Dropshipping agents can help you source higher-quality products at lower prices and lower your shipping times.

However, finding a good dropshipping agent can be challenging.

So, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best dropshipping agents in 2024!

The 11 Best Dropshipping Agents to Grow Your Store

The Best Dropshipping Agents: An Overview

Here is an overview of all dropshipping agents discussed in this article:

AgentChina-US shipping timePricingRead Review
HyperSKU7-12 DaysFreeHyperSKU Review
Dropshipman7-15 Days$0 / $9.90 / $29.90 / $49.90 per monthDropshipman Review
EcommOps5-8 DaysFreeEcommOps Review
CJdropshipping5-11 DaysFreeCJdropshipping Review
Dropship Agent7-14 DaysFreeDropship Agent Review
SourcinBox7-15 DaysFreeSourcinBox Review
NicheDropshipping4-20 DaysFreeNicheDropshipping Review
Sup Dropshipping14-21 Days$0 / $19.90 / $29.90 per monthSup Dropshipping Review
Eprolo5-15 DaysFreeEprolo Review
DropHippo5-10 DaysFreeDropHippo Review
Wefulfil9-12 DaysFreeWefulfil Review

What is a dropshipping agent?

A dropshipping agent is an alternative to a dropshipping supplier. It’s a person who can source, store, pack, and ship products for your dropshipping business.

The most significant difference between a dropshipping agent and a dropshipping supplier is that a dropshipping agent focuses on sourcing and shipping services, while a dropshipping supplier offers a pre-sourced product catalog.

Here is how working with a dropshipping agent works:

  1. You contact a dropshipping agent and give them information about the product you are looking for.
  2. The dropshipping agent finds the best supplier and negotiates prices.
  3. The dropshipping agent buys the products from the supplier, stores them in their warehouse, and ships them to your customers once you get an order.
What is a dropshipping agent? Infographic

How do you choose the best dropshipping agent?

One of the first things to consider before picking a dropshipping agent is something many people don’t think about; their location.

Map china main dropshipping agent locations
The main locations:
Shanghai/Zhejiang (1)
Guangzhou/Shenzhen (2)
Image source

Your agent should be based close to product factories so that they can restock quickly.

Plus, you want to work with an agent that offers fast shipping times to your target country, so they must be based in a location with good shipping routes.

The agent's order processing time is important too!

Another thing to consider is an agent's flexibility.

For example, working with an agent that requires a minimum number of daily orders could be risky.

What if your store isn’t performing that well anymore suddenly?

In that case, you would pause your marketing efforts, try to optimize your store, and try to increase your conversion rate, right?

Therefore, it’s great to work with a dropshipping agent who understands this and won’t mind that you may not get that many orders in the next one or two weeks.

Lastly, make sure that your dropshipping agent has genuine connections with local factories.

In general, you want to avoid dropshipping agents who try to source your product through Alibaba or 1688.com. That’s because sourcing from a platform like Alibaba is something you can easily do yourself, so why pay a dropshipping agent for it?

Tip: Check out this article to find seven more things you should consider before picking a dropshipping agent.

11 Best dropshipping agents in 2024

Before we start with our list of the 11 best dropshipping agents, there is one thing you should know.

Dropshipping agents can be organizations with multiple employees and a detailed website. However, some dropshipping agents are self-employed and don't have an English website.

Self-employed or private dropshipping agents aren't necessarily worse than public dropshipping agents. Still, it's harder to include private agents in a list like this since they often don't have their own website where they advertise their service.

Therefore, this list focuses on public dropshipping agents, and later in the article, we will show you how to find private dropshipping agents!

Let’s get started:

1. HyperSKU

HyperSKU homepage
China-US shipping time7-12 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, in the US
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?HyperSKU ‑ PRO Dropshipping
User reviews4.8 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

HyperSKU is a great platform that can help you with things like sourcing products from factories, performing quality control, and customizing your packages.

HyperSKU benefits


  • Automated. HyperSKU offers a feature that lets you fulfill orders in bulk. Plus, the tracking numbers and order statuses are synced to your store automatically!
  • Refund policy. HyperSKU offers a 100% refund in case of defective products or missing orders.


  • No 24/7 support. Although HyperSKU assigns you a dedicated account manager, they don't offer 24/7 support.


HyperSKU can be connected to Shopify and WooCommerce.

HyperSKU Shopify app


HyperSKU does not have any monthly subscription fees!

Full Review: HyperSKU Review: Is This Dropshipping Supplier Worth It?

Try HyperSKU Now

2. Dropshipman

Dropshipman homepage
China-US shipping time7-15 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, in the US
Pricing$0 / $9.90 / $29.90 / $49.90 per month
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?Dropshipman: Easy Dropshipping
User reviews4.9 out of 5.0 on Shopify

Dropshipman is a popular dropshipping platform that provides a wide range of services, including dropshipping tools, dropshipping agent services, fulfillment, and branding:

Dropshipman services


  • An all-in-one platform. You won't need any other sourcing platform after partnering with Dropshipman. They provide everything from price negotiation to custom packaging.
  • 24/7 customer support. Dropshipman's customer service replies very quickly and is available 24/7.
Dropshipman live chat


  • Advanced features require a paid subscription. Features like automated fulfillment or order tracking are available, but only on paid plans.
  • Support may not be able to answer more advanced questions. Although Dropshipman's support is fast, they might not be able to answer more advanced questions:
Dropshipman live chat response


Dropshipman integrates with Shopify or WooCommerce stores.


Dropshipman's pricing plans range from $0 to $49.90 per month:

Dropshipman pricing

Try Dropshipman Now

3. EcommOps

EcommOps homepage
China-US shipping time5-8 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?No
MOQ50 Daily orders
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?No
User reviews4.5 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

If you are a successful dropshipper looking for a dropshipping agent that provides excellent services and you don't mind paying a reasonable premium for it, then EcommOps is likely to be the best-suited agent for you.

This dropshipping agent only works with stores getting over 50 daily orders and aims to source products with the best quality, value, and fastest delivery times.

EcommOps guarantee


  • Communication in fluent English. At EcommOps, everyone speaks fluent English.
  • Automated and fast order processing. Orders are fulfilled without you having to do anything within 24 hours.
  • Youtube channel. The CEO of EcommOps, Dayu Yang, runs a YouTube channel with some great content about some more advanced concepts related to dropshipping.


  • High barriers to entry. EcommOps requires a minimum of 50 orders per day, per product. Also, due to high demand, the company has a waiting list and is highly selective with whom they work.


EcommOps integrates with Shopify, ClickFunnels, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


EcommOps only charges you for the product and shipping costs.

Try EcommOps Now

4. CJdropshipping

Homepage of CJdropshipping
China-US shipping time5-11 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?CJdropshipping: Much Faster
User reviews4.9 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

CJdropshipping is an all-in-one solution that helps you source products from suppliers and ship them all over the world.

CJdropshipping can be seen as a dropshipping supplier, but they offer pretty much all the services that a dropshipping agent does.

For example, the platform allows you to submit sourcing requests, work with custom packaging, manage your private inventory in their warehouses, and get quality checks for your products.


  • Sourcing requests. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for in CJdropshipping’s catalog, their sourcing agents help you source it! However, you will first have to create an account, which you can do here.
  • Video material for marketing. CJdropshipping can create videos for your winning products, which you can then use to increase the conversion on your ad campaigns.
  • TikTok Shop integration. Are you dropshipping with TikTok? Then you'll be pleased to know that you can use CJdropshipping's TikTok Shop integration to automate order syncing and fulfillment!


  • Feels like a dropshipping supplier. Due to the dashboard of CJdropshipping, which looks like the dashboard of AliExpress, it doesn't feel as personal as working with a dropshipping agent one-on-one.
  • High shipping costs. CJdropshipping may have relatively high shipping costs. This is especially true when using their US warehouses, considering you may get charged between $5 and $15 per product for shipping.


CJdropshipping has a Shopify app and a web app to connect dropshipping stores to a few Shopify alternatives.

CJdropshipping Shopify app


CJdropshipping is free to use.

Full Review: CJdropshipping Review: Better Than AliExpress? (& Reliable?)

Try CJdropshipping Now

5. Dropship Agent

Dropship Agent homepage
China-US shipping time7-14 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes (through partnerships)
MOQ5-10 Daily orders
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?No
User reviews4.6 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

Dropship Agent is an all-in-one platform for sourcing and dropshipping products from China.

Other than sourcing, they provide additional unique services like user-generated content, email marketing, SMS marketing, and custom product images:

Dropship Agent additional services


  • Additional services. Very few dropshipping agents provide extra marketing services.
  • Flexible. With Dropship Agent, you can either use the regular dropshipping model (selling without inventory) or choose to buy inventory upfront to speed up shipping times


  • MOQ. Dropship Agent has a MOQ of 5-10 daily orders. This is because their service fees are incorporated into the product prices they offer you.
  • Lack of integration info. Even though Dropship Agent claims they have integrations, it's not clear how to use or activate them.


Dropship Agent claims it can integrate with Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and TikTok.


Dropship Agent is free to use.

Try Dropship Agent Now

6. SourcinBox

SourcinBox homepage
China-US shipping time7-15 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?No
MOQDepends on the product
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?SourcinBox‑Dropshipping Agent
User reviews4.8 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

SourcinBox is another excellent option if you are looking for a reliable dropshipping agent.

The company consists of a team of over 300 experienced employees and uses a high-end warehouse management system to process up to 20,000 packages a day in its 4,000-square-meter warehouse.

SourcinBox services


  • Easy bulk order fulfillment. With SourcinBox, you can fulfill hundreds of orders in just one click!
  • 1-on-1 client manager. After signing up, SourcinBox will assign you an account manager so that you can get fast responses to any question.
  • Competitive prices. SourcinBox sources products directly from manufacturers at low prices. The products and shipping are priced separately, which results in a more transparent experience for the customer.


  • May require a MOQ. Although many SourcinBox products don't have a MOQ, some do have it.


SourcinBox can be connected to Shopify stores using their app:

SourcinBox Shopify app


SourcinBox is free to use!

Try SourcinBox Now

7. NicheDropshipping

NicheDropshipping homepage
China-US shipping time4-20 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, in the US
MOQ10 Daily orders
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?No
User reviews4.8 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

NicheDropshipping offers services like product sourcing, inventory storage, branded packaging (including private labels), and worldwide order fulfillment.

NicheDropshipping benefits


  • Support team. You will be paired with an experienced sourcing agent who will help you find manufacturers, sample mockups, and more.
  • Allows products that most dropshipping agents don't deal with. NicheDropshipping can help you dropship products like knives, batteries, magnets, and liquids.


  • Not for beginners. NicheDropshipping requires you to have at least 10 orders per day if you want to use their services.


NicheDropshipping offers full integration for Shopify stores, although they don't have an app published on the Shopify App Store.


NicheDropshipping does not have monthly pricing plans.

Try NicheDropshipping Now

8. Sup Dropshipping

Home page of Sup Dropshipping
China-US shipping time14-21 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, two in the US
Pricing$0 / $19.90 / $29.90 per month
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?Sup Dropshipping
User reviews5.0 out of 5.0 on Shopify

Sup Dropshipping is a product sourcing and fulfillment platform that allows dropshippers to add and sell products in their online stores.

According to Sup Dropshipping, they have served over 100,000 clients and fulfilled over 320 million orders during the years.

Achievements of Sup Dropshipping


  • Automated dropshipping solution. Once you know what to sell, it doesn't take more than a minute to import a product from Sup Dropshipping!
  • Generous free plan. With the free plan, you can place five sourcing requests and do 50 image product searches every day, and in total, list 50 products in your online store.
  • Dedicated agent for every person. When you sign up for Sup Dropshipping, you get a dedicated agent who will help you with the whole process of finding and fulfilling products.


  • Live chat can be a bit slow at times. In our case, it took 24 hours to get a response on the live chat, which is quite long.
  • Slower shipping time than competitors. Sup Dropshipping's shipping times are relatively long.


When it comes to integrations, Sup Dropshipping integrates with all the major ecommerce platforms out there.

Integrations of Sup Dropshipping


Sup Dropshipping has three different plans: Basic (free), Pro ($19.90 per month), and Premium ($29.90 per month):

Plan features of Sup Dropshipping

Try Sup Dropshipping Now

9. Eprolo

Eprolo homepage
China-US shipping time5-15 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, in the US and UK
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?EPROLO‑Dropshipping & Branding
User reviewsFake reviews detected on Trustpilot

Eprolo is a dropshipping agent platform that takes care of product sourcing, order fulfillment, quality control, warehousing, packing, and shipping.

The platform has a sourcing team that is constantly looking for new trending items. Once they find any, they are added to the Eprolo platform, containing over one million products.


  • Branding. Eprolo can help store owners brand their stores. Things like a custom label, hangtag, packing back, or gift card are all available with no minimum order quantity!
  • Massive product catalog. Eprolo's sourcing team has added over one million products to the platform already.


  • Customer service. When using Eprolo, you won't have 1-on-1 contact with your agent. Also, Eprolo doesn't offer 24/7 customer service.
  • Fake reviews. Trustpilot detected a number of fake reviews on Eprolo's page:
Eprolo Trustpilot review


Eprolo offers integrations for both Shopify and WooCommerce stores:

Eprolo Shopify app


Eprolo is forever free.

Try Eprolo Now

10. DropHippo

DropHippo homepage
China-US shipping time5-10 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, in the US and UK
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?DropHippo ‑ Dropship Products
User reviews4.6 out of 5.0 on Shopify

The next dropshipping agent, DropHippo, definitely wins the contest for the funniest name and logo!

Like the other dropshipping agents on this list, DropHippo offers a complete product sourcing and fulfillment service.


  • Multilingual support. DropHippo's support team doesn't just speak English fluently, but offers Arabic- and French-speaking support agents too.
  • US and UK warehouses. Need even faster shipping times? Then you can stock your inventory at DropHippo's US and UK warehouses.
  • Fully branded service. If you are a larger client, DropHippo can offer you a fully branded service with custom boxes, bags, or logos on your product itself.


  • DropHippo's app is only available for Shopify stores. DropHippo doesn't offer an integration app for WooCommerce sellers.


DropHippo can be connected to Shopify stores using the DropHippo Shopify app.

DropHippo Shopify app


DropHippo is free to use!

Try DropHippo Now

11. Wefulfil

Wefulfil homepage
China-US shipping time9-12 Days
Local (non-Chinese) warehouses?Yes, in the US, UK, and AUS
Branding service?Yes
Shopify App?Wefulfil Dropshipping
User reviews4.8 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot

Wefulfil is a China-based dropshipping agent that specializes in product sourcing, branded packaging, and order fulfillment.

Wefulfil services


  • Automated fulfillment. Fulfilling your orders will be super quick with Wefulfil.
  • Trackable delivery. Wefulfil provides end-to-end order tracking.


  • Non-matching branding. Wefulfil's website branding doesn't match the branding of the Shopify app.
  • Unavailable instruction videos. When you look at their Shopify instruction videos, you will find that the videos are not available:
Wefulfil videos


Wefulfil only integrates with Shopify:

Wefulfil Shopify app


Wefulfil is forever free!

Try Wefulfil Now

How do you find private dropshipping agents?

As mentioned earlier, self-employed, private dropshipping agents usually don't build a website to promote their service but still have a network of suppliers and access to a fulfillment warehouse.

Private dropshipping agents have pros and cons. Often, they won't have an English website, which is why they may lack social proof, and trustworthiness may become an issue.

On the bright side, they can often offer you products at a lower price since they don't have the high operational costs of being in a large team!

In this section, you will learn about three ways you can find these private dropshipping agents.

Tip: Looking to contact a private dropshipping agent? If so, check out our template containing the most important questions!

1. Join Facebook dropshipping groups

Facebook dropshipping groups

My first tip for finding a private dropshipping agent is to join a Facebook dropshipping group.

In fact, this is how I found my own dropshipping agent as well!

Once you are in a group, you can create a post and ask if the other members can recommend a good private agent.

By doing this, you will not only get approached by other dropshippers who have had great experiences with their dropshipping agents but by dropshipping agents themselves as well.

However, remember that everyone can call themselves a dropshipping agent in these groups, so watch out for people looking to scam you.

Note: Did you know that Do Dropshipping also has its own Facebook dropshipping group? If not, you can find it here!

2. Take a look at Upwork

Best dropshipping agents on Upwork

Another platform you can use to find a private dropshipping agent is Upwork.

Many dropshipping agents love listing themselves on the platform to become visible to their clients. You can find them by typing "dropshipping agent" in the search bar.

The great thing about using Upwork for finding a dropshipping agent is that you can see some social proof about them, such as:

  • Their hourly rate
  • How much they’ve earned from all their jobs on Upwork
  • Their job success rate
  • And how many jobs they have completed
Dropshipping agent reviews on Upwork

Another advantage of Upwork is that it offers a location-based filter.

So, if you’re looking for a Chinese dropshipping agent, you can simply filter on China. But if you’re looking for someone from a different country, then you can search for it as well!

3. Reddit

Dropshipping agent request post on Reddit

The final platform you could take a look at is Reddit.

Just like Facebook, Reddit has communities about all kinds of topics, including dropshipping!

The biggest one is the subreddit “dropship”.

If you’re looking for a dropshipping agent, you can create a post there and ask if someone can recommend you a good private agent, like in the image above.

Do all dropshipping agents require a MOQ?

If your store isn't bringing in any orders yet, you might be doubting whether or not you can use a dropshipping agent.

When you aren't getting orders on a consistent basis, you can use dropshipping agents that don't require a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Not all dropshipping agents require a MOQ. Some dropshipping agents do ask for a MOQ to make sure it will be worthwhile to work with you, but many other agents will also cooperate with you if you aren't getting any orders for your product yet.

For example, out of the 11 dropshipping agents that are featured in this article, only three of them require a MOQ!

An example of a MOQ from the dropshipping agent EcommOps
An example of a MOQ from the dropshipping agent EcommOps


I hope this article helped you to find an excellent dropshipping agent for your business.

A dropshipping agent is a great way to minimize your delivery times and improve your product's packaging.

However, if you are still unsure if a dropshipping agent is a suitable choice for your business, you can check out a dropshipping agent's benefits and drawbacks in more detail here.

Don’t forget you can contact us if you have any doubts about choosing a dropshipping agent or if you have any remaining questions.

Good luck with everything!

Want to learn more about dropshipping agents?

Plus, don’t forget to check out our in-depth guide on how to start dropshipping here!

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