don’t need a Shopify store to use Linkpop, you do need a Shopify account. Having an account lets you access all the great features and accessible analytics.


  • Access with free analytics. It gives you a free analytics tool to learn about your visitors' behavior. 
  • Sell digital products. Linkpop lets you add a shoppable link to your bio landing page so that your audience can easily find your Shopify store.
  • Seamless customized setup. It enables you to edit your microsite based on your styles, such as adding a logo, social media icons, and a unique URL.


  • Need a Shopify account. A Shopify account is required to use Linkpop. 


Linkpop is cost-free. But you’ll need a Shopify subscription to add shoppable links to your bio micro-landing page.

Best for brands, agencies, retailers, ecommerce shops, and freelancers.

Screenshot of Skedlink homepage

Sked Link, the product of Sked Social, is a one-size-fits-all Linktree alternative. 

You can send audiences to your website, email newsletters, product pages, articles, social profiles, and more with the help of this link-in-bio tool.

This is possible thanks to the gallery function, which lets you quickly send your followers to the website or service by clicking on the bio link.

It is basically an enterprise-focused Instagram link-in-bio tool. With its CSS, you can customize the layout and design through a live preview. 

You can integrate with Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and Mailchimp, and add UTM parameters to get a complete picture of performance.


  • Customize CSS. CSS offers more configuration options, and its live preview helps you see where changes need to be made.
  • The page loads quickly. Sked Link has a 4x faster loading page than other Linktree alternatives.
  • Shoppable link in bio. It directs your Instagram users from Instafeed to the bio, where you add a link about your products, services, or blogs.


  • Pricey. Its pricing begins at $25 per month, which is extremely high when compared to other link-in-bio tools.


Screenshot of Skedlink pricing

Sked Social charges a monthly subscription fee in three categories:

  • Fundamentals ($21)
  • Essentials ($63)
  • Professional ($113)

These include many features of the Sked link link-in-bio tool. Check out more details on the pricing here.

5. Pallyy Review

Best for social media marketers and agencies.

Screenshot of Pallyy homepage

Pallyy is a professional Linktree alternative for comprehensive social media marketing. 

It's Instagram-focused and comes with tons of features, including in-depth analytics, content or comment scheduling, and a link-in-bio solution to gear up your opportunity for sales and site traffic. 

Pallyy’s Instagram bio link is customizable, so you can change it to match your branding. Instead of your ecommerce store, you can link your social profiles, articles, videos, forums, and much more here – even product or service information.

Thanks to its in-depth analytics, you can discover which of your products your audience loves the most. It also suggests the best type of article to write and share.


  • Interactive interface. Pallyy has a comprehensive design feature that ensures customers stay on their website for a long time.
  • Manage social media campaigns. You can schedule your post and use analytic tools to see the social media campaign's performance.
  • Versatile microsite style. Pallyy not only gives you conventional microsites for the social links but allows landing pages in grid style as Instagram feed.


  • Mostly Instagram-focused. Pallyy originally allows Instagram detailed analytics, IG comment management, comment scheduling, and competitor access so you can improve your content more than others.


Screenshot of Pallyy pricing

Pallyy can be used not only as a bio link tool but also as a social inbox and social media scheduler.

As a result, you must pay $15 per month to use the link in the bio tool and unlock several additional features. Here you can learn more about their pricing plans.

Best for entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, and ecommerce stores.

Screenshot of Taplink homepage

Taplink is a microsite builder to help convert leads into sales. 

With the help of this tool, you can add many links to promote your brand.

Utilize Taplink's built-in online messaging features to simplify your communication with the audience. The Pro plan has many customization options that allow you to create more interactive landing pages. 

You can create exciting offers, launch promotions, and post interactive images and videos for potential clients.

For example, Dr. Ludidi, a famous nutritionist, shares his blogs about health-related habits using this link-in-bio tool.

Screenshot Dr. Ludidi

You can also accept payments via Taplink. It can be integrated with other analytical tools to help assess performance and to optimize landing pages for SEO.


  • No technical knowledge is required. You don't need design or coding skills to create a stunning and useful micro landing page with links, images, videos, and more.
  • Exquisite design. To prepare the micro-landing page, you can select from more than 300 seamless pre-designed templates and themes.
  • Support online payments. You can accept payments through integrations with a wide range of payment providers, such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, Paysera, and PayStack.


  • Limited themes. Taplink's free version has limited ready-to-use themes.


Screenshot of Taplink pricing

Taplink is free to use and even has low-cost paid options if you choose the Business plan, which starts at $6 per month, and the Pro plan, which starts at $3 per month.

Visit to find out more about its pricing plans!

7. Review

Best for content creators, influencers, NGOs, social media managers, and small businesses.

Screenshot of Campsitebio homepage is a user-friendly mobile-optimized landing page builder.

One of its unique features is that it has an integration with Canva, so it can help you edit photos. 

It also comes with several customization options to match the fonts and colors with your branding. It can automatically add vertical links from your social profile. 

The customized QR codes are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere, allowing customers to find out what they need to know about you quickly.


  • Integrate with almost anything. Use Meta Pixel for remarketing, Google Analytics for collecting traffic data, Mailchimp for email marketing, and many more integrations to make data-driven decisions.
  • Canva integration. It helps you design outstanding images for your Instagram and TikTok bio landing pages.
  • The free version offers intriguing features. It has enough resources for startups and small influencers.


  • There is no option for adding videos. You can add video links from YouTube and Twitch but not videos.


Screenshot of Campsitebio pricing has two pricing plans. One is free forever, and another is the premium plan, of which the Pro plan starts at $7 per month and the Pro+ plan starts at $24 per month.

Visit the website to learn more about its pricing.

8. C8KE Review

Best for content creators, influencers, ecommerce stores, and brands.

Screenshot of C8KE homepage

C8ke is a unique, customizable landing page builder app. It features several important links, such as Youtube videos, media kits, storefronts, promotional codes, and social channels. 

Its customization options allow you to use its numerous elements, such as fonts, colors, backgrounds, and designs.

Even though you can add links from affiliate accounts, it doesn’t take any percentage of affiliate sales. Dawne Aliza, a Toronto-based lifestyle influencer, integrates her links for affiliation.

Screenshot of Dawne Aliza

C8ke’s analytical tool tracks the traffic and engagements and even captures the audience's interest. It also provides a subscribe button so you can get the leads' email list easily for remarketing your business.


  • Shoppable gallery function. You can add custom affiliate links to your images and videos here to promote your products.
  • RSS feed. When sharing your latest blogs, reels, or videos, keep your audience up to date.
  • Subscribe feature. So it helps to get your visiting audience on an email list that helps with remarketing.


  • Poor customer service. They don't respond promptly. (Source)


C8ke is free with huge customization options, but you must download the app first.

9. Milkshake Review

Best for content creators and influencers.

Screenshot of Milkshake homepage

Milkshake is a mobile-only micro-website builder that is extremely quick to create and simple to upgrade.

It's great for introducing businesses, showing products or services, and promoting your Youtube videos, podcasts, or current articles. You can build a tiny store and a conversion funnel for converting followers.

One Roof, a community for women leaders and entrepreneurs, uses this link for its branding.

Screenshot of One Roof

It provides valuable insights to take your Instagram and TikTok branding to the next level. Nonetheless, you can provide your followers with rich experiences.


  • Detailed analytics. It can track your page views and conversion progress and improve your content based on it.
  • No need to be a tech wizard. You can easily build this microsite from mobile and not require any technical knowledge.
  • Increase visibility. Its intriguing features and design foster a closer bond with followers.


  • No autosave. So if your phone suddenly switches off or your internet connection goes down, you may lose your notes or pages.


Milkshake is totally cost-free. Before creating a bio link page, you must first download its app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

10. Beacons Review

Best for content creators, influencers, and brands.

Screenshot of Beacon Ai homepage

Beacons is a link aggregator that lets you add unlimited links and combine them into an interactive landing page.

When surfing this site, it looks simple in design, but you might be surprised to see its swiftness and many customizable elements. 

It allows you to embed several forms of media, including videos from YouTube or Twitch, reels from Instagram or TikTok, podcasts, and music. For example, Sia, a musician, integrated this link into her Instagram bio.

Screenshot of Sia

It can be your digital miniature store through the Beacons store block, but it will take 9% of the commissions on sales made from it.

You can even integrate Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and UTM parameters with it to get complete business support.


  • Having a smart link feature. Create animated or priority link to attract more attention, and schedule their start and end times accordingly.
  • Comprehensive on-page analytics. It can track page views, link clicks, CTRs, and historical charts.
  • Monetization-centric. You can add a shoppable TikTok and Instagram feed, add a digital storefront, and even get donations.


  • Need an upgrade for personal branding. In the free forever plans, custom domains and the removal of Beacon branding are not allowed.


Screenshot of Beacon Ai pricing

Beacons is available in both a free forever plan and a premium plan. If you want the bulk of features, like a custom domain, marketing integration with SEO and ad pixels, or advanced analytics, you have to pay $10 per month.

Visit the website to find more details on pricing plans.

Taking Action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it’s free! ), but do you know what’s even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you take action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • Don’t forget to consider your needs and preferences while choosing the link-in-bio tool for your business.
  • Every mentioned tool has its own specialty and features. 
  • Try out some core features on the free versions, such as customization, basic analytics, and smart links. When needed, you can take advantage of the premium packages that have more features.


Thanks for sticking around to the end. We hope you found the information you were looking for!

Without a doubt, Linktree is a fantastic tool for content producers, influencers, celebrities, and ecommerce businesses, and it is constantly adding new features.

However, Linktree isn’t perfect for everyone. In this case, our list of alternatives may lessen the struggle to convert visitors into paying customers.

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