Write a Better Product Description


July 27, 2021

By: Richard


What you'll learn...

I will give you five quick tips for writing an excellent product description. That way, you will be even better prepared when it comes to writing a product description for your own ecommerce store!

Focus on your product’s benefits.


By focusing on your product’s benefits, you will not only tell your customers about what your product can do but also how it can solve their problems!

Tell a story.


Your visitors will feel like they are simply reading a good story instead of a description of another store trying to sell them something.

Try using GIFs, videos, and/or icons.


They can make your product description more: Interesting to watch/read, easier to understand, and exciting.

Hook your visitors to keep them reading.


Your hook is what gets people interested in what you have to say or what you have to offer.

Develop your brand’s own writing style.


Developing your brand’s own writing style can be a great strategy to make your store more unique and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Want to learn more?

Swipe up if you want to get inspiration for your product description on your ecommerce store. In that article, I'll go over eight amazing product description examples from other ecommerce stores!