AI has revolutionized how businesses create and manage content, and Copywise is a part of this revolution.

Copywise is marketed as the world's first AI tool with a built-in marketing framework, and it's an alternative for big names such as Jasper and

Will it be able to live up to the hype?

In this article, we will dig deep into the features of the Copywise tool so that you can make an informed decision about whether it's for you or not.

Before we go through the features of the platform, let's discuss what Copywise exactly is!

What is Copywise?

Home page of

Copywise is an AI-powered tool designed to help copywriters, marketers, and all kinds of brand owners with marketing-related tasks such as writing ad copy, catching hooks, and turning features into benefits.

Think of it as a helping hand for sales copies like ad copies, sales pages, product descriptions, and more. So if you are looking for a tool that helps you write long-form content that is not sales related like blog posts, Copywise isn't for you.

It was launched just recently, at the end of 2022, so it's a new AI tool on the market. It's still in its beta version and is frequently updated with new features and tools.

The founder, Peter, started the company because there was a need for a tool that goes beyond generic AIDA or PAS copywriting frameworks. A tool that utilizes sophisticated audience segmentation and personalization techniques to tailor the messaging to the target audience to generate highly effective sales copy.

The platform also includes a Strategy Hub, which provides users with unique and valuable resources such as guides, strategies, and frameworks to help improve their copywriting efforts. This is an innovative and one-of-a-kind feature not found in other AI tools on the market.

The pros and cons of Copywise

To help you better understand what Copywise offers, let's go through its pros and cons. These will include the features of the platform as well.


Let's start with the pros!

1. A wide selection of unique tools

As we talked about before, Copywise AI focuses on providing tools to help you with your marketing-related efforts. Most of the tools they offer are unique and are not available in other AI copywriters.

Even in cases where the tools are similar, they took them to a new level, demonstrating the expertise of experienced marketers and copywriters involved in this project.

While reviewing the platform, we noticed that the founders are constantly working on the tools, improving them, and adding new ones, which is fantastic.

Let's go through the most notable tools to help you better understand what the tools can do:

Your Perfect Hook

One of the better, if not the best, tools that Copywise offers is ‘Your Perfect Hook.' This tool allows you to compose hooks that catch the reader's attention quickly.

This tool is unique in its ability to craft hooks, surpassing any other similar tool we have encountered. Even compared to a similar tool like's hook generator, it offers a level of advanced features that are at least two steps ahead.

Your perfect hook Copywise AI tool

Just by writing your product/service and selecting from the hook style, you can get great hooks to use in any marketing-related efforts.

You can select from six different hook styles:

  • Story hook
  • Proclamation hook
  • Problem-solution hook
  • Big secret hook
  • Proclamation hook
  • Offer hook

Each type of hook is designed to appeal to a specific level of audience awareness. When creating ads or sales copies, this tool allows you to select the most appropriate hook style based on the target audience.

Unlike other tools that only take into account the product or service, this tool goes a step further by enabling you to craft messages tailored to the target audience.

Here is another example of the same tool using ‘Offer hook' as the hook style:

Your perfect hook tool in

As you can see, the hooks differ a lot depending on the hook style you choose, which is great.

By clicking ‘Save copy,' you can save your hooks for later use. They will also appear on your ‘Editor' tab within Copywise, which we'll dive into more deeply later in this article.

TikTok Secrecy Hook Tool

The next tool on the list is the TikTok secrecy hook tool, which helps you to create hooks for TikTok.

TikTok secrecy hook tool of

We see it as mainly being useful for paid advertising and organic traffic, which are both great in the TikTok world. It could also be helpful for other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

While testing it, it did create some good hooks by only needing the product/service name.

Discovery Script Builder

A unique tool that Copywise AI offers is its discovery script builder.

The tool works in step-by-step processes, making it ideal for creating more long-form user-generated content (UGC).

The step-by-step process includes adding hooks, pain points of your target audience, features, and things your audience hates, and with this information, the Discovery script builder creates a short sales text for your product.

Discovery script builder tool in

As well as being great for a benefits list, we could see this being great for TikTok-related user-generated content.

After you've generated your UGC script, you can use a service like Billo to make a genuine product video out of it!

Billo Homepage
Angle Generator

Another interesting tool that Copywise offers is the angle generator!

This tool is a great example of how, while similar features can be found in other AIs, the output varies greatly.

By giving it your product/service name, the tool automatically creates a problem and a goal for you.

Angle generator of

It can be a good helping tool when creating marketing copies, as it can give you ideas for new marketing angles.

Feature-Benefit tool

Next, we have a feature-benefit tool, which creates a short benefit story from the features you provide.

Feature-benefit tool of

We found this tool to be especially useful, as we think it could provide benefits that could even be included in copy for sales or product descriptions.

Call to Action tool

Copywise's CTA tool allows you to create call-to-actions by adding your product and desired action, such as a purchase.

Call to action tool of

What we liked about this tool is the ability to select any desired action that you want. Here is another example with desired action ‘Sign up for webinar:'

Call to action tool of

As you can see, the tool understands different desired actions quite well.

Social proof tool

The social proof tool is designed to create testimonial-like social proof paragraphs for your product or service.

You only have to give it your product/service name and name a problem that it solves.

Social proof tool of

On top of being good for social proof, we see this tool working for user-generated content as well, as it's written in the first person and the text it provides has a good story.

Story continuation tool

Another beneficial tool available is the story continuation tool, which creates a story related to your product from a hook and a list of features.

Story continuation tool of

Storylines created by this tool are pretty long, and they are actually quite engaging.

Product description tool

Beneficial, especially for ecommerce brand owners and dropshippers, is the product description tool.

By giving the tool features of your product, you'll get a ready-to-use product description.

Product description tool of

During our testing, we found that the tool was good at converting features into benefits, resulting in a sales-oriented product description.

2. Copy editor

The copy editor is where all your saved copies will end up.

It comes with a text editor where you can paste your created copies!

Copy editor page of

This is where you can do the last touch for your copies, edit the fonts, and text sizes, add images, bullet points, links, and much more.

The copy editor is an excellent addition to all of the AI tools that Copywise offers. As the image text says, it's still in the Beta version and will be revamped to be even better and more user-friendly.

3. Roadmap page

Copywise is transparent in the new releases, which is great to see.

It has a ‘Roadmap' page within the admin dashboard, where users can submit new ideas and upvote ideas that other users have shared.

Roadmap page of

In addition, you can also see all the completed user feedback, which is also cool to see since many companies have a feedback pool but don't implement any changes.

Done feedback of tool

4. Efficient customer support

One extra thing that is good about Copywise is its customer support.

For the cheapest plan, they have basic email support and promise a 24-72 hour response time. However, we found it to be much faster.

In part of this review, we contacted their customer support, and even though it was a weekend, we got an answer within five hours.

For the ‘Copywriter' plan and above, they also offer priority support, which is even more efficient.

5. Strategy Hub

As we mentioned Copywise stands out from other AI copywriting tools also due to its Strategy Hub, which is a unique feature within the platform.

The Strategy Hub is a section that provides users with additional information and resources on copywriting, including theories, frameworks, and best practices that are not widely available online.

While the amount of content available in the Strategy Hub is currently limited, it has the potential to be a significant value-add to the platform if it is further developed.


While Copywise offers many great tools for marketers and it's still in beta, it also has its cons.

Let's go through them:

1. Lacking features

Compared to some of its competitors, Copywise still definitely lacks the depth to compete with the big names in the AI market.

They yet offer only 16 different AI tools, while many competitors offer much more.

The Strategy Hub, included in Copywise, is a highly valuable addition to the platform, as it offers unique and useful resources on copywriting. However, it should be noted that the current amount of content available in the Strategy Hub is limited.

Also, they don't offer any integrations yet. Moreover, they provide only a three-day free trial, and we hope to see it extended in the future because three days is too short to fully explore the tool.

2. Doesn't support multiple languages

Many competitors offer their AI tools in multiple languages, which is something Copywise doesn't do (at least yet).

If your copywriting tasks are in a different language, Copywise might not be the best solution. Rather, we would recommend some alternatives that we will discuss soon.


Copywise pricing new

Copywise has four pricing plans, starting at $25 per month, and they give a 20% discount on yearly plans.

Here's what each plan offers:

  • Basic: At $25, this plan provides a monthly generation limit of 150.
  • Copywriter: At $40, this plan provides a monthly generation limit of 360.
  • Advanced: At $50, this plan provides a monthly generation limit of 600.
  • Elite: At $70, this plan provides a monthly generation limit of 850.

No matter which plan you pick, you'll be able to use all the available tools and setups.

What do other users say about Copywise?

Using the help of Appsumo reviews, we've found the most common things users say about Copywise.

While being a new platform, it already has a good amount of reviews in Appsumo.

Here is what we found from the Appsumo:

  • Users are enjoying their customer support. Check this out:

I only just started using the app after purchasing it a few days ago. Messed around with it for a bit, before realising I was using my credits. Contacted the support to explain and was refunded without any questions, ridiculously good service.

The features are praised a lot, especially the accuracy:

I have to say that I'm impressed with Copywise! Their AI writer is incredibly effective at crafting relevant, tailored ads that speak directly to each of my audience segments. Based on proven frameworks, their software gets me consistent results that are highly effective.

This tool is really amazing, UI is one of the simplest to use, i can say since i have purchased more than 50 content writing tools. The founder, Peter is a gem of a guy and will help you by responding even on Sundays that too if you are in a different timezone. Wishing this team to succeed!

FAQs about Copywise AI

Next, let's go through a couple of FAQs about Copywise:

Is Copywise legitimate software?

Yes! Copywise is legitimate software, and it was just recently listed in Appsumo. The company is founded by Peter, who you can learn more about from the Appsumo founder's page.

What is Copywise used for?

Copywise offers almost twenty copywriting tools that aim to help marketers, copywriters, and advertisers with their marketing efforts, such as writing advertising hooks, benefit lists, and product descriptions.

Does Copywise have a usage limit?

Yes. The number of AI generations you can create each month depends on your selected plan. You can also upgrade it later by buying a new license from Appsumo and adding it to your Copywise dashboard.

3 Alternatives for Copywise

Copywise is an excellent solution for copywriters and marketers alike, but it's not alone in the AI tools market.

To help you, we listed three alternatives for Copywise that you should consider using!

1. Jasper

Homepage of Jasper

First on the list is Jasper!

It's an excellent alternative for creating more long-form content, such as blog posts, essays, and email campaigns.

Jasper's pricing ranges from $24 to $500 per month, based primarily on the number of AI words created per month.

It's definitely a more expensive option than Copywise, but if you need to create long-form content, it's a better solution.


Home page of

Another alternative is, which is a good solution for marketers who need help with things such as email copy, social media texts, and blog posts.

While Copywise focuses more on providing stuff for advertising, is a better solution for long-form content and email marketing. has a feature-rich free trial, giving you access to 90+ different AI tools and the ability to create 2,000 AI-generated words a month. offers only two paid plans, ranging from $49 per month to a customized plan for teams of over 20 people.

3. Rytr

Home page of Rytr

Last but not least is Rytr.

Rytr is an AI tool that focuses on many use cases, offering over 40 tools in different niches, such as copywriting, advertising, and email marketing.

One of its stand-out features is that all of the tools work in over 30 languages, so if English is not your main language, but you still want to take advantage of AI tools, Rytr is a great choice.

It's quite an affordable AI tool, with paid plans ranging from $9 per month to $29 per month and a free plan with enough features to get you started.

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Taking action

Reading and absorbing information and knowledge is great (definitely if it's free!), but do you know what's even better?

Taking action!

So, to help you with taking action with what you have learned in this article, take a look at the bullet points:

  • If you ended up liking what Copywise offers and want to invest in it, head to the home page of Copywise, scroll a bit down, and you will find all of the plans they offer.
  • Decide which plan works for you. The main difference is the number of AI generations you have per month. Once you click the plan you want, you'll be directed to AppSumo, where the license can be bought.
  • Once you have bought the license, you can get straight into testing the features (remember that you have limited monthly generations).
  • If you find yourself stuck in the process, don't hesitate to contact Copywise support. If you are unsure about Copywise, take a look at the alternatives we suggested above. Try out their free trials and see which one best fits your needs.


As you can see in this review, Copywise is a great AI tool that can help copywriters, marketers, and all kinds of brand owners with their content marketing tasks.

If you are still unsure whether Copywise is the right solution for you, we recommend taking advantage of the huge discounts they offer right now and seeing yourself.

And if you have any questions, they have a customer support team that can question any questions you have, or you can leave us a comment down below!

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